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Why children`s footwear - it is so important?

Children are much more active, more vigorous, than adults. You do not trust? And you try to catch up with the kid and you will see that it is absolutely hard. Children run and jump, play a ball, skate on roller-skaters, easily submit eminences and without efforts go down from them. Children try to enjoy life to the full, relying on the full speed of the nimble legs. And parents have to take care that they had the corresponding footwear.

According to statistical data, 98% of children since the birth healthy a foot, and have them such only with 40% of adults. Many defects in development of a foot arise already from children`s age because of carrying inappropriate footwear. Therefore to parents - not to allow a task that in the future the child had problems with health of legs, to develop skills of the correct gait, to create a correct posture. It is for this purpose important to know anatomic features of a children`s foot, stages of its development, dynamics of growth.

the Foot of the child is the not just reduced option of a leg of the adult. Growth and development of children`s foot takes place several stages and on average comes to the end to the 18th summer age. During this time everything that is connected with its form, proportions and structure changes. The first two years when the child learns to go, a foot and a leg, having received functional loading, begin to develop. Their muscles, sheaves and sinews “learn“ to get used and adapt to each other. A foot at this age very soft and flexible. Bones did not get stronger yet, and the arches are not created, consist of fatty tissue and underdeveloped muscles. Therefore foot of the child have a foot appearance with flat-footedness. Wide forward department - characteristic of its form at this age.

muscles and the arches a foot begin to develop In the period from two to three years. Feet begin to be narrowed, but their forward department still remains wider in comparison with the adult`s leg. Softness and flexibility are characteristic of nurseries a foot too. Only by twelve years their arches become almost completely developed, similar on the adult`s foot though the forward department remains still rather wide. During this period they already lose the flexibility. Final development of foot as was already mentioned, lasts till eighteen years. It is worth noticing, as dynamics of growth of a foot at different age too different. The first two years it increases in length approximately by 20 mm a year. At 2 - 3 summer age this indicator makes 10 - 15 mm, that is 2 - 3 sizes of footwear. Further growth of foot is slowed down and remains till 13 - 15 years at the level of 5 - 10 mm a year, that is 1 - 2 size.


Of course, for normal development of a leg it is better if children go as much as possible barefoot. It strengthens bones and muscles that is very important in early years. But environment at the moment not always gives such opportunity. Therefore there comes the moment when parents ask a question: “What footwear to buy the child?“

First of all, the footwear of the child has to preserve legs against mechanical damages, provide a favorable microclimate for a foot, answer its anatomic and physiological features. And though own opinion of your child has to be the main indicator of convenience of children`s footwear for you, it is necessary to know also “theory“.

Keep in mind that the footwear, non-compliant to the requirements can deform bones of toes, develop flat-footedness or lead to cartilaginous outgrowths even if the kid has no complaints to inconvenience. By the way, you remember that children do not feel pain when go in too close footwear. It is explained by existence of a fatty layer a children`s foot which dulls a sensation of pain from a close boot. Therefore surely pay attention to that the footwear of the kid answered the size of a leg and would be with optimum “free space“ which is necessary for a foot during walking. But if it is too big, it is bad too - the foot will remain without support, and skin of a leg will be rubbed. Besides, buying footwear, it is necessary to consider also completeness of a leg. Leading companies - producers produce footwear of three types of completeness within each size.

As for materials of which make children`s footwear, irrespective of, boots it, sports sneakers or shoes “on an exit“, - it is better for you natural not to find. Not only skin, but also fabrics - wool, a wool mixture, felt, felt, etc. belong to such materials. Keep in mind that at children of a foot of legs very much sweat as on a small general surface of skin of kids contains as much sweat glands, how many and at adults. And children still constantly move. Therefore the footwear has to be from such high-quality materials which allow stupnyam “to breathe“, leaving them dry. It is necessary that sweat and the condensed water with their help were removed outside, and moisture from environment did not get inside.


Choosing footwear for children 1 - 3 - summer age, pay special attention to whether it is possible “to twist“ and bend a sole. Thanks to its such properties joints of a foot will keep ability to move freely, and the child will be able easily to move from a heel to a sock.


to Children up to three years better to choose footwear with the closed heel - it fixes a foot and helps its correct formation. It is possible for the girl for games on the street to buy shoes or sandals with “lock“. It is the best of all that they were with a thong - then they will not fall from a leg. And boys will suit semi-sports shoes, and with volume language which will protect from sand and dust, strong socks and backs. In a word, the choice for you, only remember that the children`s footwear surely has to be orthopedic!

the Alphabet of children`s footwear or how to choose footwear for the child?

it would Seem to

, there is nothing simpler - buy bright boots or shoes with a beautiful fastener, and run, the kid! But only the esthetic look should not induce parents to purchase of footwear to children. At the same time it is necessary to be guided by a number of requirements and rules.

Let to our children it will be easy for li to enter life!