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Baby`s dummy: to give or not to give?

On pictures of babies almost always represent with baby`s dummies - they are considered as the integral symbol of age. Whether so estestven this subject is also necessary for the kid actually?


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that the baby`s dummy serves for calm of the baby. The matter is that thanks to sucking in the central nervous system of babies processes of extensive braking - that is, in fact, calms develop. It is so conceived by the nature in order that mother sought to put the child to a breast at the slightest pretext, as often as possible, it begins to trace interrelation on own experience: it is a lot of time at a breast - the quiet child. Frequent applyings, in turn, are guarantee of formation not only an effective lactation, but also deep psychological communication between mother and the kid.


the Baby`s dummy is urged to imitate a breast - to provide sucking which does not milk, communications with mother. When the kid sucks a such “mother`s substitute“, he can really calm down. But, at the same time, something is also lost in this trembling couple - mother and the baby. Let`s deal in more detail with “reefs“ which are concealed in itself by use of baby`s dummies.

Councils to parents
If the child got used to fill up

with a baby`s dummy in a mouth, it can lift a terrible cry if incidentally loses it in a dream.

In a word, the relation to a baby`s dummy it is possible to formulate so: the baby`s dummy is not necessary to absolutely healthy baby! Really, the kid has to fall asleep when it nasostsya much a maternal breast; nothing hurts it - so, and during wakefulness this subject to it is absolutely excessive. He actively learns the world and has always the right to count on attention and tenderness of close people - means, it is always ready to be taken for handles, to put to a breast, to fondle and console - and there is no need to look for calms in a substitute. But if all of you for some reason decided on use of a baby`s dummy, useful will be some councils.

Finger or baby`s dummy?

Sometimes children aspire independently, to replace a baby`s dummy with sucking of a finger. How to treat it? In this case, perhaps, nevertheless the baby`s dummy wins. There are some reasons:

are much less dangerous by