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We choose the tutor of

there is no unambiguous opinion whether it is obligatory to resort to the help of the tutor for successful studying of English or not. For someone the teacher - the only exit, for another - only a hindrance. Probably, for everyone there has to be the solution of the matter. Anyway, I want to apologize before those who refer themselves to the second category. This article not for you. If you without effort can be adjusted for independent work, you - are disciplined and efficient - to you to anything, neither a language course, nor the tutor. You can quite master language also. Now, more than ever earlier, the huge mass of the materials developed for independent studying and development of a foreign language is available.

If you are inclined to consider

that the good and qualified tutor is capable to increase considerably your chances of success in studying of English, then the subsequent reasoning can quite be to you useful. This article brings up a number of questions, directed to help the reader to be defined with the choice of the private tutor. Unfortunately, not to deviate from the central theme, the speech does not go here about that as well as where to look for the teacher or what has to be that for corporate clients or for occupations in group. It is also impossible to tell that the sequence of questions, corresponds to their importance. Therefore you can pay attention only to those from them which are of the greatest interest to you.

All personal pronouns relating to the tutor are presented to

here in a masculine gender only for the reason that the words “tutor“, and “teacher“ - nouns of a masculine gender. Sincerely I hope that readers will have with it no great difficulties when reading. whether

the tutor Develops?

Continuous development became an indispensable condition for successful existence of business in the modern competing market. Tutoring in this case not an exception. Even if someone also received doctor`s degree in the sphere of philology on a subject: “The analysis of efficiency of methods of training in English of people of middle age with secondary education in Ukraine according to the Headway program from 1995 for 1997“ today it means little if this work was in life of the tutor of the last. Pedagogical knowledge, skills and techniques have property to fade. Not developing teacher is not capable to bring anything fresh in a lesson. Let information on occupation will be new to the pupil, but its decay will soar in air. I, unfortunately, witnessed my many colleagues who knew manuals literally by heart - taught on them till several years - and nothing not persons interested to change or diversify.

What in such cases occurs? Simple information transfer from the textbook of the teacher in the abstract of the student. The student adopts, so to speak, “a form without contents“. And it because for the teacher this no more than familiar for a long time, processed, chewed and already a little cloyed occupation. Otherwise also cannot be. Whereas work of the teacher consists in “return“ what he can “give“ if itself does not develop? Anything, except dry “form“. Neither sharpness, nor novelty, nor freshness. The good teacher is in continuous search of new ideas, principles and “revelations“. And he, of course, will not be slow to share it when it is pertinent, or to apply it at lessons. Such tutors it is visible with the naked eye. To sadly observe how much of pupils should use “second-hand“, without knowing that by right can apply for incomparably best education. You do not carry yourself to their number. whether

Has education?

It is natural and, probably, the first question which usually interests us. The second question - as the got education belongs to tutoring of English? The education is closer to a studying subject, the better. However the question - where and as this education was got is more important. Concerning domestic HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS - big comments are excessive. In - the first, not much of them managed to win kind reputation, in - the second, not many students of those managed to finish them honestly. It is possible to have the diploma and not to have level. It is possible to have level and not to have the diploma. In the second case it more likely - misunderstanding, in the first - accident. Moreover, not always “our“ education can play big service for the tutor. Good knowledge in the sphere of the theory of language can not be useful for those who need its practical application.

So a question of education of the tutor I would reduce

not to regalia, and to its level of proficiency in a subject and openness to continuous growth and improvement. whether

experience of residence in the English-speaking country Is?

Here needs to be noted at once that active experience of interaction with an English-speaking environment in their native language is meant. For some reason there is an opinion that if someone visited abroad, then language such person not the nobility cannot. As though some magic action happens as soon as this “someone“ crosses border. Actually - nothing similar occurs. Everything depends only on the person. I saw the people living and even being engaged at language school for 6 hours a day for two years but not capable to speak freely English.

on the other hand, active experience by nothing is irreplaceable. The person who is laying claim to be a tutor, has to know a living language in operation that pertinently and that not really. To own the color of language caused by culture. Without good experience of real-life communication it is difficult to understand humour of foreigners, their idiomatic turns, a slang, and also aphorisms and phraseological units. whether

Owns a subject?

I Believe

, the option of granting an opportunity to any beginning tutor to learn English together with you moreover and at your expense is interesting to nobody. To keep itself from similar virtue, it is worth taking an interest at the potential tutor on a number of the following questions. whether

How many hours teach?

If you hear that the tutor is constantly occupied with teaching, perhaps, it is a bad signal. Let`s give simple arithmetics. If the teacher works 8 - the hour working day, then in that case, taking into account 1 hour of preparation on 1 school hours, he can carry out no more than 20 class hours a week. That is - there is no more than 4 hours of teaching in day! Draw conclusions.

you will be an exception if agree to be at the teacher “fifth or sixth hour“ and to observe it during the occupations as the one who only “rose from a stone quarry“. Believe, you as who another are interested in good rest of the tutor. At big load of the teacher quality of lessons inevitably reaches for the “second best“ level.

Those who are too busy usually seldom allocate to

time for its judgment and the analysis. The tutor has to have time in order that it could “look back“ and “to rise aside“, to weigh all positive and negative sides of made, to draw conclusions, to ask questions: what was reached and that is not present and for what reasons what lessons on the future can be learned, etc. For what? To be a skilled and productive tutor.

What materials it uses


Pay attention to what grants are offered for work. Taking into account that now there is the whole range of qualitative grants, to it there has to be a reasonable explanation. Whether the tutor is capable to carry out logical justification to the choice? May you tell that he really conducted research and stopped on the best of a row possible, at least from his point of view? whether

it Gives to

an opportunity of use of additional materials?

In other words what except the textbook the teacher can offer you for studying at a lesson and out of? It can be theatrical performances with video or audio records, the presentations in the PowerPoint program, library, video - and an audioteka, the website and much, many other. The approach is more various, the training and, respectively, is more interesting more effectively. Today there is a huge set of infinite resources on the Internet, and also paper editions in the language centers (for example, British Council) and libraries. So, at least, it will be surprising if neither at lessons, nor out of them nothing is involved. Personally I very much wished to see at least one textbook which would be so exhaustive to be the only grant at a lesson. whether

is capable to be explained?

the Knowledge of a subject not necessarily assumes ability to explain it. Some manage to explain not a secret also so simple things that unaided from outside you will not understand. The good tutor has to be capable to speak the language and terms clear to the pupil, as if condescending on the student`s level. The skilled tutor learns style of training of the student (visual, acoustical, kinestetichesky, etc.) soon after the beginning of occupations and always considers it at an explanation. whether

Prepares for lessons? whether


plan occupations in general and in particular? The teacher, as who another, has to know where he follows also in this lesson and it is aware in general. Otherwise it is terrible to imagine where it can bring. A lesson without planning - all the same that swimming without card. If you make impression that the teacher looks at pages of the textbook as well as you, for the first time - it is possible, it is a good occasion to think of finding to himself someone another. The tutor has to own a lesson. No helplessness and unpredictability for it in its materials can be.

besides in order that the lesson was interesting and productive, it it is necessary to make that is called ““. It just for what preparation is necessary. Without planning and reflection it is impossible to make material ““. Others material in lips of the teacher looks “stranger“.

, teaching Is how effective?

Simple answer to the question “how many people, thanks to your work use English now?“ can reveal expediency of training with this tutor. If everything passes even is very fascinating, interesting and fascinatingly, but there is no end result, educational process has to be considered unfinished and, respectively, not productive.


besides, it is also worth taking an interest how the tutor checks progress of pupils during the most educational process. whether

he Shows sincere interest in development of students?

Ya I do not think, of course, that today really to find the teacher who entirely would give himself to students and considered their failures own. Nevertheless, expectation from the tutor of his personal interest in progress of pupils absolutely normal and pertinent position. It is possible to approach this question on the other hand. Ask a question: what does he think of the students skipping classes and poor according to the program? If the tutor reconciles to constant admissions of the students and is indifferent to their progress, then it is quite worthy the pupils. Even if money from the student is withdrawn, and thus passes allegedly “disciplinary influence“, the logic is simple: there is no result - there is no efficiency; there are no graduates with possession of level - there is no teacher who is letting out students with level. The one who at least a little - malsk cares for the reputation will minimize number of those students.

Pay attention as far as it is ready to answer questions

If the teacher with ease answers only questions on which he can give the answer, and avoids others, then it is worth reflecting. Or it has no appropriate level as at the teacher, or it has no interest in your success. For anybody not a secret that many teachers choose for themselves a way of interaction with the student during a lesson only in English. Unfortunately, not always it becomes to betray to a lesson the language atmosphere. Quite often teachers so fence off themselves from “acute angles“ and “awkward“ questions. The student, in - the first, can not ask a question correctly, and in - the second when the teacher answers, it is quite probable that for the student something will remain all the same unclear. The main thing here for the teacher that his reputation of the expert on language remains out of doubt.

I want to emphasize

At once: none of teachers are insured from mistakes or from not knowledge something. There is nothing reprehensible that the teacher will tell that he does not know the answer. In this case he can give the answer at the following lesson, at the same time having reviewed. whether


It is expensive whether it is cheap?

High prices not always tell

about high quality of teaching. But the low cost of occupations has to raise doubts too. Especially, if to consider that on each school hours in a class the teacher approximately spends about an hour in preparation (development of new materials, verification of tests, homeworks etc.) . And though we usually “pay so much how many we stand“, probably, the question has to be considered, proceeding from your opportunities and as far as you estimate work of the teacher. whether

you Can call by

the teacher punctual? whether

the teacher Is late or transfers occupations? Whether it finishes them before the determined time? If yes, that as is frequent and for what reasons? Whether always tests pass in due time, and the checked homeworks come back in time? Answers to these questions speak about the teacher`s relation to your training. Be vigilant as you are interested in your success. whether

he Shows constancy?

In other words how external circumstances influence mood of the teacher and, respectively, process of training in a class. If some lessons are rather incendiary and interesting, and others - “it is better than them was not at all“ whether then … yours is the teacher? How often it passes or allows you to pass to other subject for conversation in not learned language? Whether respects you and your personal territory? Whether you feel excessive domination? If you feel is held down or are in a condition of some stress, leave training. Do not forget that you at a lesson to concentrate on a subject, but not on the teacher.

As far as you are suitable a situation for occupations?

If you showed willingness to give classes at your place, and the tutor agreed to it, then the situation, of course, will depend only on you. But if you leave to the tutor, then pay attention to placement of chairs, a table and other environment. Whether everything is convenient? If you hardly could stay the first hour whether then you are ready to hatch out so till several hours a week for half a year? Remember that everything has to be directed to helping you to concentrate on a subject. If occupations take place in kitchen where stuffed cabbage, or in a nursery on a sofa which “wonderfully“ places your knees flush with your neck cooks, then, perhaps, it is not the best option of occupations. whether


use new technologies?

this factor also should not be ignored Today. Elementary use of the PowerPoint program is capable to turn studying of new words and grammar into more interesting occupation. Use of disks also in many respects facilitates work as there is no need in a constant rewinding of traditional cassette tapes and search of the correct place for listening.

Business owner? whether


registered the teacher as the business owner? Here, of course, there can be various answers, and they can be quite clear and reasonable. But if the answer - “no“ because tutoring - additional earnings, then there is a natural question: what does the teacher devote the main attention to? If teaching English is not priority, then probably you should not expect big interest of the teacher. Yes, and if there is no registration, it is how possible to be sure of duration and long term of this activity? whether

the contract Is?

Existence or lack of the contract can indicate

gravity or, on the contrary, negligence of the teacher not only to the finance and time, but also time, and finance of the student. The risk is obvious. If the student pays occupations forward. A contract task - to connect both parties for implementation of certain obligations for achievement of specific goals in training. Carefully read the contract, ask questions concerning all aspects which are not clear to you. All is better to stipulate in the beginning, than to solve problems during training.

the Conclusion

If is an opportunity to pass a trial lesson, surely make it. Even if it is necessary to pay for it. It is better to be left without 10 dollars, than to suffer all course in painful expectation of its termination. The first impression the strongest, pay attention to what you feel. After the first hour you will be able already to define the relation of the person to a subject and to you personally. Try to set at least two - three questions. Look how they will be answered by the teacher. Here to see the main thing as as he answers. And though a lot of things will remain still pro a lesson, to feel professionalism, interest to you as to the student, the serious relation to a subject you will be able. Probably, your decision will be rather subjective or even emotional, than rational. However try to feed or cause the feelings and intuition the questions stated above. Let they will have a good rational base.