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As it is correct to drink tablets

“Take this pill on one 2 time a day after food“. For certain all of us heard such recommendation more than once. And now let`s reflect as far as it is exact and whether she demands additional instructions. Appointing these or those drugs, the doctor counts that will correctly use them.

Rule 1. Frequency rate - our everything


reception of tablets several times a day, most of doctors mean days - not those 15 - 17 hours that we usually are awake, and all 24. Because heart, a liver and kidneys work round the clock, and, therefore, microbes work without interruption for lunch and a dream. Therefore, reception of tablets needs to be divided whenever possible equal periods, it especially concerns antimicrobic means.

That is, at double reception the interval between reception of each dosage has to make 12 hours, triple - 8, quadruple - 6. However, it does not mean that patients have to jump nightly from a bed. Drugs which accuracy of introduction pays off constantly not so much and appoint them usually not in the tableted form. But, nevertheless, 2 - 3 - 4 times a day are not when it is convenient to the patient (“now and in an hour because forgot to drink in the morning“), and through certain intervals. In order to avoid interpretation at double reception, for example, reasonably to fix concrete time of reception of a tablet: 8:00 and 20:00 or 10:00 and 22:00. And it is more convenient to the patient, and it is doubly impossible to understand.

Rule 2. Komplayens whether or commitment to reception

With short courses of tablets the situation is more less normally: couple of days we usually do not forget to drink them. With long courses it is already worse. Because we hurry because a stress because just took off from the head. There is also other party of a medal: sometimes people mechanically, in a light slumber drink medicine, and then forget about it and accept still. And it is good if it is not a strong preparation.

among doctors before grumbling about it on patients, suggest to make experiment on themselves: to take a jar of dark glass with 60 harmless tablets (glucose, a calcium gluconate, etc.) and to accept on one daily. There were many experimenters, but here that who in two months did not have from 2 to 5 - 6 “excess“ tablets - units.

Ways of fight against such “sclerosis“ everyone chooses

under himself: someone spreads drugs on a foreground, pedants are helped by ticks on a calendar, and especially forgetful - alarm clocks, reminders on the mobile phone, etc. of Farmfirma even let out special calendars where it is possible to note each reception. Not so long ago (the truth, as usual, not in Russia) there were hybrids of an alarm clock and pass - the first-aid kits which are ringing and giving out on a tablet in certain time.

Rule 3. To or after food - it is important

On interrelation with meals all tablets are divided into groups:“ all the same“, “to“, “after“ and “during food“. And, in consciousness of the doctor of the patient eats strictly according to the schedule, in breaks has not a bite and does not drive teas. And here in consciousness of the patient apple, banana and candy food are not, and the food is a borsch with cutlet and compote with pies. Unfortunately, these representations promote the wrong drug intake too.

“To food“. For a start it is quite good to em to understand what is meant by the doctor who speaks “to accept in 30 minutes prior to food“. It means what after reception of a tablet needs to be eaten thoroughly, or only medicine is taken on an empty stomach?


In most cases, appointing the drugs “to food“, the doctor means:

  • that you did not eat anything (anything at all!) before reception of a tablet;
  • that at least during the specified term after taking the medicine, you will also eat nothing.

That is, this tablet has to get into an empty stomach where will not stir it gastric juice, food components etc. From own practice it is possible to tell that it is necessary to explain it on many times. Because, for example, active ingredients of preparations of group of macroleads collapse acidic environment. In this case the eaten candy or the drunk glass of juice in two hours prior to drug intake or in an hour later can cardinally affect result of treatment. The same concerns many other preparations, and matter not only in gastric juice, and and in terms of hit of a preparation from a stomach in intestines, violations of absorption and just in chemical reaction of components of medicine with food.

From this rule, of course, exceptions when it is necessary to eat in the specified time after reception are. For example, at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract or endokrinopatiya. Therefore for the convenience, it is better to specify what was specifically meant by the doctor, appointing the preparation “to food“.

“During food“ : here everything is clear. Only besides specify what to do and how many what to eat with a tablet, especially, if food at you is organized by the principle “Monday - Wednesday - Friday“. “After food“ is accepted

by p the smaller quantity of preparations is considerable. As a rule, the means irritating mucous a stomach or contributing to digestion normalization concern to them.“ The food“ this case often does not mean change from three a dish, especially if it is necessary to accept a preparation 4 - 5 - 6 times a day. Will be some limited quantity of food enough.

Rule 4. Not all tablets can be drunk together

should take the Majority of a pill separately if reception of “wholesale party“ is not coordinated with the doctor separately. It is not really convenient, but it is impossible to conduct researches on interaction of all preparations on light, and swallowing of tablets “handful“, it is easy to gain unpredictable effect already at the initial stage. If other is not stipulated, then between reception of various preparations has to pass at least 30 minutes.

Now concerning compatibility. Quite often patients like to introduce own creative in treatment. For example, “I take the medicine appointed by the doctor and as it, probably, harmful, is quite good to drink also in parallel vitaminka or still something“. And that “vitaminka“ can neutralize medicine or lead to unpredictable consequences against reception of the main preparation, into consideration it is not taken.

, vitamins, the combined cold medicines and herbs recommended by hotly beloved grandmother during treatment can be accepted, only previously having consulted to the attending physician. If you are treated at several specialists in different occasions, they have to know about appointments of each other.

Rule 5. Not all tablets have fractional dosages

of the Tablet to tablets discord, and not all from them can be broken to divide into several doses. Moreover, some tablets are covered with a cover, having damaged which it is possible to affect properties of medicine. Therefore lack of “a dividing strip“ has to guard - most often such tablet cannot be divided. And dosages in one fourth or even one eighth tablets raise questions too - correctly to measure in such cases it is almost impossible. If such appointment was made by the doctor, at it it is possible to take an interest, than it is fraught. Well, and we will not even speak about self-treatment once again.

Rule 6. Drugs, with rare exception, wash down only with water

Not tea - coffee, not juice, not, upas you god, sweet aerated water, and nominal water - the most usual and not aerated. Even separate researches are devoted to this question.

However, certain groups of preparations which wash down with sour drinks, milk, alkaline mineral water and the other separately stipulated drinks are. But it exceptions, and will be surely told about them at appointment and in the instruction.

Rule 7. Chewable tablets are chewed, dragees do not get to the core

Direct bans, as well as instructions on special directions of use, appear not just like that. The chewable or sosatelny tablet which you swallowed entirely will work through other time or will not work in general.

the Form of release of a preparation is also chosen not incidentally. If the tablet has a special covering, it cannot be crushed, broken or got to the core. Because this covering protects something from something: active ingredient of a tablet from stomach acids, a stomach from active ingredient, a gullet or tooth enamel from damage etc. The encapsulated release form also says that active ingredient has to be soaked up only in intestines and during certain time. Therefore it is possible to open capsules only on doctor`s orders with a careful eye to the instruction.

Rule 8. There are special cases, but them the doctor

has to estimate

different doctors have the, the schemes of treatment tested by years, and sometimes a dosage and a direction of use of preparations can differ for different groups of patients. In the same way with features of the patient (associated diseases, individual reactions, etc.) appointment can be corrected for this case. At the same time the choice of a preparation and way of its application is influenced not always by factors, obvious to the person without medical education. Therefore if your grandfather with a hypertension took the same medicine according to other scheme appointed by the doctor, best in the world, is not an occasion to drink them also. To take a pill, as well as any other medicines, it is necessary without amateur performance, at the same time any innovations which are not coordinated with the doctor are superfluous.