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Bon appetit!

to me 36 years, to the son year. Two months as came to work - to the son were 9 months and 3 weeks. Still I feed.

As you can see, was given rise by me not early. And the way to it in every respect to a remarkable event was difficult, long and quite tiresome. All our attempts led us to EKO.

so I will tell

Ya to you: before I had to get into all this, I treated the idea of EKO with some, I will not be afraid to tell, fastidiousness. Well, there was it, repent. But here, as they say, do not spit in a well...

It became clear to

that other way will not be. Again - I will not torment with details - who tried it, that knows whom did not concern - what to press on pity... There is such council if to whom this very difficult test is necessary now: treat all events as to serious work. I.e. any emotions, any admissions and truancies - it is accurate, as in a drugstore, all procedures, pricks - tablets and other “gratefulness“. It helps to abstract to some extent from an emotional component which can strongly disturb and harmfully be nervous when you have to be the embodiment of tranquility and consistency.

Me was strongly lucky

. Everything turned out from the first attempt. I became pregnant.

Pregnancy took place

well. There was a nuance with lying on preservation, but I am guilty - rushed as scalded, worked with might and main, went still to do myself an electroepilation - there is no mind, consider the cripple. Week provalyalas in hospital, but though has a rest. But embracing a computer, mail and phone. The doctor awfully swore.

, besides, was lucky

In hospital - one more moment which could lead to tragic consequences became clear. It was found in me anti-a phospholipidic syndrome which leads to an abortion in 99% pregnancy cases. Oops... I.e. when EKO did to me, nobody found time to check me for this disease though it very often is directly the reason of infertility. But defined. And again good luck - the doctor in my consultation recommended me a preparation on the basis of a secret of salivary glands of bloodsuckers - absolutely harmless and effective. It rescued me from complications which cause other preparations. Also rushed - monthly control over the level of these antibodies, “eating of bloodsuckers“ on 3 times a day... But the result was! And good.

Against all my difficulties - EKO, antibodies, also thick blood - became clear that doctors me already wrote down on Caesarian. I slightly from a chair did not fall when reported to me about it.

Just a moment! What - such Caesarian? I cannot go to it. And told the doctor. Here it already began to fall from a chair. Speaks, you at me some strange pregnant woman: you ask to give the decree for a week later, and not earlier as all normal people, you refuse Caesarian when some about it ask me (there was again my turn to be surprised), also you work in the decree. I beat off Caesarian. But my doctor refused me - I am afraid, speaks. Sent me to the colleague, she is more skilled. Fortunately, and this lady we found a common language and decided to give birth. Also gave rise!

Nine hours of diligent puffing - I breathed as the engine, prodykhivat all fights - and my boy was born. My sonny. Pleasure my long-awaited. I generally pay time in hundred years, and here burst into tears with happiness.

Well, and the most ridiculous began then

. I absolutely got confused with feeding. Somehow at once everything went wrong way. And that is offensive - though any articles about feeding never came across to me. And then it became clear that they lay at home, carefully prepared by mother. But we did not meet them.

tried to feed with

Ya on hours. Ate dithat for 2 hours in a row, then I was decanted on half an hour, the kid did not gorge on, cried out, turned a head to a breast, and I did not understand that from me it is necessary to it, I fed him only 2 hours ago. Generally, some nonsense was. The child as a result gathered only 350 gr. for the first month, did not sleep for 7 hours in a row, cheeks were gone.

Ya fell into full frustration. The local nurse advised to write out “Agusha“. The gynecologist told that, likely, already age... Neonatolog could not do anything acceptable too to advise. Oh. “Well for affairs?“ - I thought. And then there came New year.

We came out to the dacha, and there the situation more - was less adjusted - my mother brought us to the mode, began to feed me on 7 times a day, and the kid began to put on weight. When arrived home, me, at last, article about GV got. I called the consultant the house. Yes, I paid one and a half thousand rubles, but from this day houses there came the silence and rest. We passed to food on demand and the mode “is not present got down any more“. Everything was adjusted. The son began to add on a kilogram - a kilogram two hundred in a month.

the best compliment I heard

from the masseur who came to hold to us a session: “Baby? At once it is visible!“ Balm on my wounds!

still I feed with

Ya. There were some difficulties when came to work - the kid went on hunger strike and waited when I come from work and I will feed. But it quickly enough passed, and we began to be fed only in the morning and in the evening, and the usual food was used in the afternoon. Our feeding, of course, any more not, how many food, how many ritual, our personal, gentle contact. When to it it is bad, something dreamed, God forbid temperature - what can be better than warm tasty mother?

When to me there came the consultant for GV, she told that if knew that we are ekoshnik, most likely, she would arrive, and the consultant from “Rozhana“ would definitely not arrive. Type, EKO - unnatural fertilization, something is put there - not put at the level of an embryo. I heard the same from some homebrew psikhologina.

absolutely responsibly I declare

Ya to all such people - all this nonsense! You just do not understand what you speak about. People who passed such serious tests to give birth to the child, become one of the most gentle and timid parents. It, of course, does not mean that girls who became pregnant bad, and here those which EKO - remarkable. No way. But I speak: never a way which you became pregnant any difficulties which you had to face to in time or after pregnancy, will prevent you to feed the baby so much how many you want. Be not afraid of anything at all!

If it is necessary to

- you do not come to work or, on the contrary, you sit at work up to childbirth if only well felt. You drive the car (itself got out from - for a wheel in 4 days prior to childbirth), you hang out and have fun, do EKO or become pregnant according to the plan. Or just because it “turned out“. Be not frightened crises, unexpected reaction of the husband or the friend to a happy event. Be not afraid to give birth, and walk in a rodblok with songs and dancings as your obedient the servant. It is possible to sustain and transfer all for the sake of that feeling of unusual tenderness and happiness which I just enjoyed after the birth of the kid. Also you feed. It is a lot of, it is frequent also with pleasure! Check appetite!