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Bedroom of which you dream

to embody dreams in reality it is optional to do expensive repair and to buy expensive furniture. We will prompt what it is worth spending for and what it is possible and to save on.

the Bedroom is that place where you begin and finish the day. It is the room where you carry out about a third of the life. A bedroom - your personal territory therefore it has to correspond to your character, temperament and mood. In a bedroom it is possible not to follow the strict rules of style. Safely embody the desires, ideas and imaginations. Do not forget only about one. The atmosphere in a bedroom has to be first of all comfortable and harmonious.

With what to begin


according to skilled decor designers, most of people, having been going to change the bedroom, dream of several things: about convenient and pleasant lighting at which it is possible to read, without interfering with each other, about a personal bedside table or a little table where it is possible to put a glass with water or to put points, well and, certainly, about a magnificent bed!

  1. For a start pick up colors, materials, texture and objects which give you feeling of rest, security and pacification.
  2. Think over lighting of the room. Do not do a ceiling light in a bedroom too bright. Pick up the interesting decision for lighting near a bed better.
  3. Forget the old rule that in the room all furniture has to be only one color and identical breed of a tree. Combinations of wooden invoices will make the room more interesting and will add identity.
  4. If in a bedroom you spend much time, surely equip the town (besides a bed) where it is possible to sit, esteem, speak by phone quietly. It can be a cozy chair - in a corner of the room or about a window - with a small little table, a curbstone and soft lighting.
do not forget


  • Even the most successful color scale will not smooth down unpleasant impression of a disorder, svalennykhv piles of books, bad lighting and a cold floor.
  • with
  • If in the room a low ceiling, it is possible to paint it the same color, as walls, but is several shades lighter. It will seem is higher.
  • In a narrow bedroom where there is not enough place for a big bed with a headboard, can be painted other color or to paste over with wall-paper a wall site which will imitate a bed back. This idle time, but very effective reception will help to save 15 - 20 cm.
we Choose by


In spite of the fact that the bedroom interior in saturated, deep tones can be just tremendous, the quiet and muffled shades are more frequent choice.

Cold shades Blue, green, lavender and gray tone are considered ideal for bedrooms. These colors calm, pacify, allow to relax and have a rest. Besides, the cold scale, especially light, is suitable for small rooms as creates depth and lightness, visually expanding space.

Warm shades If to you the warm color scale is more than

to liking, you do not love cool tone, and prefer more sensual and romantic, issue a bedroom in warm scale. It is possible to use color of butter, a gentle peach or sweetish and delicate pink. Give preference to lighter and gentle paints.

Neutral shades Are suitable

for registration of any rooms. They are universal, elegant, very clear and quiet. It is easy to combine them with any flowers, to combine and place accents. Without changing primary color of the room, you will be able to change mood in a bedroom, having laid a new cover, having hung up curtains or having added several new details in the room. Having chosen neutral scale, place emphasis on texture of fabrics and a tree.

the Bedroom - the place for love

  1. Additional pillows. The more small pillows of a different form, the more pleasantly. Try to combine various fabrics to feel comfort not only by the light of.
  2. Additional lighting. Of course, blinking of candles is the best option for a romantic situation. However there is not always a wish to wait for the moment when candles burn down. So think of a soft night lamp with the lamp shade. Those which are equipped with the svetoregulyator allowing to lower as much as possible lighting are especially convenient.
  3. By the way: issue a bedroom interior in gentle peach tones. Experts claim that this color suits most of women: gives them a womanly fresh look, improves skin color, emphasizes a flush and youth.
  4. the most expensive linen which only you are able to afford. Buying a set, choose durability of an interlacing of threads not less than 250. It is possible not to have magnificent furniture, but the bed linen has to be qualitative and beautiful. By the way, quality of bed linen distinguishes usual hotel from good. Having bought expensive linen, you feel more than once and estimate this difference.
  5. Turn on the music. The calming beautiful melody always creates the necessary mood. Do not do a video hall of the bedroom. Of course, many of you will never refuse an opportunity to watch before going to bed TV, but the confused wires make awful impression and can spoil any interior.
  6. Place emphasis. Put in front of the mirror candles in candelabrums, a lamp from color fragments of glass or a window plant.

Councils of the designer

our questions were answered by Trisha Gild, the creative director and the founder of the known English Designers Guild brand which is presented in Russia by the Interiya company.
  • How to create a cozy bedroom if in few place? The most hackneyed way to increase space is to avoid any bright coloring and texture. But I consider that these elements just create feeling of depth and give identity. I would advise to do neutral a floor and a ceiling. In a situation to use a lot of white. It will increase and will balance space. To use texture, for example, a soft cover, pillows and a rug.
  • What colors are ideal
  • for bedrooms? Color - very individual and emotional thing, I really consider and I believe that there are no certain rules, there is only your personal choice.
  • How to avoid mixture of styles and bad taste? On the contrary, I love eclecticism: it is pleasant to me both modern, and ancient, wall-paper and paint, combinations of different textures and fabrics. Do not expose in the bedroom everything at once, and change its shape from time to time. Change pillows or move a picture.

the Bedroom - the vacation spot

  1. do not turn a bedroom into an office and never work in a bed! Transfer the computer to other room. Before going to bed it is not necessary to think of work, especially in that place which is intended for rest.
  2. be not fond of
  3. of bright flowers. Long ago it is known that various color shades can influence differently our feelings, mood and behavior. Therefore in bedrooms it is accepted to adhere to cold scale. Anyway try to minimize bright colors which excite and tone up. Leave bright accessories for other rooms.
  4. Curtain off windows. Choose dark dense curtains or use blinds. Even the weak daylight can disturb and interrupt you a sleep. Especially it concerns those people who work in a night shift, and are forced to have a rest in the afternoon.
  5. Regulate lighting. If you cannot fall asleep in complete darkness and you need small lighting for a comfortable dream, add couple of night lamps with the svetoregulyator allowing to muffle as much as possible lighting.
  6. Take care of silence. Check that interroom doors and floor boards did not creak, did not clap a door of cases, water taps did not flow. If it was required to rise to you at night or early in the morning, you do not awake the relatives.
  7. Use cleaners and humidifiers: dust and especially dry air in the room can interrupt a dream and make unpleasant morning awakening. Silent hum of devices will help you to fall asleep.
  8. Clean up in the room. The chaotic situation, dirt and dust in a bedroom is an additional stress for you. You sleep peacefully, knowing that everything is on the place. Do not think that contemplation of the things scattered on a floor will calm you before going to bed.