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Excommunication from a breast without separation from mother of

Without shouts and violence... Still this long, but gentle parting seems to me one of the most correct, actions systematic, full of love in relation to the daughter. From this excommunication I had no unpleasant feelings and sense of guilt.

When began to nurse the daughter, a question of how to what age to continue feeding, certainly, did not arise. The main thing was (as my grandmother advised) at least till 8 months to finish feeding. At least. The grandmother - x fed years my mother to 4.

as a result the daughter fed with

to 2 - x years and 1 - go month.

the question of an excommunication began to waken and be poured

By one and a half years by new force. I will not hide, I was afraid of it. Both question, and excommunication. The husband did not give any valuable advice, hoped for my maternal instincts, big knowledge and understanding of this question.

Mai. We had to receive happiness the permit in kindergarten for the fall, and here gentle affection of the daughter for mother seemed the accruing problem. Bought small bottles, it was adjusted, read five articles and 20 stories about an excommunication. Asked girlfriends, neigbours, acquaintances - and all supported me. In the middle of September to Diana 2 years were executed.

June. We flew to our parents, for one thousand kilometers living from us. The trip was presented to me by the good, fast and reliable plan an excommunication of Diana whom I will be able to leave for couple of days to my mother, and meanwhile I will live at the mother-in-law. At first decided that I will accustom to small bottles and poilnik that it was easier for mother. For this purpose few times hardly - hardly decanted 50 - 80 ml of the milk and allowed to try. Accustomed. She began to drink on walk, without hiding from anybody any more and without being afraid of others views. Spread a nipple with brilliant green. Diana with astonishment looked, but all the same began to suck! The mother-in-law told that I so far also did not think to separate, advised to wait to 2 - x years - “who separates in the summer?“ . On it all efforts terminated, and spirit I did not gather. The image of the tear-stained child who is dejectedly sitting in a corner loomed. Understood that I am afraid.

Summer. However on this way continued to make right steps: excluded all “excess“ feedings, the benefit that in the second half of June the real summer began, and we walked, bathed in a tray at the dacha, in July and August often went to the wood, were tired of emotions and impressions... Had no time for boredom and not to “tita“!

Beginning of September. The eldest son to whom it was already executed in June of 7 years went to school. With it there was no excommunication problem as he refused in favor of a bottle. Diana afterwards - in kindergarten. Still continuing to be on partial breastfeeding: on a day dream, for the night, and - on mood - after morning awakening. The main issue - how to put this “kitten“ to bed without breast? The simultaneous excommunication and campaign in a garden is as any experts will confirm, a big stress. The first two weeks Diana went to a garden from 8 to 10 o`clock, and then I continued to put her to bed in the habitual “chest“ way at home. I was concerned most of all by a question as she will go to bed in the afternoon in a garden without breast. Some even calmed and I all the same was afraid that wrong will be there when she does not receive some habitual breast milk. Therefore the next three weeks when we went to 11. 30, accustomed to fill up it independently.


the “motion sickness method“ which was Pleasant to me on hands, in a baby sling, on a ball, was not useful. In all 2 years with a motion sickness I stacked Diana only the first two months - umbilical hernia, crying till one o`clock in the morning, she already overate to vomiting, and could not fall asleep differently. It was ready with pleasure and to go for rocking - and with the senior I naukachivatsya already! - yes it was not even pleasant to it...

“The algorithm of actions“ came itself and was is as follows: I sit down on its bed (the darkened lower tier of a bunk bed), under a back I enclose a pillow. She, already sleepy, habitually lays down to me on the left hand. I give the dairy mix “2+“, she sucks this small bottle, I sing in a row 3 lullabies of a song, and it is slowly disconnected. Carefully I remove it from a hand and knees, I put on a pillow, and she sleeps.

For the first week to me managed to separate it from feeding before a day dream. At first explained: “The milk here - here will come to an end, you already almost drank everything. Give for the evening we will leave?“ For the subsequent two - and from night. And, two strangenesses: in - the first, “dairy“ explanations were not required, and in - the second, exact date when it ceased to eat absolutely breast milk, I could not record.

As for me, everything was safe for my health: any unpleasant feelings in a breast, perevyazyvaniye, any inflow of milk, any preparations for suppression of a lactation - nothing it was. Here that “involution“ means!

did not force the Event, but once at the end of October suddenly understood that Diana already at all not “baby“, for the night she drinks only mix. Children`s mix, my hormones of fear are not in which (and them and did not become, the thought calmed me throughout an excommunication, relieving of unnecessary experiences).

2 years and month - what there “baby“! She puts on and undresses, itself a year as eats from a spoon, one and a half years as goes to a pot, year as “asks“. She comes into contact with peers and still loves mother. It is already big.

2 years and 2 months. She began to remain to sleep in kindergarten group though she first did not want. The acquaintance who knew all my experiences on this subject since the beginning of March which still feeds the three-year-old daughter on my joyful statement for an excommunication maliciously noticed: “I congratulate! You so long wanted it!“

2 years and 3 months. Two months after an excommunication became all - for me additional charging - when 3 - 4 times and when and on 5 times in a night it was necessary to rise behind a small bottle. But here suddenly decided to try to give waters. You think that she began to cry and did not want? Drank. And after that suddenly ceased to want to drink at night! And I was afraid... Children did not feel pleasantly or unpleasantly yet, and we are already afraid! They also did not think to cry, and we are already afraid...

So, the most important that surely will help, is an absence of internal fears and doubts. When mother understands “from within“ that she does correctly, then the child feels it, like. Experiences, doubts, fears only destroy belief and a spirit! Therefore if you are afraid, do not separate better. There will pass month - the second, and sincere forces will appear! Progress and belief in success!