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The man`s way fortunately of

Ya is married 10 years. I have a nice wife and two remarkable children - the boy and the girl. The apartment... But 4 years ago all this could not be.

At that time at us the little son already grew up. With the wife there was a full dissonance, probably, just that which is called “family crisis“. Talk on divorce came. And suddenly - It, all such unusual, rushed into my soul a bright summer ray and strong there sat down. I regretted why I did not meet her earlier - I know, to be sorry silly. Would marry at once. It seemed - here my ideal but which, unfortunately, was late.

Somewhere heard

that the man reaches for other woman if it lacks something in a family. He agrees. I stretched so that tightened completely, with the head. And yes it also. Flash, passion, inclination... I do not know, than it was actually. Then I was sure that I am in love completely.

8 months of our meetings Later I was already ready to leave to

a family for the sake of It. Several circumstances held me: uncertainty in It (even not in what did not love, and that it was too young) and uncertainty in our future in general. And still thoughts of the little son haunted me... As remembered what eyes he watches at me how he tenderly embraces and calls the father, so heart was covered with blood. My child waited for me every day at home. If I came late, he raised the brows and with astonishment asked where I so long vanished?“ At work, the sonny, was late“, - I answered, looking down. And itself was with It.

Sooner or later all secret becomes obvious. He agrees. My wife learned about everything... A hysterics, a depression, and at once at three - at me, at the wife and at It. And I was broken off between all and felt disgustingly. Left to live to parents.

After a while the wife forgave me to

, and I thought again and not up to the end. I all the same did not want to release it in any way. She put the end and convinced me to return to a family though I know - suffered and crossed through the feelings... Yes, I painfully wounded It to a shower, but It, despite the youth, was more reasonable than me. The gradual distance was painful and long...

Was surprised then to behavior of the wife. She not only accepted me back, but also patiently waited until I return to the habitual course of family life. On reduction of the thoughts about a year went to an order. Distracted, than only could.

Soon we with the wife bought

the apartment - its registration, and then and arrangement took a lot of time and forces.

Ya literally forced itself to think of It as little as possible, and to load family cares as much as possible.

Life began to be adjusted by

slowly. The wife wanted to bring the second child. Honestly, I did not want. I do not know why. But once the wife reported about the pregnancy, and we had a daughter soon.

They say that the child of the man you will not hold, and I was convinced of the return. Having seen a small miracle, at me something contracted in a breast, and I thought: “What I was a fool! Such miracle and, in general, all that I have could and not to be...“

Since then it I did not see

any more. Probably, would like to see. Interestingly, what it became? Perhaps and it already had the family. Though... It is better not to rake over the past. I am grateful to It for the fact that It was in my life and I wish It good luck.

Now I understand that the most important for me in life is a family, my most precious treasure - children. And I can call the wife rather native person. This feeling arises not only at relationship of souls, but also when you realize: there are two little men who so make related us. Yes, we had to endure a lot of things in this life to understand: we together forever. We endured crisis long ago, and, I hope, it will not repeat any more.

Children for me is that adrenaline which motivates to act, adds to me force and self-confidence. Now I am a happy father of two children. Not everyone can brag of such treasure? And I brag!