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Aphrodisiacs: deception or panacea?

everyone wanted to Become the sexual giant at least once in life. It is desirable, of course, that for this purpose also it was necessary to do nothing. Ate something - and here you already chorus are envied by all actors and actresses of the pornindustry. The most interesting that similar products “for eating“ with might and main are advertized and on sale. Naturally, sellers refer to experience of the millennia, to the effect checked by many generations. And the name suitable - aphrodisiacs, on behalf of the antique goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. Let`s try to understand: as it works. Or why does not work. And what to make that earned.

That it?

Aphrodisiacs are food or drinks which can cause or increase sexual desire (libido). The list of estimated sexual stimulators includes anchovies and a celery, a liquorice and fat, combs and a shpansky front sight, and also a set of other interesting things. Let`s highlight - “traditional“ foodstuff which at more or less regular basis is present at national cuisines of these or those people are considered as aphrodisiacs. Bioadditives to food (dietary supplement) those are not.

Death for love
“Shpansky front sight“ (cantharidine) - perhaps, the legendariest stimulant. And the most dangerous. A cantharidine - the strongest poison of an irritant action. Generally the irritation extends to urinogenital system and is expressed in a rush of blood to appropriate authorities and feeling of excitement. However suffer also a liver, and zheludochno - an intestinal path, and TsNS. Various complications from which the easiest - a cicatricial stiktura of an urethra (narrowing of an urethra) are possible. But also the lethal outcome is possible.

About aphrodisiacs wrote tens of books and articles, hundreds of subjects on the Internet - forums are created, thousands of comments in the Internet - diaries are left. Helps someone, to someone is not present, someone is affected by only a certain product, in general nothing affects someone.

the American Administration on foodstuff and medicines (FDA) considers that aphrodisiacs - it is rather a part of history of mankind, folklore, than the medical phenomenon. In 1989 FDA declared that there are no scientific proofs that some of the sold aphrodisiacs it can be used for increase of a libido.

, and also on data that some aphrodisiacs not only are inefficient, but sometimes and are dangerous by

Despite this prevention, people continue to look for a magic medicine which will make them sexually irresistible.

By the principle of a gimlet

of the Accurate and standard classification of aphrodisiacs does not exist, they can only be divided into groups very approximately.

the First group - with legendary reputation. Sexual records of rabbits are known to all, for example. It is considered, as rabbit breeding products, and also extracts from genitals of rabbits, have to possess the corresponding properties. The same concerns, for example, goats. And bull testicles still are indispensable attribute of Mexican cuisine, even add them to cocktails.

the Second group - similar on physiological action. Chile, a curry and other spices speed up a warm rhythm, increase sweating. The same occurs also during sexual excitement. If final manifestations are similar, means also other effects have to be similar!

the Third group - it is mysterious - mystical. Classical example - chocolate. So far it did not become public what only properties to it were not attributed. Including afrodiziatichesky.

the Fourth group - “just like“. Many people believe that the object, appearance reminding genitals, has to strengthen also sexual function. A rhinoceros horn - classical “man`s“ option, oysters - classical “female“. But the most known aphrodisiac from this group - a ginseng root. In the form he very much reminds a body of the person so it is hardly no more myths about a ginseng, than about all other aphrodisiacs combined.

Why it can work with


How to make to the person it is good

? At first it is bad to make, and then to return as was. Approximately by the same principle all aphrodisiacs work. They partially restore the lost functions, but do not strengthen normal.

we Will sort

on examples. The horn of a rhinoceros “works“ only in the geographical zone. The matter is that in it is mute a large amount of calcium and phosphorus contains. At shortage of these minerals (that is characteristic of those regions of Africa where rhinoceroses live), the horn really can significantly improve the general physical health. Well and sexual functions, as a result. So to Africans the nosorozhy horn will help to raise a libido, and here for residents of the developed countries the effect of it will be zero.


with oysters. Aphrodite who gave the name to aphrodisiacs came from the sea. Oysters as seafood, have to be very powerful tool. And they can really help at deficiency of zinc with an organism. The mechanism is the same: restoration of normal working capacity and, as a result, normal sexual activity. If in an organism there is a deficiency of zinc - oysters will strengthen a libido if it is enough - nothing will change.

the Ginseng, chocolate, a magnolia vine - these products possess the soft stimulating action. They act as all-strengthening, helping to restore become invalid for any of several reasons. The principle of action remains: normal functioning of all organism is restored - also the libido is restored.

should not be forgotten also about such strong effect as placebo. If the person sincerely believes that the peppered testicles of a mountain goat fried in a full moon on mustard oil will make of it the sexual giant, there is a high probability that so it also happens. Strictly speaking, with similar effect it is possible to fry even polyurethane soles on lubricating oil if to convince the person that it will surely work.


It is clear that, for example, extreme exhaustion or existence of any diseases directly or indirectly affecting a reproductive system no aphrodisiacs will help with the started cases.

is more visible than

to Shakespeare

At all times alcohol was considered as “love drink“. It does not strengthen directly sexual functions, but is capable to improve mood. Not for nothing it is called sometimes “social greasing“.

People drink

for various reasons, for example, to overcome shyness, shyness and uncertainty in the forces. And as sexual malfunctions can be connected directly with these problems, alcohol, liberating the person, becomes aphrodisiac. Actually alcohol only withdraws some internal ban. However, it is not always the benefit. At some female persons even “roof“ takes down small doses of alcohol at all, and morning passes in vain attempts to remember - that it was with whom and how many time.

alcohol too brings nothing good

to Men. On the pharmacological effect ethyl alcohol belongs to depressants. It is clear, that its “overwhelming“ action extends also to the sexual sphere. At the same time “Shakespeare`s effect“ is quite often observed. No, not in the sense that the man begins to write brilliant plays in English. The term is connected with a scene from the immortal tragedy “Macbeth“:

Gatekeeper: Yes, the sir, we boozed to the second roosters. And wine, the sir, - a great vyzyvatel of three things.

Makduf: What it is three things wine especially causes?

Gatekeeper: What, sir? Nose coloring, dream and urine. Lust, the sir, it causes and withdraws. Causes desire, but eliminates execution. Therefore strong hop, one may say, dvulichnichat with lust: he will create it and will destroy; will inflame and will extinguish; will provoke and will discourage; will give it firmness and will take away firmness; eventually, the duplicity he lulls her and, having called her the cheat, puts to bed and leaves.

the Dose when there is a state “wants

, but cannot“ is strictly individual. Even for the same man it can fluctuate depending on the mass of factors. Therefore it is at least thoughtless to consider alcohol as aphrodisiac.

to Believe

it is impossible to check

does not exist the researches proving that the known aphrodisiacs - a notorious horn of a rhinoceros, the root of a ginseng or an oyster - are capable to strengthen sexual functions of the person. And, most likely, never it will also not be possible to receive proofs. Stirs already mentioned effect of placebo which is in this case the heaviest stumbling block.

“Reason - the most powerful of the existing aphrodisiacs, - John Renner, the founder of Research institute of information about health for consumers considers. - It is very difficult to estimate real properties of substance if the person heard about it and believes that this substance - aphrodisiac“.

the Same reason, probably, will prevent to estimate the substances which showed some effects on animals. For example, yokhimbin, received from bark of the African tree, throughout centuries it was used in Africa and the Western India as aphrodisiac. Yes, on animals it stimulated the nervous centers in a spinal cord which are responsible for an erection in experiments. Yes, FDA called results of preliminary researches “encouraging“. But how to separate in public real physiological effect of psychological? And to introduce a preparation into circulation only because it acted on animals, it is at least incorrect …

are single and subjective

of the Proof of efficiency of aphrodisiacs at people. In order that they were scientific, it is necessary to use control with placebo, a double blind method - when neither researchers, nor examinees know that they give them - the studied preparation or a baby`s dummy. There are practically no such researches.

in general researches on aphrodisiacs Are? On the one hand, in PubMed`e this term occurs more than in 300 articles. On the other hand, it generally researches of bioadditives, and also results of experiments on animals. For example, in herbs on the basis of which some are made by dietary supplement natural analogs of a sildenafil are found. Whether it is possible to consider this product as aphrodisiac? Strictly speaking - no. In - the first, the mentioned herbs are not traditional foodstuff. In - the second, sildenafit and its analogs act only on physiological level, providing only an erection, similar substances do not influence a libido. So it is quite possible to appear in a situation “What we stand? For whom do we wait?“ .

Any whim for your money

Despite the absence of scientific proofs of efficiency and that the main thing, safety, “love drinks“ in the widest assortment are on sale various swindlers. The same tactics, as for “means - from - all - diseases“ is used: the main distribution - trade by mail and on the Internet - shops. The approximate income of sellers of aphrodisiacs is estimated at hundreds of millions dollars a year.

In the West to such companies FDA distributes to

preventions in which it is said that if they do not stop “vparivaniye“, against them more effective measures will be taken.“ Paramedical swindlers, having received the similar prevention, prefer to collect immediately revenue and to disappear, - the director of division of FDA which is engaged in nonconventional drugs, Joel Aronson tells. - They prefer not to enter judicial fight with Administration as they understand hopelessness of a long and expensive lawsuit“.

In our country do not reach distributors of aphrodisiacs of a hand. Here to deal with Dietary supplements. Though, to be fair, it is possible to note that many substances - aphrodisiacs in compoundings of dietary supplement or in general are forbidden for application, or it is impossible to do unicomponent bioadditives of them.

*** the Famous sexologist doctor Ruth Vestkhaymer somehow told


:“ The most important genital is located between ears“. Really, and the inclination arises in the head, and teams go to various target organs from a brain too. And still-headed it is possible to think. And to understand that sexual problems too raznosherstna to try to solve them in some one universal way, for example, use of aphrodisiacs.

However, one rather universal way which allows to avoid emergence of these problems exists. It is enough to observe “the principle of three full-values“: good nutrition, full-fledged physical activity, good rest. In this situation no aphrodisiacs will be required.