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Hot cheese

of the Dish with hot fragrant cheese - special winter pleasure. Having ridden long enough on skis and having inhaled frosty air, you gather with friends at a big table and enjoy simple nourishing food, heat, talk, tasty wine and pleasant feeling of fatigue.

of the Fondue (from the French fondue - “fused“) is a sauce which basis is made by cheese of one or two grades with addition of a number of ingredients: white wine, starch, spice. The fondue is prepared in the special ware reminding a kettle. The its walls, the better are thicker: evenly getting warm, the fondue pot will not allow cheese to burn. The modern electric ware for a fondue allows you to operate extent of heating.

Traditionally hot cheese is prepared in the countries where cheese making has centuries-old traditions: in France, Switzerland, Germany. In the north of Italy, in Piedmont, the similar dish is called “fonduta“, its difference from a fondue consists that bread is not dipped in hot sauce, and pours down them, as well as other dishes - rice, polenta, paste. The word “fondue“ already call rather a process, than a dish. Hot broth in which immerse pieces of crude meat, the kindled chocolate which is eaten with pieces of fruit is called the word “fondue“ too. And this process is very fascinating - try!

Cheese fondue (main recipe)


  1. Garlic clear 4 portions, rub with it walls and a bottom of a fondue pot. Dissolve starch in 2 tablespoons of white wine.
  2. Grate cheese and lay out in a pan. Pour in wine and cherry tincture (at will). Put a pan on a plate and, stirring slowly, bring cheese mix to boiling. Add the divorced starch, spices and put a pan on a torch.
  3. Give
  4. with the dried bread or the fried vegetables.

of the Fondue with a Roquefort cheese

Quantity: 6 portions

How to prepare a fondue

  1. Prepare for
  2. all ingredients for a fondue: two grades of cheese, garlic, white wine and flour. Grease a stewpan with a thick bottom with butter, put a garlic glove: everything is ready to preparation of a fondue!
  3. Grate firm cheeses, cut a soft Roquefort cheese pieces. Lay out cheese in a stewpan, pour in white wine and put on fire. Cheese will begin to melt slowly. At this moment you need a nimbus.
  4. Try to add white pepper, a grated nutmeg, lemon juice to a cheese fondue.
  5. Stirring slowly with a nimbus, warm cheese on fire to formation of homogeneous mass, add the fried flour and once again carefully mix. Pour hot cheese sauce in ware for a fondue and put on a torch.
  6. Vegetables fry
  7. on vegetable oil 3 - 4 minutes (potatoes can be boiled in advance), lay out on a plate. Slightly redden bacon. Distribute to guests of a fork to pin an entertainment and enjoy taste of a fondue!

of the Fondue with broth

Quantity: 4 - 6 portions

  1. Warm broth, pour it in ware for a fondue and put on a torch (broth has to boil slowly).
  2. Distribute
  3. to guests of a fork for a fondue. Pinning meat pieces, guests place them in broth for several seconds, then spread on a plate, season to taste and try, using different sauces.

Council. That the cheese fondue did not burn slightly, try not to allow too intensive boiling and every time, lowering in a fondue pot a fork with bread to stir slowly with it the kindled cheese. In this case the fondue will longer keep the uniformity.

Chocolate fondue

Quantity: 6 - 8 portions

Chocolate and oil put
  1. in glasswares, pour in cream and liqueur and put ware on a water bath. You boil on weak fire before full dissolution.
  2. Lay out chocolate mix in a fondue pot, put on a torch. Eat this dessert, pinning pieces of fruit on a fork and dipping in hot sauce.

Cheese soup

Quantity: 4 portions

  1. Fry onions on raises, oil till golden color, add wine, the juice, cream cut in cubes cheese with a mold, “Viol“. Prepare, stirring slowly, before dissolution of cheese.
  2. Filter soup through a cone or a colander with a small grid, having wiped onions and lumps of cheese (it is also possible to use the blender).
  3. Add pan-frying, spices and give, having decorated with mussels.

Fried Camembert

  1. Get Camembert from a box (if it was in the refrigerator, leave it at the room temperature for about 30 minutes).
    It is very tasty to li to add the recipe of fried Camembert instead of an orange dried peel with pine nuts.
  2. Dip cheese entirely in the shaken-up egg, then roll in breaded. Repeat operation once again that the layer of a breading became more dense.
  3. Warm in a stewpan of small diameter vegetable oil and when it enough heats up (check, having thrown into it a small piece of bread, oil has to hiss), lay out Camembert in a stewpan and slightly “submerge“ it a fork. In 20 - 30 seconds cheese will be reddened and will enough be warmed inside.
  4. Serve to
  5. the fried cheese at once, having strewed with a dried peel or pine nuts, with a spoon of cherry jam.