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Began my parental practical work...

After the little son`s birth, in maternity hospital

Began my parental practical work...

After the little son`s birth, in maternity hospital, I told myself: “All... If I want the second baby, then... years so through five, seven... Girl. But in any way not earlier...“

there Passed three months and... I became pregnant again in spite of the fact that I all this time nursed the kid. Ahead there was a session, state exams, the diploma, final, mixed up with the first words and the first teeth of the little son, with the first stirs of the daughter, with continuous thoughts of life of our constantly growing family.

our kid Grew at

and my stomach grew. Acquaintances welcomed, friends were surprised, relatives were perplexed, and we with the husband rejoiced and waited.

I there came long-awaited birthday of our lassie - daughters. By a lucky chance lay in the same chamber of the same maternity hospital, only a year later, and already with the daughter. I was captured by huge feeling of pleasure and happiness - everything ended just remarkably... Though actually everything only began.

But also the concern was present, the house me was waited by the one-year-old little son who for the first time was left without mother with the grandmother and the father for several days. Dima`s behavior, according to the husband, almost did not differ from usual, he it seems also did not notice my absence. But emergence in the house of a lyala which on the first crying mother takes on handles did not remain unnoticed. The jealousy began in the first day after arrival with maternity hospital.

Night adaptation

In the first days already habitual restless life changed on even more restless. Time that all got used to each other was required. But then we did not understand it yet.

the First night after return from maternity hospital in our memory will remain to

forever because we were not ready to such turn of events yet.

As our room (in 14 square meters) in the afternoon - the nursery, and at night - a bedroom, problems when laying children on a night dream appeared. At first children awoke the friend to the friend with unexpected crying that became the prime cause of long winter sleepless night. To calm kids, we took them to ourselves in a bed. But starshenky there was a wish to be at the same time both with mother and with the father, and youngest just it was not fallen down...

All of us exhausted from children`s crying and a hopelessness from ignorance how to work in a similar situation, fell asleep four together only at daybreak... I with the daughter on the one hand beds, and the husband with the little son - with another.

So four together on one bed to us several nights were necessary to carry out

. And only in a week the daughter learned to sleep one in the carriage, and the little son continued to demand to sleep with us further. We resolved. He fell asleep, having curled up, keeping my hand at itself under the head. And then I shifted it in a crib where he continued to sleep peacefully till the morning if I on its first groan or crying palm off on it a small bottle in time with a milk in which pacifier, by the way, has the breast form.

I having only passed the long adaptation interval of time equaling to month of sleepless nights we learned to understand each other.

At bedtime

So, a month later our kids learned to sleep everyone in the nest... Dima in a children`s bed, and Lizonka - in a carriage. Though sometimes to us with the husband the bed was necessary - to share all with kids. It is heavy to child to transfer a prorezyvaniye of zubik alone... But it is already other history...

A in the afternoon kids slept together, lying across a children`s bed.

it was dangerous by

But when youngest began to sit, leave it for the night in a carriage. Therefore already on a “day“ habit kids slept together in one bed.

A later half a year the planned purchase of a bunk bed had just by the way because the favourite children`s bed for two became rather small. Of course, two-year-old and one-year-old kids very much liked change of a situation. And they were not upset at all, having learned that on the top tier to them still rather early to sleep. And on the lower tier of the place quite was enough that kids could sleep together, without disturbing the friend the friend. They are, having grabbed the toys, imitating the friend the friend, settled on pillows on different edges of a bed... On the right Dima with a baby mammoth, and at the left - Lisa with Winnie - Down. Thus the “housing“ problem was solved.


As the little son from first week of life was accustomed by

to bathing before a dream which gave it huge pleasure, appearance of the little sister made small amendments to its habitual life. If Dima wishes to lap long in water further, then the first Lizonka will bathe now. synulya agreed with innovations at once and while I did to the daughter massage, it helped the father to pour water in a tray. And then, when Lizonka took a bath, Dima put to bed toys in specially allotted drawers under a children`s bed. While the husband taught the little son to swim in a big bathtub, I dressed the daughter, fed and put to bed. Already bathing evening became traditional in our family. Even if our father was late at work, “water procedures“ were not cancelled, and dragged on in time a little. And Dima had to wait until mother baths, will dress, will feed and, at last, will put the little sister to bed... Fortunately, it happened very seldom.

in the Summer before a day dream I accustomed kids to take a shower and noticed that when they wash together, delight and pleasure there is no limit. Having convinced that the baby is not afraid of a large amount of water in a bathroom, and from the company of the brother derives even more pleasure, we said goodbye to a small tray forever. And now bathing of kids not only does not strain us, and very much even pleases, to hear children`s laughter is such happiness.


I cannot brag of the fact that problems with feedings are unfamiliar to me. But now methods of breaching of these problems are known to me.

After Dima refused a breast, I learned that such lack of appetite at the child. No arrangements helped. Every time when I brought a spoon with porridge, he turned away the head. But a ring of a rattle or the praised book worked wonders with delight. However, every time was necessary to change “object of interest“. If during the first breakfast opening and a nakryvaniye a lid of a jar was interesting, then for the second breakfast, besides preparation of porridge, it was necessary to prepare something brand new. Though many were against such methods of feeding. But hungry I could not leave the child.

A when someone from relatives said that “our Dima badly eats“, I about myself quietly smiled, except me nobody undertakes to feed him. If the kid - the poor eater, then him is better to feed five - six times a day gradually, so he will receive necessary standard daily rate. And mother will be quiet and the kid is full.

So far I nursed the daughter, there was one more problem: feeling of jealousy of the little son. He suddenly wanted to play this moment with me. Dima continually climbed on a sofa and sat down to me on a back or dragged by a hand, or just began to shout. To abuse it it was useless, he still small (the age difference between kids makes only year), and in such situations it was necessary to think out something. Before the next feeding of the daughter I prepared new occupation for the little son. It was necessary sitting on a sofa at the same time one hand to play with Dima in machines, to build a pyramid or to thumb through the book with drawings and to feed Lizonka, tenderly babbling and smiling. Once before feeding of the daughter I suggested the little son to drink a milk from a bright poilnik - neprolivayka. And, about a miracle my children for the first time have quietly a snack. So I opened for myself one more truth - not I raise children, but they me as constantly I adapt to their requirements.

I was convinced by

After transition to the mixed feeding and squashes that my children absolutely different. You will not call the daughter the poor eater, it is rather on the contrary because she could overeat and srygnut. But, despite “good appetite“, there are moments, especially in - time of a prorezyvaniye of zubik when our checked method with game in “object of interest“ had to be applied also when feeding the daughter.

But now, sitting at a table d`hote, they perfectly eat, imitating the friend the friend, now process of food became “object of interest“.

of Game and a toy

Very often children aged from half a year to two - are interested three years not in the toys acquired for them specially, and... spoons, saucepans, jars etc. My kids did not become an exception. It, most likely, comes from the fact that kids even in game try to imitate adults. Having seen as mother potters in kitchen with saucepans, the child tries to repeat. I somehow noticed how my one-year-old little son, having taken a napkin from a table, began to wipe dust and when I praised it for it, it began to wipe floors... Now if someone from relatives sees our one-year-old daughter with a broom and a sovochok in kitchen, nobody is surprised. Children expect a praise - means, their efforts were not vain.

It is the rule it is also applicable also to toys. Until with kids you play machines, you will show how to assemble the lock from the designer and how to nurse a doll, the child will not be interested in toys.

our two-year-old fidget - the boy can potter minutes forty with the designer, collecting huge a miracle - the engine, knowing that then mother with delight will praise the little son for an ingenuity and will surely tell in the evening at supper to the father.

Having got a children`s bed with boxes for toys, we solved a problem with the husband of the place for games and storage of toys. Accustomed Dima from eight-months age to an order - after game surely together put all toys on the place (in drawers under a bed). Now he not only itself always cleans up, but also helps the little sister. Well how after that not to praise kids?.

In spite of the fact that in the house it is full of toys, kids like to receive gifts. It is desirable that “gift contents“ were identical... Let two machines or two dolls, but without fights, quarrels and offenses will be better. And it happens too...

Walk three together

Almost all the pregnancy, walking with the little son in park, I mentally represented walk three together, and also visits of shop, policlinic etc. Of course, in such cases it would be necessary to count on the help of parents. But not for every day. Our grandmothers and grandfathers work too...

did not go in as to carry Dima on hands and at the same time to carry a carriage with the baby, especially in the oseena - the winter period. But the solution of all problems somehow passed by me... thanks to a carriage.

It, and the most important - the back place was transformed both to a cradle, and to a sitting position.

After the daughter`s birth we got the same carriage, however, old. The back lying place was necessary to warm a little as the winter, and a stroller - all - to the veseena - summer option came nearer. So three together, and on days off four together together with the father, we walk still. But besides a set of pluses (the carriage is located in the small elevator, the big grid for products not once helps out at visits of shop, the forward place it is transformed so that kids can sit the person the friend to the friend or the friend at a druzhka, and it is possible to remove in general it) in it there are two small, but essential minuses... In - the first, every day it grows heavy, and in - the second - very often the attention of passersby is focused on a carriage with kids that first pleases, then becomes ordinary, and sometimes even irritates.

I all - is quite pleasant to try to catch on itself an eye absolutely of the strangers who are be touched my kids. And on a question: “What twins, wonderful at you... To you, probably, it is so heavy...“ The answer follows: “They are stair-steppers at me... And then, the wolf as he is painted is not so terrible. The main thing to love and understand each other, and then everything will turn out. Kids at me actually wonderful...“