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How to choose an alternative feeding up of

questions are answered by the employee of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Pyryeva Ekaterina Anatolyevna. whether

the gluten of cereal “elements“ of instant porridges Is harmful to

to health of the child? Why about it speak very much?

the Gluten (gliadine, gluten) is present not only at instant porridges, but also at many other porridges from cereals - except buckwheat, rice and corn. - so-called bezglyutenovy porridges - it is also necessary to begin acquaintance of the kid to porridges with them. Intestines of the small child are gentle and thin, and gliadine, having the irritating effect, often provoke an allergy. Therefore the porridges containing a gluten have to be entered into a diet of the child of the first year of life very carefully. If the kid well reacts to the first porridges (buckwheat, rice, corn), then after them it is possible to enter oat.“ Much speak“ about gluten because parents, at last, began to possess sufficient information, they had a possibility of the choice. To define if reaction to gluten at your child, it is not difficult - at negative reaction rashes on skin develop, character of a chair changes.

What mixes suit the child with intolerance of milk protein more? During what time there comes allergic reaction to new food?

If the problem consists only in intolerance of milk protein (and, for example, the intolerance of carbohydrates is absent), so the child needs hypoallergenic mixes. Depending on degree of intolerance of protein artificial mixes from different extent of hydrolysis of protein - from partial to a deep hydrolyzation can be recommended. In such situations to consider all features of health of the kid and only the doctor can appoint food: medical artificial mixes cost much; each mix has special structure (besides the protein hydrolyzed in a varying degree).“ To experiment“ and independently to the child medical foods not simply not to appoint expedient (even if such mixes suit all familiar children), but also it is dangerous.

It is possible, your kid will suit also soy mixes, but be careful: very often children with intolerance of milk protein also badly react to soy protein.

Allergic reaction to new food can be not instant (cheeks of the child redden directly at you in the eyes), and delayed - to five - seven days.

what Juice of the Russian producers can be used as the first feeding up at the age of 3 - 4 months?

Can use all juice recommended to scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science having marking “from 3 months“.


as the first juice traditionally recommend juice of green apples (only “Frutonyanya“ reports about it on packing from domestic producers). Always to us should use nizkolaktozny mixes now, or through some time the amount of lactase returns to normal?

have not enough

of Children with congenital insufficiency of lactase. In most cases eventually the amount of lactase returns to normal. But only the doctor can korrigirovat a diet in such cases. I will remind that lactase is the enzyme splitting lactose (dairy sugar).


that liquid substitutes of women`s milk - the most optimal variant of food for the children who are on artificial feeding. Whether so it?

Liquid substitutes - the Vienna milk are rather convenient to

in application: in - the first, you will not make a mistake at preparation - because they do not need to be parted, they are already ready to the use. In - the second, by production of baby food high industrial sterility and microbiological standards is guaranteed.

But also the minuses - a short expiration date, special requirements to storage are (only in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 4 ° About a plus-minus 2 ° Ñ).

If you have

no figurative thermos - the refrigerator (manual or for the car), so in the summer, during a heat to the country you will not take products from dairy kitchen...

Therefore, liquid substitutes of women`s milk the most optimal variant of food it is impossible to call. It is one of possible options of food for your child.

the Child was born

weighing 4 kilograms. Gained 300 g in a month. There is no pathology. But there is a big deficiency of weight. What to do? Whether treatment is necessary? As well as with what to feed? (implementation of recommendations of the regional pediatrician were ineffectual).

without seeing the child, it is difficult to answer your question. I would advise to come to consultation to an office of food of Konsultatsionno - the diagnostic center at city children`s hospital No. 9 of Speransky. Weekly reception is conducted here by specialists of scientific research institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Record by phone of registry: 259 - 13 - 07, 259 - 01 - 08 (at itself to have the copy of the insurance policy of the child and the direction from children`s policlinic).

To what age can give to the kid delactosed mix? To the child now 2 years and 3 months. Whether it satisfies needs of the child for such age or at all there is no sense any more to buy? Whether it is possible to replace in general milk with other products and whether full replacement is possible?

If the child after a year continues to suffer from intolerance of cow`s milk, intolerance of carbohydrates, or some form of an allergy, then whole milk from a diet is excluded completely.

Cow`s milk completely can replace

with other products - there are people who all life do without milk. In this case fermented milk products (milk is in the fermented look that is better acquired and does not cause an allergy) or products on the basis of soy are used. At such replacement of need of the child are completely satisfied, and there is no deficiency of ingredients.

Artificial mixes in food are, as a rule, used by

about one year. From a question the reasons of so long use of the adapted mix are not really clear. If the kid has no serious problems with health, and you use mix simply “on a habit“, I advise gradually to replace such feedings with feeding up products (the same kefir, for example).

to the Kid of 10,5 months. Allergy to protein of cow`s milk. There was a choice between soy mixes and hypoallergenic (protein hydrolyzates). Doctors told that soy - rough protein and is better to give the hydrolyzed mixes. But their price - oh! The choice is not big:“ HIPP ON“ or “FRISOPEP“. What to do to those who is not able to afford to buy such food? Advise us an alternative feeding up if we do not know something. Acidified milk formulas do not offer - from them diathesis too.

At this age besides dairy mix the child receives several types of a feeding up - fruit juice and mashed potatoes, porridges, vegetable purees, meat. Gradually replace artificial mix with feeding up products, expanding a diet. Keep the food diary, write down time of introduction of each new product, and reaction of an organism of the child to it. You do not hurry to enter the following product: allergic reaction can be shown not at once, and in several days.

the Soy protein used in baby food is not rough (as you were told by the pediatrician) for one reason - not protein, but the isolate of soy protein which is absolutely adapted for small children is used. If there are no expressed reactions to soy protein, then soy mixes will be suitable for the child with an allergy to protein of cow`s milk.

If the child has a severe form of an allergy, mixes on the basis of hydrolyzates are recommended.

Try to use not acidified milk formulas (they very sweet - from here and diathesis), and fermented milk products (for example, kefir).


, please, how food on goat milk is called and whether it is possible to give it to the child with an allergy to protein of cow`s milk?

Artificial nutrition on the basis of goat milk is called “Nanny“ (New Zealand). To theoretically “replace“ cow`s milk with goat, hoping for the best result, it is possible. But not the fact that it absolutely will suit your kid - on protein of goat milk the allergy is also possible. It is considered that protein of goat milk creates more gentle clot in a stomach of the baby and is more available to digestive enzymes, therefore, it is acquired easier. But do not forget about specific features of a children`s organism.