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Unintentional happiness of

Shortly before childbirth. Mother: “Well, I had not enough milk, and I began to finish feeding you at once! As what for? Milk was a little! And by two months absolutely was gone. And anything! You grew up! And now there are so much mixes of everyones... Well!“

Honestly I admit to

that I had no spirit to adjust breastfeeding at any cost. Mother had not enough milk. And mixes, and truth, huge number...

, to my chagrin, children were In maternity hospital with mothers constantly right after childbirth. And there was a strong wish to sleep. And forces were not to rise to the child everyone half an hour. Many mothers just put kids near themselves and slept, and those ate when they wanted and how many wanted. At me such focus did not take place. In - the first to lay down on an armor-clad grid so that the child could suck correctly while I try to take a nap, it was impossible. In - the second, it was sick. Tears slid just involuntarily. The nurse on the question “what not so?“ told that the daughter - that sucks correctly, and here nipples should be prepared. Prepared. All second half of pregnancy. Grindings by a towel, oil rubbing in, procrastination by fingers - in vain the spent time. But! Other “useless“ preparation, namely a moral spirit on childbirth which in labor it was not even remembered unexpectedly was useful now. I tried to relax and not to concentrate on unpleasant feelings, I said to myself that to the daughter it is much heavier now, than me, tried to present how milk comes and runs her in a mouth. And I had a confidence that everything will be good: there will be enough milk, feeding will become pleasure for 100%. More at me this confidence did not vanish. Thanks to maternity hospital for joint stay!

Though not everything went smoothly at once. Morbidity and cracks of nipples passed only in two months. All this time there were both tears, and proposals of the husband to descend behind mix. And when to the daughter there was a month, began laktostaz (grandmothers persuaded - to begin to feed on hours). It was the last time when I in questions of feeding trusted in the senior generation. Temperature kept more than two days, despite compresses and decantation, and the doctor insisted on reception of the antibiotics allowed feeding. I ignored recommendations of grandmothers to manage compresses and to pozhdat a couple of days more this time. Since then “on hours“ we had no feeding. Sometimes by itself some similarity of the mode is established. Then again its total absence. But the daughter quiet, well puts on weight, and now I am very glad that at us all turned out.

A to grandmothers, despite everything, thanks a lot! Thanks to their help in the first weeks after the delivery I could devote all the time to the child. And it was not necessary to listen to “bad advice“, now there is so much information on breastfeeding. But I - that considered that this information not for me...

Now the daughter of 5 months, and feeding gives both of us so much joy that to me it becomes sometimes terrible. Suddenly I would give up at some moment. I so also did not learn this feeling: as though I and my child am the whole world, one for two. And it does not disappear when the child is born. It comes back when the native little man lies at me on hands and with pleasure smacks the lips. And we are connected by one huge happiness again.