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Snow entertainments of

“Winter - a season boring: cold and uncomfortably, in the yards without people and to play - that especially there is nothing.“ So the majority thinks. But only not we! Having put on more warmly, having taken with itself pair of warm mittens and having protected a face special “anti-frosty“ cream, we (I and two my sons) leave to submit the snow horizons.

the Most favourite invention is a molding of a snowman. But, unfortunately, not each snow is suitable for this occupation. Fluffy and friable did not agree to take for anything the necessary form in my hands and nullified all efforts until I used small cunning. Once took with itself on walk a garden spray with cold water, sprayed from small distance on snow and - about a miracle! - rolled a small snowball. Of course, it was not necessary to count on a big snowman, but here a small snegovichok on duty, to great pleasure of my children, it turned out. It is possible to go further - and to create the whole museum of a sculpture (in the presence of snow of necessary “lipuchesta“). Of course, mother should undertake the most part of work, but the most important and pleasant - by means of improvised materials children will get decorative registration.

Very interesting occupation - to do to

“fragments of glass“ for “mosaic“. They are made houses, in heat, and already ready are taken out on the street. For this purpose in molds for ice the water which is previously painted by water color paints is poured and placed in the freezer at several o`clock. Then the form needs to be got, turned, from above having put the tank with hot water in order that it was possible to take small pieces of ice, without having damaged them. Couple of seconds - and “fragments of glass“ are ready, it is possible to take out them on the street and to spread a color panel or to decorate suits of snow fairies.

our Second winter entertainment - snowballs. It is not obligatory to aim at the same time each other. Simply we draw chalk on an ownerless fence a target and amicably we begin to develop ours “large motility“. And if the ownerless fence for any reason is not near - we play basketball! We put a plastic bucket, a basket, a box, a cardboard box from - under footwear - generally, what will appear near at hand. We do by a stick on snow a marking and we find out which of us the most well-aimed (well of course, not I).

One more game is a collecting of snowballs. Snowballs are displayed on playground perimeter. On command boys have to collect everyone in the bucket the maximum quantity of snowballs. The most interesting that my two-year-old child does not concede in this game to the senior, four-year-old.

Well and, of course, cannot present

winters without driving from hills. With small snow gorochek I skatyvat children on the sledge (we have long sledge, sons on them find room together). From ice slopes only Artyom rides so far, and at this time I in every possible way try to distract Timofey. For example, we go to look for “treasure“. The rare child, and my boys not an exception, will agree to leave the house without the favourite shovel. Only snow digging up - quite monotonous occupation. How to make it fascinating? To suggest to find a treasure! The treasure, however, should be brought with itself in the pockets tightly closed from curious eyes of the baby. While the child digs out a nonexistent treasure, we distract it a hackneyed phrase “Watch what birdie departed“. And fast you throw up some “treasure“ in a pole. As treasure beautiful buttons, large beads, bows from a foil can act, figures from a wire etc. In a word, everything that everything is not a pity (to take gold rings and favourite costume jewelry - are not necessary) and shines.

As option - game in collecting. We try to discover cones, leaflets, acorns.... However, it is necessary to stock up with this good in the fall. We carry away production back home or we leave to proteins.

By the way, a prikarmlivaniye of birds and squirrels in a cold season - not just game, and very important issue. A bread piece, millet, sunflower seeds, nutlets - same such trifle. And how many pleasure to children (they realize themselves such adult and important at this moment) and though some advantage a poor animal.

Snow fortresses. One and all once in the childhood built these fortresses, dug labyrinths in snowdrifts, spread outposts. Of course, the peak of construction fell on school days, but also with kids it is possible to lay out a wall. For simplicity I use the oblong container for storage of products. If snow rather sticky, without effort it is possible to make couple of tens of bricks. And from bricks it is easy to lay out an accurate stenochka. Molds for sand are useful and in the winter.

Drawing on snow a stick. Occupation, we will directly tell primitive if in advance not to think up that we will draw. And if to reflect - it is possible to repeat letters, figures and geometrical forms. To fulfill the concepts “it is more-less“, “well-is longer“. It is possible to play guessing or just to draw patterns and borders. And it is possible and to lay out “applications“ by means of branches and needles.

Game in pathfinders. Well, when still it is possible to play this game if not in the winter? Kitties, doggies and birdies leave many marks, it is possible to track their way on traces. And from footwear it is possible to make “path“, “fir-tree“ or “floret“ of own traces.

Well and the most pleasant occupation (because it is allowed only occasionally) is a fulling in snow. Ah, what a pity, as I cannot be filled up in a snowdrift together with children!