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The African winter of

As there is a wish to run away sometimes from frosts and the penetrating wind at summer in the middle of winter!. And today it is not the fairy tale at all - to get into the plane enough and to be transferred, as on wave of a magic wand, there, where summer all the year round. For example, to Egypt. Amazing country! Blue - the blue sea (which actually Red), the most delicate sand, violence of underwater life (just paradise for divers!) . And still: the Sahara Desert, pyramids, the motley world of the Arab markets, and, at last, history of several millennia - all this Egypt. So, at way!

Ouch yes to Africa to walk!

it is already interesting to See other country and if the speech go about other continent!. Even in a plane window Africa looks especially: equal, as under a lineechka lined, and multi-colored, as if painted with the young artist, small squares of fields and gardens (on the coast), then - boundless open spaces of the desert on which “garbage“ wind walks (you will involuntarily think of ecology). And at last - a sea blue with a set of “toy“ coral islands! The sea and summer - for us it words - synonyms. Even if from a ladder blows off wind, and locals muffle up in loose overalls and do not risk to swim in the “cold“ sea (average water temperature - 23 - 25 degrees). But you will not deceive tourists - our way, this most real summer! In the morning, having opened heavy curtains, we admire the picture: the blue sky, a close formation of palm trees, the gardener watering the blossoming beds... Already every morning, steadily! Clouds in the sky here in general a rarity - as well as a rain (it “happens“ in Egypt time in 3 - 4... years!) .

Go to “not a season“! Local resorts work all the year round, but if in the summer here an intolerable heat and crowds to the people, then in the winter or in the early spring - just the fairy tale! Are glad to each tourist as native, places are not only in numbers of hotels, but also in the nice bungalows which are buried in garden verdure. A minimum of noisy compatriots (from them there is a wish to have a rest too), generally - the respectable Germans preferring economical rest.

Hurghada, one of the most visited Egyptian resorts, absolutely young city - to it years 50. Still quite recently to the coast of the Red Sea the desert rose, and walked unless bedouins with camels here. What a difference today - the blossoming oases of hotels around which rustles, without ceasing even at night, the Arab world: souvenir shops, fruit tents, little shops and restaurants... Our hotel is in the downtown: it is worth leaving - you get to circulation of east “market“, but behind its threshold - silence, pools and beaches, the sea... All pleasures - at once! In one holiday week there is a wish “to stamp“ a maximum of excursions, pleasant impressions and other. It is necessary to constrain itself effort of will... and to choose only the best!

On a visit to bedouins

Anyhow - they literally a stone`s throw away! More precisely, in 30 km from Hurghada - in the desert. Also we will go there... no, not on camels (they still should be operated skillfully) - on kvardratsikla (motorcycles, only four-wheel). Even the fragile woman will cope with such mechanism (gas and a brake - are more than nothing) - at me it turned out! Only it is necessary to be prepared for travel properly: to put on properly (in the desert it is not hot, contrary to stereotypes), and, above all - to roll up the head (and the person including) a scarf, to protect eyes points (sand and wind here much). The look turns out corresponding - very much even east! And it is a pleasure to ride on the desert, especially for the inexperienced driver: you columns with trees, pedestrians, one road, besides rather equal.

of 30 km on such “route“ - here and the Bedouin village. The wrapped-up to the eyes in black capes of the woman, dirty sociable children, sedate aged men... All life they wander from the place not the place, and is not present per se at their place, and there is nothing valuable. Only camels are the main source of the income! On them roll tourists (tried), give them as a dowry to the bride... Bedouins do not know writing, do not recognize medicine (are treated by different grasses and medicines and are ill, by the way, extremely seldom), their ancestors live under those laws, as one thousand years ago. In our technogenic and modern world (it at distance only two hours of flight!) it is not surprising to meet it - unless? And ahead so many, not less impressive: a Bedouin dinner (the flat cakes baked on stones and fragrant tea), a decline in the desert (beauty incredible!) and... night. We come back home already in the dark, and in the sky just fantastic moon - huge, low standing and such bright that it is visible how in the afternoon. And we rush on the boundless desert road as if one in the whole world... Incredibly! And there is a wish to pinch himself - whether it is a dream?!

On a visit to fishes and corals

Diving (immersion with aqualungs) - entertainment for courageous. But how not to risk if under water (it precisely!) waits for the amazing multi-colored world of exotic fishes and other sea living creatures? By a small ship which is operated by real “old salt“ (and boots to it to anything, so coarsened a foot from wind and salt) we sail in the sea far away - there where coral “thickets“. Each diver is given equipment (a diving suit, a mask with a tube, flippers), in detail instruct, to communicate properly under water (signs). And that the instructor (the, personal attendant “is attached“ to each scuba diver) do not know Russian at all - nonsense under water all the same you will not tell words. Oh, also the belt from gruzka (10 kilograms, not less) should be put on!. Frightening somehow... But under water quickly you forget about it. At first just you think of how to breathe (whether it is easy?), then - you are fond of looking at multi-colored small fishes (it seems, they can be caught a hand!) and coral colonies (by the way, it is impossible to break them at all, corals - national property of Egypt). Is included in the price of excursion also photography under water (clear, the special device) - eh to what we amusing, it appears, in all these regimentals!.

of Impression is simply overflowed! And were tired so as if all day cars unloaded. Probably, and calories spent nemeryano... Means, it is possible to be supported thoroughly at supper in the evening. In the Egyptian hotels it would be worth telling about buffets separately because, having for the first time seen this abundance, you receive just gastronomic shock - so much tasty at once!. In the first days you pull out yourself from - for a table literally for hair (as Myunkhauzen). Not to eat too much quite difficult, especially if near trays with viands there are smiling cooks to whom it is scary pleasant if the dish to you “attracted“. They are ready to treat again and again...

On a visit to pyramids

would be is inexcusable to visit Egypt (a civilization cradle in some sense) and not to join its grandiose history. There are no doubts - go to pyramids! This only thing from seven wonders of the world known from antiquity which remained up to now. It is worth looking!

we Leave at night because to reach Cairo of hours 8, and we go slowly, in a rear from 42 same tourist buses which is brought up by the police car. Necessary security measures. The matter is that the traffic regulation in Egypt is not followed in general, everyone goes as will take in head. And at the same time continuously signals - it is something like a greeting.

Here the well-known Suez Canal, here majestic Nile, here Cairo - the capital, the city with 16 - the million population, rustling both in the afternoon, and at night. It is called still the city by thousands of bridges and thousands of mosques. And city of contrasts: magnificent buildings adjoin to poor quarters. Here unfinished houses with fittings on a roof (at them it is so accepted - if the son marries, from above will complete the second floor for newlyweds why everything to start from scratch?) - and in them there live people! Everywhere mountains of garbage - it throw out directly in a window, and then it dries (climate such), and wind carries it on streets. And it concerns nobody - they are already happy, and so...

At once after a quarter with “nedostoyka“ - palm groves and the blossoming gardens. And in the distance pyramids are already seen... Them is three (big) - Cheops, Hefren and Mikerin. There are still pyramids less - it is possible even to get into them that we also made: but there also nothing is close, stuffy, in principle, interesting. Near a pyramid look as a heap of boulders, everyone about a small lodge. How they were built nevertheless? It is still precisely unknown. Also there are so already more than three thousand years - unless not a miracle?“ The Sphinx - a winged monster with the beaten-off nose protects“ pyramids (Napoleon “tried“ - shot at it from guns, it is good though did not disorganize at all).

After a lunch at restaurant overlooking pyramids (you feel like almost the Pharaoh!) we still visited the Cairo museum. Mummies, papyruses, gold mask (13 kg) and sarcophagus (110 kg of gold!) Impresses Tutankhamun! Then - at perfumery factory where produce “fragrant“ concentrates (go for production of spirits for world famous brands): it is worth getting for itself “exclusive“ and then to be engaged in “composition“ of fragrant compositions independently. And still - in the museum of the papyrus. Here told how to distinguish the original from a fake from a banana peel, and, of course, offered such wide choice of various originals what to refuse is simply unreal. Means, we will bargain! Any “transaction“ does not do without this “ritual“ here: banal purchase of fruit - souvenirs or something more serious. So you get used to bargain at the slightest pretext that at home it is necessary “to be retrained“ back...

What to bring:

of the Security measure:

of the Gratefulness

Arabs - the people very benevolent, sociable, generous on compliments (in English and even broken Russian!) . The self-assessment soars up to heaven! So travel to Egypt will descend even for psychotherapeutic round!...