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Than to jam a stress?

the Sixth-grader Alina literally pursued recently troubles. Answering a lesson, she declared that hares change the plumage in the summer for what deserved the nickname “Hare in Feathers“.

Alina wrote

In the composition on stories: “On the place of Carthage carried out by a tractor a furrow“. The teacher read these lines, and all class roared with laughter. And the most awful … Egor who waited for it every day near school and carried its bag laughed too. Having come home, Alina did not even touch a lunch. In an hour she nevertheless went to kitchen, gave herself some tea, put in it to sugar more and densely smeared a bun with oil. The favourite food for a while reconciled it with life. When Alina met on a skating rink of the incorrect friend with the honors pupil Katya, in addition to sandwich the paper bag of candies was required. And went. Once on physical culture when Alina lagged behind and her team lost relay, offensive sounded: “Zhirtrest!“ Girlfriends ran on a school disco, and Alina laid down on a sofa in front of the TV, cried and was consoled in chocolate. In 12 years it was sent to a hospital with the diagnosis “obesity 3 - y to degree“.

you Sing

- will feel better

the Stress generates negative emotions - offense, anger, alarm, a depression. Of course, the correct behavior in that case - to try to remove the concrete cause of a stress. Psychologists call it the specific answer. But put this not so simple and demands courage. Parents, from the most good motives trying “to settle“ the situation injuring the child, can deepen only on an oversight the conflict and, therefore, strengthen a stress. Versions of the nonspecific answer it is simpler. Women for simplification of experiences rush in shops and buy a heap of things. And children and many adults, are inclined “to jam“ stresses something sweet and tasty. Statistically, 80% of the population of Russia live in a condition of a chronic stress, and by data VCIOM of 16% of Russians get rid of a stress by means of food. The result will not keep itself waiting and will add new troubles.

What fatal communication between a stress and excess weight is? The trigger of deposits of fat, especially in a stomach, cortisol, hormone of bark of adrenal glands which is called still stress hormone serves. Its development at a stress considerably raises and remains at this level until the injuring situation comes to naught. As a result at surplus in a diet of high-calorific food fast formation of fatty deposits, especially in a stomach begins. The hero of the popular movie “Moscow Does Not Trust Tears“, the father of three children, was right when he joked that his convex tummy is a bundle of nerves. High level of cortisol prevents education in a head brain of the serotonin which is “responsible“ for good mood. Decrease in serotonin is followed by feeling of melancholy from which there is a wish “to be eaten off“ too. Means, it is more than stress - more fat.

Is not present

to sausages and fancy bread!

A what food bores? Researches showed (yes we and know from the experience) is a food tasteless. Girls - teenagers, having sat down on the rigid “pokhudatelny“ diet consisting, of course, from low-calorie, unsweetened and unsalted products which, naturally, do not differ in tastes put themselves a psychological trauma. Deprivation of habitual pleasure from food can cause a condition of frustration. And it is fraught already not only bad mood, but also the real nervous breakdown.

is Driven in melancholy and even a depression by heavy food. This fat meat, rich pastries, that “pies cabbage, very fat and tasty“, and especially sausages, ham, smoked product.

manufacturers by all means add nitrates and nitrites To sausages and sausages, otherwise products would be dirty - gray color, but not rozovato - red, “meat“. Nitrates and especially nitrites adversely influence a liver and a pancreas, and the first symptom of “overdose“ of these substances at fans of sausage - irritability, attacks of aggression, flash of rage. You do not want that your child was such - you do not feed him instead of meat with sausages.

Production of serotonin are reduced also by fermentation products, including slightly begun to ferment house kvass on yeast.

the Stress - the diet

A what food will help to have hard times? At any stressful situation the need of an organism for liquid increases. Sweet carbonated drinks during this gloomy period of life are contraindicated. Coca can make deceptive impression of cheerfulness, refreshing. But this feeling lasts no more than 30 - 40 minutes, emotional recession, decrease in working capacity, exhaustion follow further.

Best of all reduce a stress and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, and any if only they were to taste to your school student returns energy.

it is useful for p to add To vegetable juice at least a table spoon of juice of a celery, and stalks or a rhizome of a celery - an excellent component of salads.

Whenever possible should eat with

more fruit. The fructose which is contained in them stimulates activity of a brain, and the long time works softly, but. As the most effective remedies against a stress serve avocado fruits, sweet pepper, grapefruits, green apples. Avocado also well influences memory, and there is enough of everything a fruit half in day, and memory considerably will improve. Bananas are recognized the most reliable source of serotonin, pleasure hormone. Increase production of serotonin in an organism pineapples. Pineapple will also help to cope with intellectual loading, besides it contains few calories and substance bromeline interfering formation of fatty deposits.

table alkaline mineral waters Are useful to

: for example, “Slavyanovskaya“, “Smirnovskaya“, “Swallow“, etc. But waters are necessary only natural. Artificial represent very doubtful salt cocktail, its effect is unpredictable.

Still our grandmothers knew that teas with mint or a camomile with addition of slices of a lemon help to restore composure. It is fine antidepressant. The lemon, besides, refreshes thoughts and improves perception of information. Working at the computer it is recommended to put a saucer with the cut lemon crusts nearby. Aroma of a lemon increases working capacity.

it is considerable

a tone can improve mood and raise strawberry. Even only 200 g of this sweet and fragrant cure for boredom and melancholy are capable to neutralize negative emotions. So klubnichno - banana salad with addition (for juiciness) the Chinese pear - just a treasure for the upset schoolboy.

a stomach Holiday

When the person is in a depression, to calm down, smile and not to pay councils attention to the injuring circumstances cause only irritation. It is better to distract the child. Remember what usually pleased your school student, and create to him a holiday. It can be arranged in any day, there would be time. Please the child and his friends with tasty and useful viands for removal of a stress. In the fall in general the thicket should indulge itself.

Should not refuse also such recognized antidepressant as chocolate. In it there are substances increasing mood and the general tone of an organism (endorphins), but it is necessary to use chocolate in very small doses and only occasionally. Andamin who is contained in chocolate has the toning effect similar to exciting effect of hashish, but accustoming to it does not arise, the andamina in chocolate is not much.

the Turkey together with buckwheat represent tasty, harmless and very effective sleeping medicine.“ The sweet couple“, contained in this dish - amino acid tryptophane and B6 vitamin - considerably accelerates falling asleep and improves quality of a dream. Honey and mint strengthen this action.

the Festive menu against a stress

the Breakfast

Having a snack at school

the Lunch

the Afternoon snack


peeled large banana, cut out in it a deep wedge-shaped furrow and we fill it with ice cream - best of all ice cream. From above we fill in with the melted chocolate. Now we cover a dessert with whipped cream that waves turned out. We decorate a dish with strawberry berries - whole or cut on pieces.

the Dinner

we Feed nerves

B1 Vitamin (tiamin):

it is known to

Owing to positive action on nervous system and mental capacities as “courage vitamin“. The need for it sharply increases during a stress, and also during an illness and surgery that in fact too is a stress.

the Best sources thiamine: dry beer yeast, rice peel and any bran, whole wheat, oat oat flour, peanut, pork, majority of vegetables, genuine fresh milk.

Opponents of this vitamin: thermal treatment (boiling and so forth), caffeine (coffee, especially soluble), Coca, alcohol.

B6 Vitamin (pyridoxine):

Helps to warn and overcome nervous breakdowns, calms.

the Best sources: beer yeast, wheat bran, wheat germs, liver, kidneys, soy, musky melon, cabbage, not polished rice (brown, black, etc.) eggs, oats, walnuts. Destroyers of a pyridoxine the same, as at B1 vitamin.

B12 Vitamin:

is Reduced by irritability, restores composure, improves concentration and memory.

the Best sources: liver, beef, pork, eggs, cheese, kidneys.

the Chromeplated board:

Surely include in the school student`s diet, especially before examinations, the products rich with chrome. This microcell it is effective will help it to endure hassle. Besides it holds zinc and iron from their intensive conclusion from an organism that happens in stressful situations. The stress as if “eats“ zinc and iron.

the Best sources of chrome: tomatoes, corn, apples, beef and chicken meat, crabs, eggs, melissa (lemon mint). The real storeroom of chrome are haricot, peas, soy, beef, a liver, bread of a rough grinding.

we Adapt

In a condition of a stress the organism needs substances which increase ability of bodies and systems to adapt (to adapt) to adverse living conditions, without paying for this adaptation with an illness. Adaptogens help to cope also with differences of weather, with acclimatization, to change of time zones. They raise and immunity to infectious diseases including to catarrhal. Phytogenesis substances belong to adaptogens, now do many herbal teas of such plants. Adaptogens contain in a ginseng, a magnolia vine, a glycyrrhiza, an araliya manchzhursky, ekhinatsy, green tea. Tincture of an ekhinatsea is recommended to be accepted during a flu epidemic or during seasons of catarrhal diseases (early spring, late fall).