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This story I wrote house childbirth three weeks later after the delivery. At first several details to complete the picture.

It is my second childbirth. The first passed 07. 11. 2005 in Moscow, in GKB 7. Classical roddomovsky childbirth. 22 hours lasted.

Second childbirth 08. 07. 2008 were solo (without obstetric maintenance), took place in the village Lower Osinovo of the Vologda region (850 km from Moscow). As “spare airfield“ there was a maternity hospital in 45 minutes of driving from the house (the next to which 25 minutes, it was closed on a sink). Solo our childbirth was not from my ardent desire but because it is impossible to find the sensible house midwife in our solitude, and to stick out for the sake of the midwife in Moscow, to weary in closeness of the senior dityatyu, too there was no wish.

got ready For house childbirth at parental school “Dragotsennost“ as their approach to childbirth seemed to me the most sensible and balanced.

Here actually story.

Now, in three weeks after the delivery, me my childbirth seems difficult: being a pregnant woman, I studied statistics and fondly expected that my second childbirth will be shorter and easier than the first, and the reality was severe - the second childbirth continued 27 hours.

the First regular contractions I felt 07. 07. about 7 - 8 in the evening. With a smile it was driven to the husband:“ Heat a bath just in case“. The husband made a serious face and left in a bath.

All night long till the morning of fight proceeded with intervals 7 - 8 minutes, i.e. childbirth went somehow reluctantly. I managed to have a sleep between fights and even had several strange dreams. However each new fight returned me in reality - I slightly opened one eye, looked at the watch and was convinced that it is possible to sleep farther - intervals between fights did not decrease.

Now, analyzing the course of childbirth, I can assume why they went so inertly, as if unwillingly: just that day 07. 07. to us to the village there arrived my mother though I to it several times directly forbade to come to us before childbirth. So far we will not call. But, probably, her curiosity was stronger than my bans. To tell that I was upset - it is not to tell anything. I nearly cried with offense, was angry with mother and with myself. Here on such emotional background my childbirth also began.

in the Morning of fight became much more notable than

, I did not want to lie on fight any more, the body demanded fast walking, and I began to measure by shade steps - in a log hut on the occasion of rainy weather the grandmother with Fyodor hung out. Despite vigorous walking, I froze soon therefore decided to get over in a bath. The husband waterlogged the bathing furnace a little, and in a sweating room heat was pleasant. From walking I already decently got tired and with pleasure stretched on the shelf. Decided to call our midwife Olya, “to be noted“ that childbirth began. The pasha went to the street to call, and I was engaged in an enema. The husband returned and Olino reported opinion: “Most likely, it is not childbirth, and harbingers, very much intervals between fights are big“. I shrugged shoulders and got back on shelves. After an enema so-called harbingers (ha - ha!) went in 4 - 5 minutes and became even more notable.

Soon wanted to be sung. When fight rolled, I began to sound (thanks to “precious“ Dima Fokin that taught), and the husband picked up and did not allow me to lose a right sound when fight reached peak. The pasha, being guided on my singing, marked fights - one and a half minutes in 4 minutes. At once I will tell that fights not up to the end became more often.

In a bath we vegetated till the evening: I lay on one side on the shelf, was kneeling the lower step, leaning on top shelves a breast - in such provision of feeling considerably amplified, and I tried to endure the most part of fights quite so. At some moment I regretted that there is no pool or at least a bathtub with warm water nearby: I very much wanted to plunge into water and “to obezvesit“ the body because the aching knees and the edge of a regiment crashing under a breast strongly distracted from the main feelings.

to Hours by 7 in the evening (childbirth went days), I wanted active movements again. In a close sweating room my desire was difficult to be realized therefore we decided to pass back into a log hut. By then to me it was already perfect all the same that there my mother sits - I entirely “went to childbirth“ and, probably, could give birth also selflessly even in the center of Red Square... Returned to a log hut, Pasha dragged back patrimonial first-aid kit - not sickly sizes a box and a pillow with a blanket which I laid on shelves. In a log hut I continued to sing on fights. Or rather, at first I tried not to sing not to frighten Fyodor and not to confuse mother. But it turned out that it is very hard to transfer fights silently: I felt how my body strains, begins to be clamped. Once you started over again sounding, and the body relaxed again and “went on pain“.

Fyodor apprehended my singing surprisingly quietly - approached, attentively looked to me in a face, I calmed him:“ Everything is good, my sun. I give birth to Vasya“. And Fedya returned to the games.

Some time I was trampled down by

on a log hut, on fights leaned on a table or on a back of a bed and sang. By 10 in the evening got tired and laid down to have a rest - legs already hooted and pressed for respites. Lying it became more difficult to live, and the feeling of a raspiraniye below became less distinct therefore I promised myself that I will a little lie down, I will have a rest and exactly at 23:00 I will get up again and “I will walk up and down childbirth“. But my plans were not fated to come true - approximately 5 minutes to 11 on the next fight with distinct cotton waters departed. From surprise I even jumped up on a bed: I so was fond of childbirth, as forgot to think that they will sometime come to an end. After that there were 10 minutes of calm without fights, only the Cornflower quietly moved inside. During calm I managed to re-make linen on a bed, having in passing been glad that waters pure, without meconium - it was visible on a sheet. Then the devil pulled me to go to an outer entrance hall behind a bucket (such special, for toilet needs), and there me that is called “covered with a copper basin“. It is good that the wonderful small ergonomic refrigerator on which I could lean was near. Such fight rolled... Such... Such... I also did not think that my body is capable of such feelings that it can maintain it - as was sung there?“ Who could know that it is a wire, did not start up current yet“. I absolutely dropped out of reality.

One lyrical digression: it is necessary that at the moments of such magic fights someone helping was near. Not necessarily the obstetrician, but just the person “in a subject“ which will not allow to fall, will support, will wash cold water, will enclose a pillow under knees... Generally, during such fight the woman should not be one as there were I embracing the Saratov unit.

If I was not able to sing

on fights, I likely would shout, but, once again thanks to Dima, sounding at me joined in itself, without participation of the consciousness which is carried away by fight. Already at the exit from fight I saw that my husband enters an outer entrance hall - he sent my mother to spend the night in a bath and just managed to return to this moment. Fight released me, I opened a log hut door, stepped inside, and here I was covered by the second same fight... Did not pass also 15 seconds. Beginning to sound, I managed to take couple more of steps and landed on knees near a bed, put on a bed the head on hands and again “went to childbirth“. Never I will forget that space feeling when the Cornflower passed under a tailbone - it moved very quickly and actively, probably, it was bothered by long fights, and he sought to finish everything rather. When this fight released me back in reality, the husband was near (frankly speaking, I do not remember whether he was near during fight, probably, was).

He told that he called Olya, told about waters, and she advised to look at disclosure. And as far as the Cornflower fell. I on it only eyes clapped: as they say, “there are too much letters“ In labor all was perceived absolutely differently, I from where - absolutely precisely knew that that now to watch disclosure already late - it am full. Therefore we did not begin to spend precious seconds of rest for disclosure searches. I just crept by means of Pasha on a bed and lay down before the following fight and when it rolled (not such, and just fight), kneeled on a floor again. At the end of fight distinctly podtuzhit me. I felt below, and... A head the exit had Vaskina already. On the following fight I podtuzhitsya, and fight obediently flowed in an attempt. And then there was something what I was not quite ready to.

Olya told

to us on courses that attempts can be conscious (which can be controlled) and animals (which cannot be stopped), and so I have popyorl those animal attempts. And I very much did not want to tear and from all the become scanty forces tried to slow down the head birth that fabrics managed to stretch and did not burst. It was impossible to slow down categorically. Now I understand that it was necessary just to accept that course of childbirth, those animal attempts. I was ready for conscious attempts, and it was difficult for me to be reconstructed therein. And it is, perhaps, the only moment in labor when I would like presence of the midwife: the midwife could understand without words that happens to me and to help me to be reconstructed, accept the events and to trust in the body. And Pasha could not get the idea of my state and support me, encourage, and I could explain nothing to him, being absolutely uncommunicative at that moment.

Already on the first full-fledged attempt the head crashed. On the second - was born. Oh, what it was simplification - the head birth! The pasha looked at obvity, told what obvity is, single. Still I did not manage to be frightened as Pasha reported that obvity weak, and he already removed him in general. And Vaska already quietly pokhryukivat something... It was so surprising to listen to these unusual sounds, they seemed to us mysterious and even otherworldly. I sent the husband to turn off a ceiling light not to blind the Cornflower, it was necessary to burn only a soft sconce in an opposite corner of a log hut. For a short interval between attempts the Cornflower managed to be developed and on the following attempt was born entirely. The husband picked up it and put on a pure diaper on a tummy. To me it laid one more diaper nearby, and I with pleasure took seat so that the Cornflower appeared between my knees. As flowed at me legs! What pleasure was to take seat on a floor and to extend them! Fyodor observed all attempts, sitting in the bed literally in meter from us with the husband. He apprehended the Cornflower birth absolutely adequately, was surprised to nothing and the more so was not frightened. Vaska was all in blood, probably, the placenta began to exfoliate already on attempts. The cornflower pokhryukivat and pokryakhtyvat. To help it to razdyshatsya, I lifted it, sucked away slime and, having put back on a diaper, stroked on a back. Fyodor got out of a bed and too ironed and examined the Cornflower.

In a couple of minutes my newborn miracle razdyshatsya and started shouting, and then began to ransack a mouth on a diaper, obviously looking for what to stick to. However, he sucked a little and not really willingly, probably, strongly got tired for childbirth. In about 15 minutes gave rise to a placenta, it turned out big, more, than all what we saw in educational movies, and on pleasure to us absolutely whole. The placenta was laid in a bowl and put near the Cornflower. Still 10 minutes later Pasha was engaged in cutting of an umbilical cord.

Then from a bath called temporarily banished grandmother and handed to it put in order the granddaughter. Here the husband had time to be engaged in me. I felt not bad: a hundred-meter race on a bet would not begin to run, but it was quite capable and, the main thing, it is transportable. The husband gave to drink me grass collecting for prevention of uterine bleeding (it needs to begin to be drunk already in attempts, but, in view of their rapidity, to us had no time for tea drinking), looked whether there are no gaps. I fatefully waited for it a verdict because it was sure that animal attempts tore me “to ears“. To my piggy delight of gaps it did not appear at all …

re-read the last lines Now and understood that here the explanation is required. Do not think that I am afraid of gaps, the related pain and postnatal troubles in the form of impossibility to sit - all this trifles. And here to find in our solitude the qualified obstetrician - the gynecologist ready to sew up gaps at home, is the real headache. To go with gaps to maternity hospital after house childbirth - still a big headache. For this reason I also did not want to be torn.

About midnight we with the Cornflower were put by

to bed, and the husband, rather nabegavshis for childbirth, was engaged in emptying of the refrigerator (aha, that “Saratov“). Fyodor and my mother joined it. I was not hungry absolutely though I did not eat anything all childbirth, i.e. more than a day.

However me “postnatal cocktail“ and a chocolate relied

. I did not refuse it. About one o`clock in the morning all settled to sleep.

were adjusted Next day by GV, wrote SMS to friends and buried a placenta.

new life So began