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The happy final of difficult sorts

Well, here and I at last with the report... So far sleeps, and hands are free.

This my second pregnancy was very long-awaited, distressful and as a result of induced - stimulnul, nearly 2 years of fruitless attempts later, any analyses and hormonal feeds.

it Began

not as it would be desirable, and proceeded too difficult. Five SARS on different terms - 4 weeks (obstetric, i.e. right after 2 - x strips), 10 weeks, herpes on the 22nd week, the 26th week etc., etc.

Tried to deliver us ZB on 6 weeks, in 29 weeks lay on preservation with threat premature, in 34 weeks - fetoplatsentarny insufficiency, bad KTG and Dopler - as a result of 1,5 weeks of droppers in a day hospital. How many tablets and preparations were eaten! All pregnancy it was not possible to relax, the husband frayed nerves in addition. Girls, I admit - very much was afraid to give birth to the unhealthy child... Generally, clear... Especially, was left without screenings...

There now, term at me stood - on December 7. The first seemed in ZhK where I was joyfully told that the kid is ready to birth, nestled... And that in 3 days I will be given the direction in maternity hospital. That from - for my problems during pregnancy want to send me in advance. Bags at me stood ready from 31 weeks as it was written out from preservation. In maternity hospital through the tenth hands agreed with the doctor, went on December 2 to seem - to get acquainted. And on December 1 and 2 I already had at night easy fights - harbingers.

the Doctor, having pushed me on a chair, joyfully reported that I am already ready, the neck is maleficiated and that it will not let out me anywhere and that I will sleep this night and tomorrow morning I will go to give birth. Without having heard special pleasure in my voice (I hoped for the 5th and did not want any stimulation), she sent me to be made out, and the husband - behind things in the car.

generally, at 11 in the morning I appeared in pathology of Noginsk maternity hospital. From 14 o`clock began to mark regular easy contractions with an interval 20 minutes. Perhaps they were earlier, and I did not notice them - I do not know. By 7 in the evening they began to go in 10 minutes. Reported about all this to doctors and nurses - any reaction. Say, harbingers, and here will be in 5 minutes - then “yes“.

B 9 of evening the doctor on duty came (the man with huge ruchishcha known as the Butcher), looked and told what needs be suffered till the morning, say, at night all have to sleep and if he is awoken - it will be very angry. By 10 in the evening fights became notable - I did not manage to fall asleep. Went to wander about hospital corridors. By 11 o`clock the interval was reduced to 8 minutes, but I was still tried to be convinced that I do not give birth. I summoned the doctor on duty that that at least looked at disclosure! Generally, so far it came until looked until began in patrimonial to translate me with things - in 00 - 30 nights only on an enema it appeared. Fights in 10 minutes, but notable. In 1 - 30 it appeared in prenatal. The midwife placed me on a bed, speaks: “Well, you only right at the beginning, mark, in intervals sleep. It will be bad - can, we will anesthetize. A toilet - directly along a corridor“.

Ya to the husband and mother by SMS - ke: say, I will give birth soon. Decided to walk to a toilet, presses something on uric, there are no forces. Went. Sat - uselessly. And back I go - fights amplified, became continuous. Reached, it was charged a bed and I think: “Ela - a pala if it only the beginning how further to suffer - that I am?“

the Midwife decided to climb on fight, to look at disclosure. Full!! In 10 minutes - full! The bubble is whole, and in mention did not see any traffic jams. And me already begins to grieve. The doctor came, the midwife in panic: “She gives birth!“ I speak to the doctor:“ Bubble - that to me you will burst?“ And it: “Anesthesia is necessary?“ I to it: “Yes what anesthesia on full disclosure?!“ Generally, waters lowered, Mishka fast made the way to an exit, we with the midwife a jog trot on a table: “And now ran - ran!“ It was hard to climb up it with my small growth and a head between legs. I had a small hem after senior on a crotch, thought, chiknut me on it - on the contrary, Mishka pyor the tank, tore... In 2 - 40 it already peeped outside, having gathered 8 - 9 across Apgar, 3240 also 51 cm in height is powerful. And I slowly and steadily began to flow...

the Placenta departed everything and why there was bleeding - unclear... Polaziv in me pieces of iron (to what I was not delighted and indignant and cried out), the doctor was thrown by a jog trot to a case with gloves, began to yell about manual. Having seen its huge ruchishch “knee-deep“ in latex, I convulsively swallowed and asked anesthesia. Someone was driven to raise the anesthesiologist, palmed off on me pieces of paper for the signature that they decline all responsibility, the doctor shouted supposedly nafik pieces of paper, it will expire now on a table where the anesthesiologist!

the Anaesthesia worked instantly - I remember only as to me periodically felt pulse and measured pressure. Recovered several times, answered some questions, then filled up again. Having finally recovered, found all hands in catheters (4 pieces), in krovishche, itself - it is natural, too. Nearby on a table a jug with blood. I ask the doctor: “Skoka flowed out, liter?“ “Well, - that was rumpled, - it is slightly less“. For all night long I they had one, but what! To have a sleep - they did not manage to lie down in spite of the fact that quickly gave rise. The nurse, moving me in the elevator in postnatal, joyfully reported that from a next world I was got, and blood at me “liquid“ now.

was completely delivered by the midwife, the doctor on duty did not manage to come running, and with what agreed - especially did not reach. Small took away in children`s and at morning round reported that little such boy, pretty, ridiculously snuffles a nose. Teased and left. Say, will bring a bit later to feed. I tried to get up to a toilet meanwhile and to be washed. Aha, as... It did not turn out. Could rise only the next days by the evening.

Huge gratitude to nurses and nurses who all this time for me went - and fed with

me in chamber, and at me collected by a catheter... Well, clear... Especially as gave birth not under the contract and it was filled up in the general chamber where the first 2 days there was one. Demanded a bear by a lunch - to me it was brought and left. For the night asked to leave too. To me it was washed - changed clothes and put under a side. And he snuffled, and the truth, cool.

generally, houses we, fight now against consequences of antibiotics which to me pricked after manual. Tummies - a shit and other small pleasures, but it already another story altogether.

That else? Seams processed every day, pricked oxytocin. The relation of sisters - nurses - super. In 4 - ke gave birth to the first in Moscow - not to compare even. Children`s doctors are sisters - too were pleasant. Fed well - as geese by Christmas, from the house almost nothing was necessary. And still children now all large, in chamber settled then little girls to me - at all on 4 - 4,5 kg... Mine 3200 looked there... Khe - a kha...

A still so interestingly turned out - senior was born in 3 - 50, the weight of the 3350, second - in 2 - 40, weight 3240 - magic of numbers!