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How to look after skin around eyes?

Skin is very gentle and vulnerable a century therefore the neglect can turn back the basic rules of care of it dark circles and “bags“ under eyes, wrinkles and other troubles. And these rules, by the way, are very simple.

Rule № 1. An easy freezing


It is no secret that in the morning, especially if a lot of salty the day before was eaten and drank a lot of alcoholic, eyelids swell. The matter is that an excess congestion of liquid in periorbitalny cellulose - a layer of fatty tissue around an eye-socket.

Age changes of skin around eyes

is Told by doctor David Orentrek, the leading dermatologist of the Clinique:po company to a measure of how we become more senior, the gentle area of eyes becomes more and more predisposed to damages. Here usual consequences of age changes.
  • of 20 - 30 years: from - for aggressive influences of external environment (first of all, an ultraviolet) skin becomes drier, thin wrinkles appear.
  • of 30 - 40 years: collagen and elastin begin to collapse - wrinkles around eyes become more noticeable. The swelling under eyes does not disappear in the morning as quickly any more as earlier. There can be burst vessels and dark stains (pigmentation violation)
  • of 40 - 50 years: formation of deeper wrinkles begins. As collagen and elastin continue to collapse, process of restoration is given to skin more and more difficultly. From the beginning of a menopause, gentle skin of area of eyes can become more sensitive to daily stresses.
  • is also more senior than
  • 50: with weakening of function of preservation of moisture, skin becomes more and more thin and weak. Production of collagen and elastin is slowed down that to a large extent promotes emergence of the new wrinkles and transformation which are already available in deep folds. Dark circles around eyes become more noticeable.

to Use against the enemy his weapon - top of perfection of military tactics. Let the frost and wind adversely influence skin a century, but cold (reasonably) - the best means for elimination of “bags“ under eyes and puffiness prevention a century. It can be gel masks - “points“ with menthol, the cooled slices of a usual cucumber or wadded tampons impregnated with infusion of herbs. And here you should not wipe skin around eyes with an ice cube. In - the first, its surface (even very smooth by sight) has roughnesses which can injure gentle skin a century. In - the second, the ice touch is fraught with overcooling of skin around eyes (and, therefore, its damage).

Rule № 2.“ Correct“ cosmetics

Thin skin is almost deprived a century by

sebaceous glands, so it quicker, than skin of other parts of a body, grows old and demands special leaving.

we Will make a reservation at once: the cosmetics for skin around eyes has to correspond to age. A formula is as follows: experts advise women till 25 years to choose moistening and tonics; after 25 it makes sense to place emphasis on food and easy lifting; after 40 it is desirable to give preference to more thorough lifting.

should not be done to

of What:

should not use
  1. means for a century on a fatty basis as they block oxygen access, provoke a liquid congestion in the field of a century and add to skin a greasy luster.
  2. should not be applied for a century of means, intended for the person. Some think that the cosmetics around eyes is approximately the same, as for the person, only in small packaging and therefore is more expensive. This delusion. Face creams often contain fluid oils which can get into eyes and cause irritation. Face treatments can more aggressive components which will have an adverse effect on a condition of skin a century.
  3. do not rub cream in eyelids At all, do not stretch skin. You put it with the easy circular or patting movements: on an upper eyelid from an internal corner of an eye to external, on lower - from external to internal. It is not recommended to approach too close ciliary edge: cream can get into eyes and cause irritation. To keep optimum closer to a stone.
  4. Cannot go to bed, without having removed cosmetics from eyes. For makeup removal use special lotion (a milk, gel, an emulsion). Any other clearing means, be it though most expensive and prestigious brand, will leave the smallest parts of ink and shadows on skin.

Rule № 3. Professionalism is welcomed

If all make-shifts are tried, the reserve of serums, masks, creams and gels is settled, but the condition of skin around eyes all the same leaves much to be desired, do not hesitate to ask for the help experts: to cosmetologists. For each problem they will find the solution.

For example, for skin the century with signs of withering can be appointed a mesotherapy course - intracutaneous introduction of the substances stimulating restoration of skin, its moistening and “deleting“ of wrinkles. The Botox injection will help to take away goose pads, and to get rid once and for all of “bags“ under eyes - a blefaroplastika, a surgery on centuries.

Rule № 4. And again it is healthy

began to Speak about a healthy lifestyle banal for a long time, but it is necessary to mention it. That skin around eyes remained young and beautiful longer, it is necessary: to get enough sleep, to eat fully (and is not for the night herring and pickles), not to abuse alcohol, not to smoke, not to squint, and in a sunny weather to wear glasses with protection against an ultraviolet.