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Lessons of music

Musical abilities in me were not observed since the childhood.

it understood

Ya also when heard amateur record on the old bobbin tape recorder:“ The blue car“ in my execution. If not to know lyrics, to guess that I sing, was very and it is very problematic.

But it did not prevent me to want to study music.

U me. Yes even not the girlfriend, but the girl whom I very much wanted to consider as the girlfriend. It all attracted and attracted me, but “Dance of little swans“ was the last chord. I am more beautiful than nothing did not hear! Only she was able to play it, and I did not. And I should have made up for this omission urgently.

So I told

to the parents that I want!

That here began! What happiness, the child stretched to fine! And to the child, there is not a lot of much, 9 years. Frankly speaking, the overage for similar undertakings.

Well it is fine. Transported from the great-grandmother of a piano. The tool which saw much on the century and, probably, something standing. About it prompted us intentions of the adjuster who wished it to buy at any time if we decide. Only we decided absolutely another: to teach the child to music.

of the Piano it was rescued by capital repairs. The teacher was thanks to the same girl from my class. Phone calls, negotiations, contracts... I in impatient expectation. The imagination draws pictures me behind the tool nearly on a scene of the Bolshoi Theatre.

I here it, light day! Not Monday, not Thursday - any more I will not remember.... The call is distributed, I open a door - and the sound of fanfares ceases! I am faced by not really nice-looking aunt, with colourless fish bulging eyes and absolutely opposite, hurting my ear for music which already began to be formed by voice speaks: “Well, hi, Irochka!“

All! End! Rescue who can! I do not want to practise music any more!

Only not here - that was! Mother, the grandmother - everything already too, probably, began to see me on a scene Big... And nobody was going to recede.

right there arranged small examination on detection of my extraordinary abilities which showed my full hopelessness and defined degree of sacrifice of this heroic woman, to equivalent 25 rubles a month, ready to shoulder such titanic work.

She asked to sing the favourite song. That, in general, it did not appear. As I just returned from a summer camp where we all change sang the song about Japanese zhuravlik which the girl dying after atomic explosion in Hiroshima made, I also sbatsat it.

When I finished

, in the room the silence hung. Whether it was touched by a plot on which the girl everything is dies at the end, whether she could not cope with a shock from my vocal skills. “Well... Well, we will try!“ - her words confirmed total absence in it of compassion and sentimentality.

my musical life So began


She squealed to me in the left ear, stuck to me into a back with the handle, struck a bargain, scribbled in notes and tore them. Ticked a rhythm on a cover of the antiquarian tool 19 of a century, loudly puffed and pulled a leg when it was necessary to play forte. After several years of training I already these things - f, fm, p, pm, pp determined by its reaction, without looking in notes. And if I was badly prepared for a lesson, she called my game not as - nibud, and a lofty poetic style “tyr - pyr - eight - holes“ then she with pressing in 10 atmospheres removed fat “troyak“ in my notebook. He pressed through sheets and left a deep print on two pages forward, than hinted me at the same assessment and next time.

I it substituted

For damage of notes the broken chair which loudly clicked when it flopped on it all the weight. The teacher funny squealed, jumped up and again flopped, causing the same, but already not so sudden, click.

there Passed year... I grew bolder a little and told mother that I gather, in a type of lack of talent, I will start this to leave. Mother, without thinking twice, threatened me with life hungry and full of deprivations, having told that she to me will buy nothing in this case. As I could get so cheap, I do not know, but threat very plausibly sounded. 25 rubles multiplied for 9 months of occupations which my parents already managed to pay it as now it became clear were for anything one more powerful argument.

did not want to Walk in old shoes to me, and we continued.

I Was engaged in

a little, to tell directly, was not engaged at all. Lost on two times that also all was set. Especially as I played not some masterpieces, and “Dance of little swans“ was still unattainable for me as the Chinese border.

the nightmare was even not in these occupations though before them the grandmother constantly gave to drink to me a valerian, before I was afraid this squealing aunt. The nightmare was those days when to us guests came. Or rather, it began even day for two - three before.


me approached mother and warned that I will have to play something for guests and that I was prepared.

Usually this execution came between “Russian salad“ and we heat. Sometimes it was possible to delay on “between hot and tea“ if after “Russian salad“ guests did not reach the necessary standard yet. The crown phrase sounded: “And now to us Ira will play something!“ I heard it as team “pl!“ also came for execution.

Guests, eating up salad, took seats on stools, and absentminded listened as I because of nerves am false. Then nodded, said what I am a good fellow under a victorious look of my mother.

It proceeded for 5 years.

Then in my life the love appeared, and between music and love I chose the last, having explained the decision to parents with big loadings in school.

Today I can play “Moonlight Sonata“ of Beethoven and “The small night serenade“ of Schubert on notes. And without notes, without looking at keys, a waltz “An autumn dream“. Why without looking? Because it is remembered by only my hands. For the present remember...

That`s all. Also it was worth suffering so long for the sake of it? If only for the sake of what I became much better to sing everything - as I do with great pleasure in the company of familiar and unfamiliar people. And I did not play “Dance of little swans“...