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Thematic walks of

to our baby year was quite recently executed. This is very cheerful and cheerful child therefore houses Nastya is engaged in the fact that she is pleasant to her. We with the husband adhere to that point of view when to the child do not forbid most to investigate the world but only help to develop its interests. Therefore Nastenk`s houses own master: runs from the room to the room, plays with pans in kitchen, watches adults or draws pencils of scribbles. I will note that, despite such freedom, Nastya listens to adults, understands the word it “is impossible“.

the Particular interest of our baby are caused by walks. It is a special type of our family leisure: each walk we call “thematic“. What does it mean?

at the beginning of December at last had the first snow. Thanks to this event we went to “Snow walk“. We watched how snowflakes as happy children fall roll a snowball for a snowman, told Nastya as everything changed around: everything became white, trees fluffy and white from snow etc. it was interesting to Nastenke, she was very happy, squealed, having seen as children play snowballs.

Next day we organized walk “Informative“. Acquaintance to animals of our area was our purpose. Thanks to this walk of Nastenk learned how the doggie barks (now at a similar question it makes sounds “av - av“) as the crow as she watches closely all croaks and as behaves, we watched kitties, looked at a flock of vorobyshk and fed them with bread. The child was delighted!

Before New year we organized “Holiday“ walk. Watched how the city how many appeared new sparks - bulbs changed as show-windows of shops and what beauty - the fir-tree is on the square began to sparkle.

do not come to an end in

of the Subject for our walks: “Professions“, “Buildings“, “Names“, etc. The main difference of such walks - continuous communication with the child, support of psychoemotional contact with it and attempt to look at the world his eyes. It is an occasion also to rejoice and be surprised to the world! Try also you!