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One fine day the English king William the Conqueror understood a rating of the most ridiculous diets

: it is necessary to grow thin. Because it was corroded so that could not get up on a horse. Wilhelm, without hesitation, invented a technique: excess fat can be “washed up“ by means of acceptance in a large amount of liquid. Also turned the looks on wine (ordinary water to kings to drink did not stick).

It one of the first known in the history of ridiculous diets was em>. There passed slightly more than nine hundred years, and their quantity grew in hundreds of times. Many of them are not less harmful, than attempts to grow thin by means of alcohol. Why? Experts explain.

Kuznetsov`s Diet (an intellectual diet)

the Author of a diet believes that the overeating is a dependence. Also it develops by analogy with alcoholism: after pleasure from meal there comes abstinency which wants to be muffled immediately in the new portion of food. This vicious circle can be broken off the only way:“ to bring down“ a cycle. On Kuznetsov`s diet is it is possible, anything and when necessary if to observe three principles - to confuse time (that is to eat chaotically, without the mode), to vary quantity eaten (portions have to from tiny to be unpredictable huge) and to alternate the most different products (not to “sit down“ on favourite dishes).

the Author of a diet considers that for the sake of complication it is possible to overeat or eat something frankly harmful - if only the organism did not receive habitual quantity of desired food in due time. For destruction of food dependence the author recommends to take alcohol, to smoke and drink coffee, that is to give to an organism the chance to derive pleasure not from food, and from other sources, despite of their doubtful advantage.

Comment of the expert:
to Consider an overeating as on dependence partly fairly, but the equipment offered by the author will not exert any impact on the dependence reasons. In each case the reasons.

But a chaotic diet can easily do harm to an organism. The only sensible thought it seems to me council to derive pleasure not by means of food, and in other ways, but why they are connected with chemical stimulation? It can be pleasure from movements, touches and even compliments. And here to learn to derive pleasure and not to have at the same time sense of guilt (with it there are difficulties at people to all types of dependences), the professional help of the psychotherapist (Darya Serebryakova, the psychologist) can be necessary .

the Diet “Five cheerful processed cheeses“

the Diet is calculated by

on five days, in each of which for breakfast it is necessary to eat a processed cheese and to drink coffee, at midday - tomato and hard boiled egg, for lunch - apple, for an afternoon snack - low-fat cottage cheese with a cucumber or sweet pepper, for dinner to drink just a glass of white wine. Diet essence in sharp decrease in consumption of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

does not know to

Of the weight and fat content of curd cakes, about wine of any details too. It is considered that on this diet is very easily and cheerfully sat. Probably, the glass of wine almost on an empty stomach does the amusing serious work.

Comment of the expert:
This diet very poor, unbalanced, poor in nutrients. Such diet can seriously worsen normal intestinal microflora and create risk of development of pathogenic flora (especially against reception of some types of drugs) though directly, of course, will not lead to a disbioz.

After an exit from this diet very possibly sharp increase in weight: the organism will begin to accumulate strenuously stocks, being afraid of the next short rations. A lack of the offered diet also is lack of instructions on liquid consumption. Most likely, the diet will provoke obvisany skin and the general dehydration of an organism, and the lack of vitamins, fats and protein will negatively be reflected in a condition of skin and a hair (Galina Danilova, the microbiologist, the edging. medical sciences)


Smells can muffle feeling of hunger: “the fragrant diet“ is based on this principle. Her authors advise to take a banana piece, a slice of green apple, a pinch of a peppermint and a pinch of vanilla, to warm all ingredients on vegetable oil and to inhale fumes - at the first feeling of hunger or in 15 minutes prior to food. It is claimed that appetite if does not disappear absolutely, then will strongly decrease. It is supposed that thus it is possible to grow thin easily for 12 kg for half a year.

Comment of the expert:
it is difficult to em to estimate a diet which a diet is not. There are no recommendations about a diet, about products. One smells you will not be full. And when the organism receives not food, and illusion - wait for a dirty trick, failure. Especially as there is nothing good in artificial suppression of appetite. The healthy person has to have a healthy appetite. The aromatherapy is urged to harmonize human life so it is more logical to use it for the appetite benefit, but not against it.

Selection of aromas in this “antiappetizing composition“ is doubtful

. In an aromatherapy there are oils reducing appetite: these are patchoulis, fennel, rosemary. In this combination works for loss of appetite unless vanilla - due to the enveloping sweet, even the excessive sweetness of a smell which is a little dulling feeling of hunger.

properly to eat and grow thin without harm for health it is much more useful to p not to be engaged in applied “aromakulinariya“, and to use aromas, suitable for each meal, in the house: for a breakfast - invigorating, citrus, for a lunch - the quiet, neutral or stimulating appetite (a wormwood, a bergamot), for a dinner - cozy, weakening (laurels, cinnamon, a camomile). (Irena Andreyeva, cosmetologist, Center of beauty and health “Academy“) .

the Diet for “riding breeches“

Creators of a diet declare that it is capable to give to legs symmetry and muscularity, having relieved of the fat which is laid in a zone of riding breeches.

as panacea is offered to replace greasy food with fish and fast chicken, and also to exclude fried and high-calorific cheese. For breakfast it is necessary to eat a toast from bread with bran, the baked tomatoes and cottage cheese (or banana and skim milk). For lunch - a roll from coarse flour and (at choice) banana, a tuna (50 g) or boiled haricot (2 tablespoons). It is necessary to have supper a chicken leg without skin (250 g) with the mixed salad or white fish (150 g) with potato (125 g), siliculose haricot and vegetable marrows.

At the same time growing thin is offered not to carry tight jeans (they, according to authors of a diet, spoil a figure) and to force to work muscles of legs, that is, to go, run and have sex.

Comment of the expert: we Will begin
with the fact that the diets directed to weight loss of separate parts of a body no. And there is a balanced food which together with physical exercises leads to harmonious weight reduction and strengthening of muscles of all body.

As for the choice of products, here reefs are. In cottage cheese often the increased content of fats. Worst of all in this diet a dinner. It is too heavy for evening meal. Potatoes for the night no comments: fast carbohydrates, there is a lot of starch - with such dinner any diet will go up the spout. Well, and fish with haricot - a traditional daily dish on Kabo - Verde. I trained few months there and for all the time of special symmetry of local ladies did not catch. A striking example of their typical figure - the famous native of those places singer Cesaria Evora. (Alexey Chibizov, the repeated champion of Russia in windsurfing, the teacher detsko - the GU “Vasileostrovsky District PMTs“ youthful sports school SPb)

the Primitive diet

Trying to justify the name, this diet assumes total refusal of gains of a civilization and calculation of calories. All has to be natural. It is recommended to person interested to grow thin in unlimited number is natural food which can be got on hunting or to collect - fast meat, vegetables, fruit, berries and nuts.

of Any dairy products, vegetable fats and “fast“ carbohydrates (sugar, macaroni, bread, cakes and cakes).

the Diet is based by

on the use of a large amount of cellulose and is presented not as a way to grow thin and as the constant mode of healthy food. Generally, it is necessary to arm with a stick - a kopalka and to eat the crude fruit, vegetables, grain, bean, herbs and root crops. It is supposed that it is so possible to lose gradually weight, without losing at the same time energy.

Here approximate “primitive“ menu per day: a breakfast - millet cereal on water with raisin, a lunch - vegetable soup, a dinner - vegetable stew from potatoes, pumpkin and carrots with not polished rice.

Comment of the expert: Any long artificial restrictions are dangerous by
to an organism as in such situations the principle is shown: where something is thin, that`s where it tears. Especially if it is about continuous restriction of a diet. In this diet there are strange bans: for example, a ban on vegetable fats which are the main source of the polynonsaturated fatty acids which are taking part in a metabolism. Therefore, at continuous refusal of vegetable fats, we will deal with violation of an exchange.

Total absence in a diet of dairy products will be reflected by

in a condition of nails, hair and teeth: dairy products are the most available source of calcium. (Olga Bazhenova, the dietitian)


Among variety of doubtful and ridiculous diets came across to

also such:

  • a diet for those to whom for 30 (any cereals and soup from a bag),
  • an acetic diet (hi to boarders of institution for young ladies, drinking vinegar for complexion improvement),
  • a diet for busy persons (8 days, each meal are preceded by cooking for about 40 minutes - hour),
  • a diet Angela (twice a day a huge piece of meat - blood-thirsty some angel).

Need some comments? If yes, we generalize that: ideally, before going for any food restrictions, it is worth consulting with the expert.

When to you a lack of time to go to the therapist or the nutritionist, and you choose a diet on the taste and risk, track that the combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates was near optimal (1:1:4). Do not disdain reception vitaminno - mineral complexes.

And if you chose a risky diet in hope for fast result - here nobody, except you, it is guilty. Yes, by the way, the expected result, most likely will not be, or it will be nondurable.