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Wonderful transformations of

during pregnancy all body, not only a stomach changes. Gradually, day after day, it prepares for appearance of the kid on light. And with its birth the countdown, however, begins this time business goes far quicker.

of the Zone of special attention

Small pelvis. This part of a body especially strongly changes during pregnancy, the uterus in which the kid grows exactly here is located. Later, when childbirth will begin, bones of a small pelvis will have to part to pass the kid, and then to be closed again. The small pelvis consists of four bones which are strongly connected with each other by cartilages. Under the influence of women`s hormones cartilages are softened and become more elastic.

After the birth of the kid they restore the normal density on average in 5 - 6 months.

the Uterus is “a muscular pocket“ in which the kid grows. She is in a small pelvis and in a form reminds a pear. If at the beginning of pregnancy the uterus weighs 50 - 70 g, then is closer to childbirth - about 1 kg.

At once after the birth of the kid of her muscle begin to be reduced by

, and in eight weeks the uterus comes back to the former sizes.

the Pelvic bottom is a group of muscles which supports bodies of a small pelvis. During pregnancy the pelvic bottom stretches, from above on it the uterus with the child who is in it presses.

Within the first three weeks after the delivery these muscles remain stretched, and then, being gradually reduced, recover.

the Backbone holds the weight of our body, and it means that during pregnancy it experiences double strain. The kid grows, and in a small basin becomes rather small therefore the backbone deviates a little back. Thanks to this “movement“ future mothers manage to keep stability.

After the delivery the backbone has to return to normal situation. But for this purpose it will need the help: do not stoop and do special exercises.

of the Muscle of a stomach during pregnancy stretch. For example, the woman with a waist in 66 cm can “extend“

After the delivery they are reduced by

to 100 cm gradually, and young mother will need time to return to the former sizes.

the Breast , to be exact, mammary glands, slowly increases within all 9 months of pregnancy. The breast consists of fat, connecting and ferruterous fabric, actually “culprits“ of growth, she “is responsible“ for production of milk. By the form ferruterous fabric reminds a grapes cluster which “berries“ month of a month increase in a size.

After young mother stops feeding with

the kid, the breast can change a form, and not to the best. It occurs from - for the fact that production of milk stops and “grapes“ (that is ferruterous fabric) come back to the former sizes. To avoid disappointments, it is necessary to wear the bra which is well supporting a breast and to do exercises on strengthening of muscles. Also the correct posture is not less important. If you sit, stand or go, sutulyas, the breast seems “hanging“. You hold a back directly, lower and relax shoulders.

Back, buttocks, legs . On average future mothers recover on 12,5 kg. At least 4,5 of them “settle down“ on hips, hands, a back and a stomach.

After you will cease to feed with

the kid, you will grow thin, and here on how many, depends on you.

Day after day

Still before you learn that you are pregnant, your organism with might and main will begin preparation for new life. This work began not at the moment of conception, and much earlier, during the last periods.

the Kid is still so small

that you do not guess the events. But your organism already noticed importance of an event and “punched alarm“ to immune system. At the first cellular division of the impregnated ovum (it occurs for the day following after conception) it begins to produce immunosupressorny protein which is called the first factor of pregnancy. Without it the organism could mix future child with an alien body and begin fight against it. In several days of this protein will be enough that experts could find it during inspection and report to you that you will become a mother.

1 - 4 - I am week . Your figure did not change yet, but the body and sensitivity begin to change slowly: the breast bulked up a little, and the waist, perhaps, added several millimeters. But the main work is made still imperceptibly. From the moment of fertilization the organism gradually increases blood volume, forcing heart, kidneys and lungs to work more vigorously. These first changes and an attachment to a wall of a uterus of future placenta (which will finally be created to 4 - mu to month) can make sick, drowsiness and sharp changes of mood.

5 - 8 - I am week . Monthly are late, and now you had bases to assume that you are pregnant (perhaps, you already made the simple pharmaceutical test). The stomach and a breast continue to increase. Nipples become more dark, on them small small knots can appear.

9 - 12 - I am week . The breast and a stomach recover every day, the waist considerably grows, but the roundish tummy will appear later. From - for increases in volume of blood more noticeable are veins of a stomach, legs and around a breast. If you do not suffer from toxicosis, then by this moment can gain about 2 kg.

13 - 16 - I am week . Here it, your small and accurate tummy! It became swept up because a uterus and the kid “grew up“ (by the way, from - for it can ache a bit a few the sheaves supporting a uterus). During this period you will gain a half a kilogram more, generally at the expense of the buttocks which put on weight. The breast grows, and for some future mothers this process can be followed by pain and hypostases. Freckles and birthmarks darken, and on a stomach, from a navel to a pubis, there is a brown strip which will disappear after the birth of the kid.

17 - 20 - I am week . From this point only the kid will grow. Now you can enjoy not only a type of your round tummy, but also the first movements of the little man. The breast continues to increase and can begin to produce colostrum, yellowish substance which the kid eats in days, the first after the birth. It is a high time to take care of it and to begin to prepare for the forthcoming events: after a shower pound a breast a terry towel, put fabric, rough on the invoice, in a bra. During this period you can add 4 more kg.

21 - 24 - I am week . Between 5 - m and 6 - m for months of pregnancy you quickly and easily gain weight (norm - 300 g a week). To 6 - mu to month you will add about 5 kg which will appear generally in a stomach and hips. These additional kilograms can cause fatigue, backbone pain, weight in legs. But it does not happen if you pick up to yourself a good set of exercises and you will begin to be engaged.

25 - 28 - I am week . The second half of pregnancy usually is followed by various “skin surprises“. Pigmentation of a nipple can change and reach the middle of a breast. Usually it passes within a year after the delivery. Besides, pigmentary spots can appear on a forehead and cheeks (it is a so-called “mask of pregnancy“).

29 - 32 - I am week . You already feel easy fights? It is a good sign: your organism correctly answers pregnancy and begins to get ready for childbirth. Your tummy becomes a stomach: to this term the navel already smoothes out, and on skin there can be extensions therefore do not forget to use special means.

33 - 36 - I am week . You can have a feeling that to you does not gasp. It occurs from - for what the uterus presses on a diaphragm. Do not worry: the small breath does not mean that the kid receives not enough oxygen. During this period your lungs take on a breath much more oxygen, than usually. Try to settle as it is possible more comfortably, and you will feel better. To avoid feeling of discomfort during food, eat more often and nebolyshy portions.

37 - 40 - I am week . A uterus, and together with it and a stomach, fall, and it becomes easier for you to breathe. But pressure upon a bladder increases, so, you are often visited by desire to leave. Some days before childbirth you can record small loss in weight: it is time for kid to be born, and the organism gets ready for childbirth. If you observed a diet, then added at most 12 kg.

the Way back

In the first days after appearance of the kid all bodies and systems come back to light to usual work. An exception - mammary glands, their time has come, now!

1 - 7 - y day . The uterus decreases in a size because her muscles are reduced. To 7 - mu to day after the delivery it weighs 500 g, and in 6 weeks - 50 g. The first days skin on a stomach can look not too attractively to Izz of the muscles of a forward belly wall stretched during pregnancy. Mammary glands gradually increase, usually to 3 - 4 - mu to day they nagrubat, and milk appears. The breast becomes heavy and dense.

2 - 8 - I am week . Pay more attention to stomach muscles, depends on you, how fast they will become tightened again. Swing an abdominal tension, and you carry in the afternoon a bandage which supports a stomach. The metabolism is gradually adjusted, but “to be located“ in former clothes, it is necessary to grow thin for 3 - 4 kg. While you feed the kid, you should not do it: the main thing now - not to recover. The breast, to be exact, mammary glands, increases therefore it is necessary to wear the bra which is well supporting a breast. As the kid grows, the interval between feedings increases, and the breast begins to decrease gradually. At this moment it will need the help: support her by regular physical trainings.