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The scenario of the New Year`s holiday

Collective at us specific, generally women for 50. But all want a holiday, at the same time, you understand, competitions have to be not too extreme. My scenario will be suitable as well for a family holiday with participation of grandmothers and grandfathers.


to you will need a color cardboard, color ribbons, the book Oster “Bad advice“, a pack, candies and it is a little imagination.

For warm-up and a warming up of attendees the first point of the program will be...

of the Medal

medals needs to be made in advance. On the circle diameter apprx. 12 cm which is cut out from a color cardboard it is necessary to paste the picture suitable on sense and, having done an opening puncher, to bind a ribbon. The poem (changed from “Bad advice“) is attached to each medal. For example, on a medal for the chief I pasted the image of a captain`s peak-cap and made the inscription “Most important“. Verse such:

If you was rallied for ever,
Lit up and conduct,
do not try to evade
From a movement to a celebration!
All the same on work will lift
I on a feat
our chief Ivan Ivanych - will inspire you
of People and the steamship!

For the cleverest such poem:

Never yourself ask questions of silly

, not that even more silly than
You will find
A on them the answer!
If the silly questions
Appeared in the head,
You to Kuzminichn torture,
Let it crack brains!
For the most vigorous:
If you as though the boat
I got to an awful storm,
I you on all office
Carries whirlwinds of ideas,
of the Chief an office as the island
In the ocean ahead,
A on it lives under a palm tree
the chief who Started missing strongly!
it it is certain
to your rescue he Will be glad to
Only hardly will manage to Evade
from a wave!

And for our small men I made by

an award of the strongest and wrote such verse:

Approaching polomaty equipment,
Men have to
to It towards already in advance pull faces spiteful,
the Hammer, to shake the screw-driver and a fist. different to cry out threat
I - Let from far away she will feel
, Anyway you it repair

And so on, I think, your imagination will prompt to you.

I dressed up as

After delivery of medals in the Baba-yaga (tied a scarf on the head and astride a mop flew to the hall) and suggested all to tell fortune on destiny next year.


the Pack I prepared

in advance. Printed values of cards (by the size of cards) and a wide adhesive tape pasted on cards. Values thought up comic:

Worms: an ace - a house booze, the king - the kind uncle, the lady - the kind aunt, a jack - the clockwork dude, 10 - love interest, 9 - purely love, 8 - heart-to-heart conversation, 7 - a love arrow, 6 - a way to the man`s heart.

Tambourines: an ace - wait for the telegram, the king - the gentleman, the lady - the available maiden, a jack - monetary efforts, 10 - big money, 9 - a trifle on pockets, 8 - sharing of money, 7 - appointment for money, 6 - a path behind money.

Peaks: an ace - fatal passion, the king - the rich sponsor, the lady - sterv, a jack - by cash desk, 10 - unexpected sex, 9 - immodest desires, 8 - sex by phone, 7 - unjustified hopes, 6 - a night promenade.

of the Club: an ace - the chief`s office, the king - the military, beautiful, huge, the lady - the aunt is canny, a jack - the second lieutenant, 10 - change in life, 9 - love with tricks, 8 - drunk chatter, 7 - any whim for your money, 6 - children`s surprise.

guessing consists in the following: the one to whom guess extends 3 cards from a pack, and you interpret them according to inscriptions. It turns out very ridiculously! The most important - to demand to pay by all means for services and to see off all a frazochka: “Also there will be to you happiness!“

After guessing the Baba-yaga, having been deeply moved, suggests to play with it in a sure-fire lottery. Bumazhechka are distributed to all (at once it is impossible to look!) . When all pieces of paper are distributed, the Baba-yaga declares draw. Claps a cracker and gadenko laughs.

the Bewitched characters

it Becomes clear

by p that the Baba-yaga bewitched all to whom she gave lottery tickets. On tickets names of fairy tale characters - criminals into whom all and turned are written. To be removed a spell and get a prediction and advice next year, it is necessary to perform a task (I unpacked lyrics in advance).

the Old woman Shapoklyak (1)

Was born

in the city of Vredneupola. After the termination of the higher school of dirty tricks exhausted the Cheburashka and Gena`s crocodile in what achieved considerable success. It was made responsible for walking of rats in not put places.

Task. to Sing the song the Opera hat:

“Who to people helps

, that spends time in vain! Ha - ha!
it is impossible to become famous for good affairs! Ha - ha - ha - ha!
Therefore I all and to everyone advise
Everything to do precisely so,
As is done by the old woman, by nickname Shapoklyak!
As is done by the old woman, by nickname Shapoklyak!“

the Fox Alice and Basilio (2) cat

the Fox Alice from the country of fools. In criminal circles the Lame woman is known under a sobriquet. With the accomplice Basilio (he the Blind person, it Having a tail) it was made responsible for retraction of juveniles in currency transactions.

Task. the Fox on one leg, Basilio having blindfold embraced have to proprygat “lap of honor“.

of Emel (1)

Was born p in the village of Lentyaevo where it is known as the cool kingpin - the sluggard. Also journey on the furnace on a red signal of the traffic light was made responsible for fishing in the forbidden ways.

Task. to Make laugh Nesmeyana (anyone can be Nesmeyana, the main thing not to laugh!)

Pechkin (1)

Pretends to be

the mail carrier from the village Prostokvashino. The malicious bribe taker - has strogach for receiving gifts on duty. It is suspected of transportations of the weapon and drugs.

Task. to Represent a pantomime that in a parcel nakhodtsya: shoe polish, soap, a tube with toothpaste, the photogun.

Carlson (1)

In a criminal party has a moniker - “The one who lives on a roof“. The most famous bum. Consists on the account in militia for accommodation without registration and for what has no certain occupations.

Task. to Represent “wild, but nice“ a ghost.

of Wait a moment (2)

the Wolf - the criminal leader. Has a set of drives for disorderly conduct, but on - large did not come across. The hare (he the Braid) not less celebrated criminal personality disappearing behind a mask of small charmers has communications with terrorist groups.

Task. to Sing the song

“The hare
- Tell, the Snow Maiden,
Where was? Tell
- the darling,
How are you doing?

the Wolf
- For you ran,
Father Frost,
I Spilled much
of Bitter tears!

the Hare
- You me, kind,
I the love of
to me Keep!

the Wolf
- How not to love you,
Lovely Ded?!
How many winters are spent,
, How many years!

the Hare
- Waits for my presents
Children! you will get
From me!

the Wolf
- At last,
All dreams come true.
my Best present -
It you!“

Water (1)

Was born p in a bog where lives to this day. Wet, dangerous person. It was made responsible for eating of the frogs included in the Red List.

Task. to Sing the song:

“I - Water. I - Water.
would Talk who to me.
A that my girlfriends -
of the Bloodsucker yes of a frog.

Ya - Water. I - Water.
Nobody is found with me.
In me is found.
Well with it to be found?

Eh, my life - a can...
Yes well it in a bog!
I Live as a toadstool,
A to me to fly hunting!“

of the Grandma - yozhka (3)

the Criminal group which is active in the woods. Special signs: mortars, accordions. Are wanted for causing heavy injuries to devils.

Task. to Sing the song:


furs, an accordion!
Eh, play - bash out!
Sing chastushkas, the Grandma Yozhka, Sing
, do not talk!

Ya was tipsy
I flew on the broom.
Though itself I do not believe
In these superstitions!

Went the forest party,
Was coordinated lines for me.
Spat a bald patch to it
I sent to the wood goblin!


furs, an accordion!
Eh, play - bash out!
Sing chastushkas, the Grandma Yozhka, Sing
, do not talk!“

Robbers (3)

Known gang of robbers. Were made responsible for a booze, hooliganism, blackmail. Are searched on suspicion of kidnapping of the king.

Task. to Sing the song:

“We tell to

baddies - beeches...
As the earth takes out us! Give
, perhaps, cards in hands -
to Tell fortunes on the king!

About la - la! About la - la! Tell fortunes to
on the king!
About la - la! About la - la!
O - a pas!

Tomorrow the long journey
Drops out to the king.
U a denzhonok is a lot of it, I money love

U lyu - lyu! At lyu - lyu! I money love
U lyu - lyu! At lyu - lyu!
O - a pas!“

the Detective (1)

the Double agent working under cover of dark glasses. It is suspected of arrangement to robbers. At communication be careful, everything told in conversation with it will be used against you.

Task. to Sing the song

“I am an ingenious Detective!
the help is not necessary to me!
I even Will find body spot of
at an elephant!
As a lion, I battle in a fight,
I Work as a bee.
A a scent, as at a dog,
A of eyes, as at an eagle!

of the Hand of my iron
Fear like the plague!
I, generally, is useless
to Disappear from me!
is quicker than a macaque,
Is more hardy than an ox.

A a scent, as at a dog,
A of eyes, as at an eagle!“

by Everything performed a task is handed a candy with a prediction next year (these predictions in a network great variety). When all are removed a spell, dances begin.

I Hope, you need my scenario!