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I Will begin an Epiphany with romanticism of

with the fact that we with the husband big fans of wild travel! And everything began with Baikal. Then we, still plainly not being on friendly terms guy and the girl with one more same, jerked for 2 weeks (more opportunity was not) by car savages to Baikal. And then the offer of a hand and heart, engagement, a wedding and here exactly in 1 year and 9 months - our daughter Evochka.

At first optimism at us concerning travel was reduced by

, but, it is visible, the summer sun made the business. The husband unexpectedly suggested to go three together to our local “sea“ - the Krasnoyarsk reservoir.

Departure was planned by

for midday of the next day. Here it is necessary to tell that in the same time at me, the student 4 - go a course, was in the heat session. But then in many years you will remember not the record book, and just here such moments...

in the Evening of the same day rushed off on the dacha, three together - there were rods, a treasured kettle, wadded blankets. I already settled down to feed the daughter on the way - and she is happy, and it is easier for me and if carries, then she even behind this business also falls asleep. Relatives at the dacha met us joyfully, but having learned that we only behind things and were going tomorrow to the Krasnoyarsk sea, the husband`s sister (mother of three children) was obviously surprised.

Yes, the anticipation of a trip is happiness! All thoughts only of it.

Since morning I got up before all the members of household since it was necessary to run on examination... Thought, everything will be simply, but is not present... I came back home only somewhere by 12 in the afternoon. I go and think that here now we will go (according to the secret arrangement the one who at home, that and necessary on a trip collects all), but it turned out that the husband did not manage to collect anything... Here also we left only in the seventh o`clock in the evening. But the main thing to leave!

Dochulka at once fell asleep on a pillow on sitting near me, and we began to eat greedily sandwiches. On the way always everything so tasty to eat!

Reached by

when already began to get dark. Found the suitable place near the wood, parked the car. Left, looked round - the nature, hurrah! Zhenya (husband) fast converted our station wagon into a berth, all laid a blanket and sleeping bags, put pillows (luxury when you travel not by car) under back glass to lie and see stars, and I began to put ours already raskapriznyacheevshesya the child to bed. And we sat then at a fire, drank tea, admired everything around. It was not believed a little that we with the seven-months daughter and here!

the Next day was given solar and clear. It became clear, however, that water did not get warm absolutely yet, and about bathing there is no speech also.

For Eve on the earth spread a big blanket from which it aimed to slip (the truth, behind inability to creep it turned out poorly) and to try sand. Nearby the kosterok smoked, a romper suit on a rope dried, birdies sang, water shone... Here to you and Montessori`s school - development at once all feelings!

Then drove Eve for handles on a warm sand. Watched ants.

A as she laughed when we with the husband in turn ran in ice water and with shout ran out back on the coast. It so captured the daughter that our father had to make this number several times until it finally froze. Squealed from pleasure when we slightly splashed on it!

Water we took

with ourselves in the big canister therefore we had no difficulties with its production. Heated a little in the evening, and at Eve the bathtub went on nature. Put it in a basin, Zhenya watered, and I washed. Everything borrowed minutes 5, we more it is obvious were afraid that the child will freeze, on her face it was a pleasure.

Next day weather deteriorated. When we with Eve woke up, our daddy, being above a fire with an umbrella in hands, cooked to us a breakfast - porridge with stewed meat. It was really gentleman`s gesture from its party! Have breakfast in the car. I then still almost did not lure the daughter, nursed only therefore problems with food on the way at us did not arise.

were Looked by us on such change of weather, took a walk a little more and went home. One day - but how many impressions! And the most important - our daughter already saw that instead of asphalt under legs there is a sand, instead of the dirty sky over the head is and pure, not poisoned with city impurity, and air which there is a wish to breathe, and around not houses and the car, but the sea, mountains, the wood...

A then still. Now Eve is two years old and three months, recently she gave birth to the little sister Anyutka, and we already wait for summer that again on the nature, on freedom! It is healthy when the child can remember in the winter as in the summer he bathed in a river stream, holding father`s hands, slept in tent, went to the wood, saw a goat in the village... Probably, it is also the happy childhood!