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One day from life of mother, the wife, the teacher, the businessman...

When I worked as the marketing specialist, I often read materials at one time of very popular community of managers. And so, there was a heading “One Day from Life“. For some reason to read how there live directors, managers, sales it was very interesting. And often I thought:“ Well it is necessary what saturated schedule at people, as much they are in time in a day. Then someone wrote that in “bottom“ it united several days.

Now I grew to what I write down “One day from the life“. It is my real day on December 23, 2008. I am not surprised any more and I do not envy a saturation of life of others. My life is full. Also it is full the most important - communication with my family.

our life is a breath and an exhalation. I understood it quite recently. Very often I lived only on breaths, somewhere hurrying and not stopping. Now I am able to find in the race time for an exhalation and delay of speed.

3. 45 - “Mother, goat milk!“ - my younger shouts. I get up, I pour, I sing, I cover, I lay down. The husband does not sleep yet and brags to me of what he made today. I drowsily nod and I fall asleep.

5. 55 - “Mother, cover!“ I get up, I cover. Something restless at us again night.

7. 25 - the Alarm clock does not please me. Therefore I give myself 5 more planned minutes.

7. 30 - the Breath and acceleration. I slip from a bed to do exercises and to wake up. Thanks to training on self-discipline, every morning I begin with Sun Salutation A and several squats. On Saturdays the younger daughter joins me.

7. 35 - I Awake senior in school and I run in a shower.

7. 45 - we Meet the daughter in kitchen. She is dressed and brushed. Fills to itself flakes. I cook porridge for the others, I give some tea and I put to cook chicken.

7. 50 - the Exhalation. We have breakfast and we chirp something about dreams and mobile phones which are very quickly discharged.

7. 58 - the Breath. We brush teeth, we put on - and we are ready to leave. But here it turns out that there is no replaceable footwear anywhere. I am angry (about myself): “Well why was not to put a smenka since evening!“ A deep breath and an exhalation, and I already adequately react (thanks of my kind acquaintance for a technique)... “You want to look? Or we will take sneakers?“

8. 05 - Smenka is in a bag with my requisite for “the English occupations“. We come to the snow street, quite happy with ourselves.

8. 10 - On the street should accelerate. And not so much because left a little later and how many because it is cold. The daughter puts on a hood and does not hear my questions. Well and thank God. But asks a riddle: “Where at the earth a cap?“ I do not guess.

8. 22 - the Whole daughter, I turn on radio on the mobile phone, I listen to the next crisis news then to discuss them with the husband, and I go home. Exhalation.

8. 35 - I Begin to awake younger.

8. 45 - the Breath. We sit down to breakfast, I conjure with chicken, I wash the dishes. The daughter asks to feed and take.

9. 00 - we Brush teeth, we put on.

9. 07 - the Exhalation. We go to a garden. Slowly. I will eat: “Aaaa... And green parrot...“ On a neck at the daughter the lemurchik on a lace dangles, and passersby smile.

9. 25 - On the way home I listen to useful castes of the Automatic pistol, thanks to our equipment for remarkable opportunities.

9. 30 - the Breath. I make a lunch, continuing to listen about the organization of selling activity. Better, probably, more digestible to mix something with soup, but there`s nothing to be done. I am going to the pool. I load the washing machine.

9. 50 - I Switch to letters. I read and write short letters to potential partners. I agree about calls. Looked at reviews of a flashmob which ended recently. M - yes, it is surprising how it is a little necessary that the most courageous dreams became reality. It is necessary to work... And it is even better to work in team.

10. 30 - I Run away to the pool. On the road I call the colleague on one of projects, and we discuss current affairs. I digest the thoughts which resulted from conversation, swimming in the pool.

12. 00 - I Take away the daughter from a garden. She was tired and asks on handles. The half-road to the house I bear it on hands. My hands are already decently rolled, and the daughter does not breathe exhaust gases.

12. 30 - the Exhalation. We have dinner. Slowly. We listen to children`s radio.

13. 00 - I Try to put the daughter to bed, but it gorged on and cleared up. We read, we drink milk and again we read. I lay down with it, and she sits down on a chair and speaks:“ I will just sit“. I fall asleep and I wake up in 10 minutes when she all - decides to creep in a bed. We fall asleep.

14. 20 - I Drink tea with the husband, and he tells me about how it moves affairs.

14. 30 - the Breath. I work on the website. I do calls. I write down conversation insayta.

15. 30 - Still a breath. And acceleration. I awake the daughter, and we run away for senior to bring her to the pool.

16. 00 - We go by the car, and senior chews sandwich and tells about school affairs. We tell it that we managed to make today. Younger makes laugh us with what confuses times and events. But she actively participates in discussion.

16. 10 - Senior goes to the pool. And we decide where we go for a walk. I do one more call to mother of the schoolmate of the daughter. We discuss the pair report which is coming children.

16. 30 - the Exhalation. In park where we walk, the skating rink opened. There is a pleasant surprise. Externally it is not worse yet than to what we liked to go in Canada. However, paid. We hire skates and we try to ride. We finish with an otkolupyvaniye of pieces of ice. My brains have a rest.

17. 30 - the Breath. We take away senior of the pool and we invite acquaintances to a skating rink. On the way home I am tormented with requests to invite to play the girl from a class. I try to think when to arrange it.

18. 10 - “The father, it we came!“ - my younger shouts from a threshold. The husband looks for work now, and all of us so got used that he works at home. As it is healthy when the father can play and once again embrace the daughters or just have supper together with us. Especially, when we almost did not see it within 3 years.

18. 12 - Senior sits down at lessons, younger begins to torment our guinea pig.

18. 15 - I remember that I wanted to print out the picture to children`s occupation, I unpack, I put on, I run out.

18. 28 - Usually I try to go to classes slowly to be adjusted and switch. Today I run and I think that it is necessary - to look all in plans which you write.

18. 30 - Hello, how are you? The cheerful song helps to switch also to me, and my three-year-olds. Today their teacher runs away, and I should translate part of the phrases into Russian to support discipline. Today to us there arrived Santa. We will eat and we dance together with it. Then we sit down to paint Christmas Village and we repeat colors - red, white, blue.

19. 15 - On the way home I think that on the following occupation they should - suit all the small test until they do cards and to tell results to parents.

19. 30 - I Make a dinner. The children happy with my employment watch Shrek in English.

19. 45 - the Exhalation. We have supper, we discuss with the husband plans for tomorrow. The daughter somehow quickly copes with food and tells us the tomorrow`s report. As I love our joint dinners!

20. 30 - we Clear the table while I wash the dishes, my mother calls and tells as well as where it is possible to make the website. We discuss the future plans for New year which at last we will spend together with a family.

20. 45 - Younger says what wants a squash. I warm up the remains of morning porridge. She adds banana there and decides to cut the cucumber which remained from a dinner. The recipe seems to me strange, but she speaks:“ Now we disturb. Here so“. And joyfully eats the dish.

21. 00 - Senior it is already ready to reading, and we move to the nursery to listen to the next version of Harry Potter in the original. We correct a father`s pronunciation, and it translates us words which we do not know. I cut out preparations to the occupations. Younger molds the next sausage.

22. 00 - Senior at last fills up after talk, revelations and an enclasping.

22. 10 - Younger says that she wants juice, and we move to kitchen. While she eats, I try to write the plan for tomorrow and the list to shop. I begin to write down this timing.

22. 30 - I get out of a shower, and younger does me massage while I read it the book. Lafa...

23. 00 - the Next attempt of reusable laying.

23. 50 - I creep out to the computer to write down this timing, and that my idea and will remain not executed.

00. 30 - I Talk on Skype to the acquaintance who makes to me an unexpected gift. The next time I am surprised how our desires quickly can sometimes be realized.

2. 07 - I Finish hrono. Today there were many accelerations, and exhalations were not full. Tomorrow I plan rest, a dream which I need 8 hours, and communication with the husband whom deprived of attention today. Exhalation.