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Suzdal: the city - the fairy tale, the city - dream of

As often happens: ahead days off, or holidays (which in Russia there is a lot of) - and what to occupy itself with and the child, you do not know. Really it is necessary to go on a visit to the grandmother again (and to listen for the 100-th time of manual on education of the kid)? Or to shiver two hours in an electric train to reach giving - and to freeze, the oven was not heated yet, and then week to cough and sneeze? It is possible to call, of course, on a visit friends - to sit up after midnight, than to bring down to the child all day regimen, and next day to wash up the mountain of ware, to descend in shop and to prepare - to prepare - to prepare...

one more option which can become ideal pastime and the excellent tool for development of an outlook of the child Is: go all family to excursion. Go there where never were, but where would like to visit. For example, to the ancient Russian city of Suzdal.

Welcome to Suzdal!

Suzdal is a soul and heart of the Golden Ring of Russia. In this city each stone witnessed centuries-old history - history of nice victories and fulfillments of the Russian people which spirit remained within the walls of Suzdal.

As well as in all cities of the Russian remote place, patriarchal tenor of life reigns in Suzdal. Walking on the city, to see multi-storey high buildings it is unreal: they simply here are not built. Here in what there is no shortcoming - it is in narrow quiet small streets, the wooden lop-sided lodges which of pipes the grayish smoke of the burning ovens, a huge number of churchlets and monasteries streams. Surely walk across Suzdal a slow step - residents of megalopolises forgot long ago what is walk! Not the purposeful step which is periodically turning into run, and a smooth measured “leg for a leg“ walk. It is not accepted to hurry in Suzdal: yes, actually, there is also no need. History which each part of this beautiful city, the atmosphere filled with not haste breathes make unique impression that time stopped - use it, look around, slowly passing the street behind the street!

of Fans of old times in all its manifestations will be surely pleased by the Suzdal trade - to try the real house mead or pickles from a barrel you will be able directly on the twisting small street. And the least tourists by all means will estimate self-made toys: well unless someone in a class (or in kindergarten group) can brag of a carved wooden horse or a magnificent beads?

the City of Suzdal is picturesquely located

on banks of the river of Kamenka on which there are a lot of years and centuries back there passed the important trade way. The twisting river winds, numerous bends are surprisingly harmonious and mysterious... And proud beauties - the castles which are solemnly dissecting a water smooth surface see each other, and sly merchants rub hands in an anticipation of successful trade! Today Kamenka does not bring overseas guests any more, but the frozen river gives sincere pleasure to children: one pleasure to slide on skates on smooth ice!

of the Page of history

at the time of Yury Dolgorukiy`s government the city of Suzdal became the capital of Rostovo - Suzdal, and then and Vladimiro - Suzdal principalities. Nearly two hundred years Suzdal was the capital of Russia, and the small river Kamenka shoaled then, and the city of Suzdal fell into decay from - for movements of trade ways.

can call

But today Suzdal the capital again! And it will not be a lie: Suzdal - the capital tourist “The Golden Ring Russia“.

Yes, in the Capital Hail is what to look at what to be surprised to and what to admire. For example, five ancient monasteries and more than thirty churches! And what is costed by visit of the museum “under the open sky“ - the Museum of the Russian wooden architecture where all constructions are executed by the axe, without uniform nailing! Present delight and surprise of your small satellite: whether the joke, at home, of a log hut, small chapels - everything is hanging “by a thread“ and does not collapse!

Krom of the museum of wooden architecture, Suzdal has many sights which will tell you many nice stories of centuries past, will remind of former glory of the state Russian, will share secrets of history.

the Main sight of Suzdal without exaggeration can call by

the Suzdal Kremlin.

the Cathedral standing in the middle of the Kremlin was constructed by

in the 12th century. However already by the beginning 13 - go centuries it began to collapse therefore according to the order of the prince Georgy Vsevolodovich in the middle of the 13th century it was sorted to the basis and is built up anew. But also this option of a cathedral entirely did not reach us. The cathedral was three times reconstructed, the last time of work were carried out by order of the Moscow tsar Vasily III and were dated for the end of attack of the Kazan khan.

the Kremlin cathedral is also known to

for the “Golden gate“. They are interesting that shutters of gate are divided into squares, in each of which the subject picture is submitted. All images are executed in original equipment of the gold letter on nielloed copper.


the Attention is drawn also by cathedral walls: outside they are decorated with the decorated columns and a carving on a stone, and the inside is pleasing to the eye the remained frescos of different times.

Today in the territory of the Kremlin the museum which occupies several rooms, including “Archbishop`s chambers“ - the residence of the spiritual management is located. Judging by scales and scope of chambers, the local clergy was in ancient times very rich!

Opposite to the Kremlin, on other coast of Kamenka, the museum of wooden architecture about which we already managed to tell is located.


- the Evfimyevsky monastery together with Spaso - Transfiguration Cathedral, Church of the Assumption with the operating belfry, is well-known that at its walls the prince Pozharsky who headed the Russian militia against the Polish impostors at the beginning of the 17th century is buried.

the Pokrovsk monastery is literally opposite to Spaso - Efimyevsky, you should not cross the city to admire both samples of ancient architecture and cultures. This monastery was used as the place of the reference for women of notable surnames and even wives of grand dukes.

Today main “highlight“ of the Pokrovsk monastery - an opportunity will stop in its chambers or to have dinner at its restaurant. If you never lived in “the Russian log hut“ or in number for the considerable sum of “c.u.“ here you will be able to combine both of these adventures with success.

To the south of Spaso - Evfimyeva of the monastery located the monastery Aleksandrovsky based, according to some information, in 1240 by Alexander Nevsky. As well as in Pokrovsky the monastery, in the territory of the Aleksandrovsky monastery the hotel also works, is lower level.

to the South located Further the fourth monastery - Rizpolozhensky. The main sight of this monastery - “A sacred gate“ (1688) in southern, turned to the city, a wall.

Of course, not only adults will find to themselves work to liking in the city of Suzdal! Quite recently, in 2004 in archbishop`s chambers of the Suzdal Kremlin the Children`s museum center called “Suzdal 100 years ago“ was open.

Here your kid will be able to see

how studied at school couples centuries ago what writing-materials and textbooks were - will visit a lesson at Old Russian school. Children learn history of children`s toys, will see toys of various eras and estates.

Winter`s Tale

Surely come to Suzdal now when winter in the heat! The sea of impressions of driving on the three of horses on snow-covered streets of Suzdal is provided to you! Your child by all means will estimate the fascinating landscapes opening on the parties, a ring of bells, the scintillating snow flying from - under hoofs of horses, the fresh air ringing from a frost and, of course, an opportunity to thank horses, having treated them with a crust of rye bread. Except indescribable delight, the kid will receive also a charge of health and cheerfulness, so, winter troubles in the form of flu and a SARS will safely avoid you and your child!

Present to

only how many bright emotions you receive from a folklore sit-round gathering with cheerful tasting of a mead and shish kebabs! The real house pastries, with love the prepared fruit drinks from fresh wild berries, warmly Russian oven after such interesting unforgettable adventures will leave in soul and memory of your small satellite a trace for a long time!

And to take a steam bath in a bath and to have a rest in the hotel (made as the real Russian log hut, merchant chambers or the noble house), far from noise and vanity - the loveliest business after such busy day of a sightseeing!

the City - the fairy tale, the city - dream - Suzdal invites all on a visit! it is simple to p to Reach by


From Moscow from the Kursk station a direct electric train to Vladimir (3,5 hours; once a day), or with change in Cockerels (4 - 5 hours). From St. Petersburg by train to Nizhny Novgorod (once a day) to Vladimir. From Vladimir to Suzdal regular bus flights are made.