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How to buy the kid all necessary, without buying superfluous?

before appearance of the kid on light young parents are anxious Shortly with acquisition of “dowry“. For what all these tiny charming things are necessary? And what to choose from all variety?

the First layer - linen

the First requirement to linen and clothes of the newborn - safety for thin and gentle skin of the baby.

Skin of the baby is about 5 times thinner than

, than the adult`s skin, and it has no top horn layer (it is formed only to 4 - m to years). Therefore skin of the baby absorbs everything that on it gets, much quicker and more intensively, than the adult`s skin.


Besides, a ratio “the surface area of skin/body weight“ at the baby differs by 3 times from the same ratio at the adult. I.e. the baby has a big surface of skin and small body weight. Therefore it is much more difficult for babies, than the adult to maintain constant body temperature. They easily lose warmly and, at the same time, it is easy to overheat them. Therefore it is so important to create around them “cover“ from the correct clothes and diapers which maintains optimum body temperature and breathes.

Thanks to a right choice of linen and clothes can reduce risk of developing of an allergy and skin diseases.

Baby`s undershirt, T-shirt or baud? the Baby`s undershirt it is convenient to h2 to put on

the newborn at first, especially if he was born (very) small. There is enough of one - two baby`s undershirts which if that, it is possible to alternate with baud. The matter is that the baby`s undershirt does not need to be dressed through the head. The baby in it as if is wrapped. It is especially convenient when he is swaddled (in diapers). The best material for a baby`s undershirt is considered soft, gentle and hygroscopic shelkosherst though cotton habitual to us is quite good too. Baby`s undershirts let out 2 sizes 50/56 (age of 1 - 2 month) and 62/68 (3 - 6 months), but usually to this age all pass to T-shirts and baud.

with an overlap (without seam on a shoulder) are good

of the T-shirt with shoulders the fact that they have a convenient mouth, rather wide in order that easily there passed the child`s head. If you worry that in a traditional baby`s undershirt at the kid the back reveals or are going to dress from the very beginning him in romper suit and overalls, then the T-shirt is more preferable. Are issued since the size 62 (age about 2 - 3 months).


(from English “body“ - “body“) underwear Very convenient and “correct“ in essence for the newborn or the small child. Puts on through the head, it is clasped between legs on buttons. Happens to short and long sleeves. From above at baud, as a rule, shoulders with an overlap, i.e. without seam. It is very convenient for clothing of the kid, considering his proportions - rather small body, a small, narrow coat hanger and the big head.


it is good the fact that as much as possible closes and protects all little body of the child and it is not lifted up, baring a tummy, even at the most active kids. At all seasons of the year for the newborn it is better to choose baud with long sleeves from a shelkoshersta (better unpainted). It is possible to prefer baud with short sleeves from cotton or pure silk in the hot summer.

Pelenalny baud is a baud with a fastener sideways on all length - from a mouth before cut of a leg. It is good what on undone the child`s baud just is put from above and, without disturbing in any way, clasp buttons. It is convenient for the child and young parents in an initial stage when “both parties“ get used to clothing procedure - disguise. Pelenalny baud is issued 2 - x the initial sizes. whether


the child Needs a cap?

we caps do not carry

… Yes, but we - that is hair, and at the child on a head have only an easy down. Proportions of the baby absolutely others, than at the adult: if to compare the kid and the adult, then the head of the baby will turn out disproportionately big. Besides, at the baby also a big open fontanel. Do not forget also that, being inside, the kid got used to rest the head against warm and native mother. Therefore first, especially in the first month, a cap - a thing necessary and correct.

From what, actually, the cap protects the child? From a pereokhlazheniye and an overheat. From excessive dryness and excessive humidity. From noise.


- a woolen cap, covering ears and softly massing a fontanel when the kid moves, returns it feelings in darling, recently left mother`s womb. Where it was so good, hushfully - it is silent and safe - closely. The most known quality of silk which in “cools a heat“ and “in cold heats“, in this situation is absolutely irreplaceable and simply cannot be compared to anything. The cap from a shelkoshersta, cotton, cotton with silk is carried also by houses, and under a street hat (send).

What the cap differs in

from a hat? The cap is more linen, it thin, with flat seams or seams outside. It is carried by houses, on the street alone (if warmly) or under a hat (if it is cold). The hat is more intended for the street. For off-season hats from cotton jersey are very good. Different manufacture of jersey - thin smooth jersey, terry, velors, with a pile from within - allows to pick up a hat under any weather conditions. If you have warm overalls with a hood, then and in the winter (especially if winter soft) in such hat it is possible to walk.

the Cap - a helmet is good

the fact that it can be put on one movement and the fact that the neck at the child in such cap is always closed.

the Hat with ties - woolen on a cotton lining - is good

for cold autumn days and for winter. Choosing it, pay attention to that ties were convenient for setting and did not rub a neck to the baby, and the cap was cut out so that the neck of the child was closed by it to the first vertebra.

Shorts to the newborn are, of course, not necessary to

. Though they often are on sale in small sizes (62 - 68, 74 - 80) and “pants on pampers“ are called. The advantage of such purchase, from our point of view, is very doubtful. They are obviously not necessary to the child. Pants are functional for children of 1,5 - 2 (from the size 92) when schooling to a pot begins. During this period it makes sense to pay attention to pants from a shelkoshersta. In them at the child the buttocks will not freeze even if he sits on a floor or if he incidentally pees the pants.


the Second layer - the clothes for walks in a warm season

Over linen are put on the baby clothes: romper suit and jacket, bag - panties and a jacket, panties and a jacket or overalls. What do these types of clothes differ from each other in?

the Romper suit, a bag - panties and overalls are good the fact that they are not fixed on a waist, i.e. do not put any pressure upon sensitive umbilical area and a tummy. Besides, in them the tummy cannot become bare.

the Romper suit is semi-overalls with a fastener on shoulders, i.e. it closes all little body of the kid, leaving only handles open. A romper suit can be from cotton or wool. When it is cold, it is better to put on wool or silk when heat - cotton. - to allergic persons as materials for clothes cotton and silk is recommended to children.

the Bag - panties is ideally suited for

as the first clothes for the newborn. And at first not for a dream, namely for wakefulness.

the Bag - panties differs in

from all of the known panties the same as mittens differ from gloves. Legs in it, as well as fingers in a mitten, are not divided. Therefore it is very easy to put on such panties the newborn baby with his small and thin legs. Panties at the expense of a wide and soft elastic band which reaches armpits keep. If to put on to the newborn a bag - panties socks, then in this warm “mitten“ to it it will be warm and cozy.

B than quicker the hand will freeze? Of course, in a glove. Though in it it is more convenient to work with a hand, but the isolated fingers freeze much quicker. Dressing the child in a bag - panties we help it to accustom gradually to this world, we give it heat and security. We give what is necessary for it, but not the surrounding adults who is be touched on “the little dandy“ or “woman of fashion“.

the Overalls are “2 in 1“. Instead of a jacket and a romper suit / panties it is possible to use overalls. The overalls are good the fact that quicker and easier to put on it, than two subjects. Concern when clothing for the kid if the overalls are buttoned in front / behind on all length, minimum. In it the tummy as the kid is always closed do not turn. The only minus of overalls - if the child srygnt or will pee, then it is necessary to change all overalls, and not just a jacket or only a romper suit.

It is optimum that in a cold season which in our width lasts about 9 months overalls or a romper suit were with the closed leg. Then the child it is possible, specially without changing clothes, to send for walk, having put on him from above a woolen suit. Suitable materials for overalls - cotton and wool. Panties it is better for p to put on

not the newborn, but the kid not a little bit bred. It will be size 62/68 panties. Upon purchase pay attention to an elastic band - it has to be wide and free, has to keep, but not press. And at all not to leave on traces on skin of the kid!

Tights, being the brilliant invention, all - not the best and convenient clothes for the newborn: they very densely adjoin, and it is inconvenient to put on them. Instead of tights on absolutely small it is better to put on a romper suit / kombinezonchik from cotton or wool in a combination with socks, or a bag - panties.

So, for least (newborns) the most suitable clothes are a romper suit, a bag - panties, overalls. For kids is more senior (with 3 - x months) - besides the called types of clothes panties and tights will approach already. With 10 - ti months practically all mothers prefer to dress kids panties and tights (them it is easy to dress - to remove, landing the child on a pot).

the Jacket is put on by

over linen under a romper suit, a bag - panties, panties. The jacket with a fastener sideways or in front on all length is good for newborns because it does not cause them when clothing any trouble since it is put on not through the head. The child is just put on an unbuttoned jacket from above, pass handles of the kid throughout sleeves and clasp buttons sideways. It can be or from cotton with a pile or from thin merino wool. Usually is issued in 2 - x the sizes: 50 / 56 and 62/68.

the Jacket with a fastener on a shoulder is issued from the initial sizes and to the size 92 (i.e. until the head of the child very big in comparison with a body). It is good the fact that it has a big and convenient mouth, the head in it easily passes. Can be from cotton of different manufacture and thin wool. It is more convenient than a jacket with a fastener for newborns sideways or in front, for children is more senior (romper suit) - jackets with a fastener on a shoulder.

of the Bootee and socks - not incidentally traditional part of clothes of the baby. Most difficult for the newborn baby to keep and keep heat on the periphery of the small little body. Especially it touches legs. Even the adult cannot fall asleep if he has cold legs, this most frequent reason of sleeplessness.

Socks and bootees warm legs and help to fix romper suit or overalls on a leg if they are rather big in foot. Otherwise the child will constantly sbrykivat a small trouser-leg from a leg, and the leg will overcool. At the choice of bootees pay attention that cuffs were elastic and well kept on a leg. The best socks for the newborn baby - from wool.

the Third layer - clothes in a cold season

On walk in a cold season under warm street overalls or a bag - an envelope (which can be replaced also with a usual woolen or wadded blanket) to the child put on a woolen jacket (sweater) and panties the street (alternative - woolen overalls) together with mittens, a warm hat or a helmet. Ideally all these things can be connected by mother or the loving grandmother.

the Knitted jacket from wool is necessary to

all the year round, and in off-season is simply irreplaceable.

the Woolen jacket with a hood is useful to

for more cool and rainy weather more, and also for children who do not love a cap. Jackets happen to a hood lined (wool, cotton) and without. For all shades of cool weather.


Choosing a sweater, pay attention that his mouth was rather wide or that on a shoulder there was a fastener on buttons (to lightnings). The child`s head disproportionately big in comparison with his growth. The classical sweater with a high collar (a collar golf) does not suit the small child. It is better to give preference to a sweater with a round collar, and on a neck to tie a kerchief or a scarf.

In a cold season not to do without warm jacket and overalls. It is more convenient for absolutely small kids whole overalls. Why? Them easier and quicker to put on / remove, than a jacket and panties; the area of a stomach is reliably closed.

the Best material for overalls - the felted wool (it more densely and is blown less, than usual wool, but also well breathes). Handles and legs will warm mittens and bootees from the usual or felted wool.

When the child only tries to take the first steps, it will suit boots from skin with woolen insoles. Caps and mittens from soft (merino) wool or from the felted wool will add a warm dress. For absolutely small (till 10 months) it is more preferable than a mitten without finger - in them to a hand more warmly. When the child already goes and tries to take objects hands, already classical mittens are necessary.

That it shelkosherst and that in it good?

of Shelkosherst is a mix of merino wool and natural silk, usually in a proportion of 70% wool, 30% silk. This composition of natural fibers unites advantages of wool with special characteristics of silk. Wool forms evenly warming cover around the person that is a basis of good health.

Natural pure silk has the healing effect, removes irritation and calms gentle skin of kids. Wool with silk is especially good for the children with sensitive skin who are not transferring free wool.

of the Thing from silk - wool easy and at the same time warm, they strong and long rush. Usually shelkosherst use for clothes of the first layer (linen) - because this material completely fulfills requirements to clothes as to “the second skin“:

of Shelkosherst “relative“ to our skin - wool and silk consist of the same protein (keratin), as the top horn layer of our skin. Shelkosherst breathes, regulates heat exchange, absorbs moisture, remaining to the touch dry, perfectly holds a form. Wool and silk well pass air and do not break skin breath, also thermal controls possess properties of thermal insulation (keeps necessary heat) (helps to optimize body temperature both in cold, and during a heat). They have ability to absorb moisture to 40% of a body weight, to the touch remaining dry and warm. Wool removes moisture outside by 7 times (!) quicker, than cotton. For this reason, having had wet feet in woolen socks, we do not feel that they are wet.

Unlike other natural fibers wool possesses natural elasticity. If to stretch a woolen thing, then it quickly comes back to a starting position and takes the former form. In a product sock from wool keep a form better.

Many think that wool prickly, but they are simply not familiar with merino wool. Fibers of merino wool are 9 times thinner, than fibers of usual wool, a thing from this wool very soft, gentle and easy. Having touched children`s linen from merino wool (especially if wool goes in combination with silk), many mothers first do not believe that it is wool, and consider that it is cotton.

of Shelkoshest does not accumulate static electricity. Therefore linen from a shelkoshersta not only provide good health, but also are less soiled, than things from synthetics. It possesses ability to self-cleaning. The linen from a shelkoshersta does not need frequent washings. Care of it is extremely simple - airing! On air wool and silk restore the properties. Washing is necessary only at strong pollution. Thus, you will save the time and forces, (and also water, means for washing and the electric power). Shelkosherst it is not necessary to iron. Crumpled things from this material not always need the iron. If to hang up them on a coat hanger in a bathroom or over a basin with hot water, then steam will quite cope with a role of the iron.

of Shelkosherst - it is favorable. The linen from it costs quite much, but the long term of its service justifies expenses.

What it is necessary to know about invoices of other fabrics from natural materials?
Woolen terry fabric
  • of 100% natural wool
  • possesses special softness
  • warms
  • well passes air
  • keeps a product form.
  • can be erased in the washing machine (the mode of washing of wool in cold water)
Romper suit and jackets from woolen terry fabric are ideal for newborns. They very soft and gentle. From the first days of life surround the child with absolutely natural quality and create for it a temperature-controlled cover. Felted (or valyany) wool
  • free wool
  • very dense and well warming
  • durable
  • very easy
  • protects
    from wind
the Clothes from the felted wool are ideal for cold and windy days. Thanks to machining the woolen jersey becomes more dense (wool when dumping decreases in volume by 40%) and well protects from wind. Fabric with a friable surface warms a small little body and is convenient in a sock.
Woolen fleece
  • free wool
  • warm and soft
  • fluffy
  • well absorbs moisture
woolen fleece fabric Is irreplaceable in cold winter days - it is the new “breathing“ material for a kidswear from 100 percentage wool of the superior quality. Soft “tender“ fabric warms also at subzero temperatures, without constraining freedom of movements of the little pioneer.

General recommendations about the choice of materials for linen and clothes: by
  • for summer it is better for h2 to choose clothes from the absorbing and breathing materials with smooth structure, i.e. smooth fabrics and jersey (cotton, silk and their combination),
  • it is better than
  • for winter materials with rough structure, i.e. terry, plush, velors materials, fabrics with “pile“, fleece (wool, cotton),
  • what is put on directly a body has to be from the hygroscopic (absorbing) material, it is desirable is not painted and to be erased at a temperature up to 60 About (cotton) or to self-clean on air (silk, wool, shelkosherst),
  • combine clothes from animal materials (wool, silk) and vegetable (cotton, flax) origins,
  • several easy things at each other, than one very warm are better to put on
  • , at all seasons of the year things from merino wool and a shelkoshersta it is expedient to li to include
  • in clothes of the baby because these materials create an optimum microclimate - keep necessary heat and take away excessive.