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Problems of children`s reading. Assistants in the choice of books for children`s reading

there Began

the Most important that parents can, - to advise the school student to join a public library, and at the beginning together with it to visit her.

the School childhood passes

quickly. The limit of time for reading is limited, as well as perception volume. Therefore it is necessary to think of preferences. Unreasoned selection of books can lead to irreplaceable losses because there are books which should be read at a certain age, they are not of interest to other age.

How not to pass for the son or the daughter of any valuable book and to give it then when it is especially necessary? Here that the author of the book for parents “On this matter thinks as how to read to your children of a year to ten“ (SPb, 2000) the famous bibliographer of our country Nonna Nikolaevna Timofeeva. Let`s listen to her authoritative opinion:

“For this purpose, - she says, - it is necessary to define a reading circle on prospect, today`s and distant, on all childhood“. Bibliographic reference books which happen two types can help with it: one are intended to adults, others - to children and represent fascinating books about books. Nonna Nikolaevna`s grant mentioned already named by her “The encyclopedia for parents on the management of children`s reading“ belongs to grants of the first type. In it the main attention is paid to the best samples of fiction - children`s classics domestic and foreign. The classics, as the author believes, always requires to itself close attention, otherwise it will be forced out by “cheap reading matter“ - the literature which is not demanding work of soul“. In addition to the book the author recommends to parents the bibliographic reference book “Sketches about Children`s Writers“ published for the aid to the elementary school teacher in 1999 and repeatedly republished. It is possible to find stories about authors and books which were not included into N. N. Timofeeva`s encyclopedia in it. Among them there is P. P. Bazhov with his narrations, A. M. Volkov and his “Wizard of the emerald city“, works Yu. I. Kovalya, etc. Now to these grants bibliographic reference books of Galina Naumovna Tubelskaya “Children`s writers of Russia increased. Hundred names“ and “Foreign children`s writers. Hundred names“ (School Library publishing house).

B them articles about life and works of the best children`s writers and their works combining high artistry and the educational beginnings contain.

of Pupils of initial classes it is useful for p to acquaint with the three-volume bibliographic grant published by the Russian state children`s library. It is called “Writers of our childhood“ (1998 - 2000) also includes 300 names of domestic and foreign authors of children`s literature. Material is located in the alphabet of authors. In each sketch - the writer`s portrait, the story about his life and creativity.

the Story is followed by the list of works of the author in the best editions. At the end of each part - data on illustrators and translators. Acquaintance of children to this grant is not one-time action. To it, since 7 - 8 years, it is necessary to come back throughout all school life again and again as the recommended books are read. So gradually at your child reader`s erudition will be formed.

carries To universal bibliographic grants of N. N. Timofeev also the children`s literary encyclopedia “I Learn the World“ (M., 1997). The author - the author of this encyclopedia N. V. Chudakova enters the child into the world of art of the word, offering sketches about remarkable writers, Russian and foreign. Each sketch comes to an end with the heading “Thumbing Through Pages“ where verses, fairy tales, stories or fragments from works of this author are given.


about assistants in the choice of books to children, it is necessary to mention already called earlier electronic almanac books for children, the called “Bibliogid“ created by the staff of the Russian state children`s library and addressed to heads of children`s reading, including parents. Its paper option is created according to pages of the Website bibliogid in 2004 in two releases by School Library publishing house. This edition is constructed by the principle of the magazine with many sections and subsections devoted to different aspects of children`s reading. In the Website “Bibliogid“ is replenished with new materials every week. His experts - the most high-class bibliographers do.

in search of the answer to the question “What to Read to the School Student?“ it is impossible to ignore present textbooks. In the majority them lists of additional reading “Are given we advise to read“. Interest of the school student in a certain subject or a subject can be satisfied and developed by the literature specified in lists.

As for the current editions of children`s literature, it is the best of all to trace them according to the Knizhnoye Obozreniye newspaper where the list of again leaving literature including for children is regularly published. The parents and school students visiting book supermarkets and shops of large publishing houses should pay attention to editions of the catalogs, leaflets, booklets and book bookmarks containing the annotated lists of the best book receipts of the last time recommended to buyers.

How printing assistants in the choice of books were valuable

to the child, the live recommendation of the librarian - the expert on the children`s book and the navigator in the world of book production cannot be compared to them. The address of the child and his parents in children`s or school library for the help in the choice of literature for the child of this or that age - the best way to reading valuable literature.

Council. Encourage the child in visit of library and its actions. Take it with yourself when you go to library. You learn to use its funds and the help device. Consult with the librarian in the choice of books to the child. Trust in its recommendations as expert.

the Book for the school student in home meeting

“The house in which there are no books, - Cicero said, - it is similar to the body deprived of soul“. Family collection of children`s books in many respects differs from collection of books for adults. Children`s book shelves, especially for children till 10 years, do not suffer full or multivolume collected works, in them the separate illustrated editions or collections are preferable. Children`s meetings are dynamic: the child grows, together with him the repertoire of reading and character of editions for children changes. They are calculated not only on satisfaction of needs of children, but also on their advancing.

Children`s books are intended to

for joint reading and examining by adults and children and therefore they have the double address, acting as a link between the child and his parents.

Strategy of completing of a home library of the school student substantially is defined by his training program.


that training programs at modern school different (as also schools became different), the real circle of reading is differentiated. To help school students with study, it is necessary to take care of acquisition of manuals and textbooks which list is defined by school, first of all.

Good help to children in study are dictionaries and reference books. Having their houses, the child any minute can address them. The most running dictionary for pupils of elementary school is “School the grammar - the spelling dictionary“, made by B. Panov and A. Tekuchev. Houses “The explanatory dictionary of Russian are not less necessary for them. A grant for pupils of initial classes“ N. Neusynova, “The dictionary of foreign words for school students“. There will be no “A children`s economic dictionary“ of ROSMEN publishing house superfluous in book meeting for younger school students also.

Though the circle of reading younger school students in many respects is defined by the school program, nevertheless, the repertoire of reading, considerable on volume, which is beyond program is offered to children of this age.

the Kernel of family library - the classic of children`s literature. Among them there are V. Krapivin, R. Pogodin, V. Nosov, L. Davydychev, Je. Schwartz`s works, etc. For children of this age also many translated editions have an inherent value. Among them there are S. Lagerlof, O. Uald, R. Kipling, D. Tolkien`s books, And. Lindgren, And. Saint - Ekzyuperi. A number of books of foreign writers for children of 7 - 10 years is published in retellings. Books to E. Raspa of “Myunkhgauzen`s Adventure“, D. Swift “Gulliver`s Travel“, D. Defoe “Robinson Crusoe“, etc. can be examples. Special place in book meeting for children of younger school age is taken by “Myths“, “Adventures the Odyssey“. For selective reading it is possible to recommend to get acquainted with N. Kong`s book “Legends and myths of Ancient Greece“. The best books of informative character among which the important place belongs to a historical and naturalists` subject are of great importance for children of younger school age. It is good to have S. Alekseev`s books about the Great Patriotic War telling about a historical feat of the people which saved the world from fascism at home. Among its books the book “Powerful surnames is especially significant: stories from history of the Great Patriotic War“, and also books from the Grandfather`s Medals series. Among naturalists` books immortal it is possible to call V. Bianki, M. Prishvin, I. Sokolov`s books - Mikitova, N. Sladkov, Verzilin, etc.

As for domestic encyclopedias for studying elementary school, well if in your home library the encyclopedic dictionary “That it remained from former generations? Who such?“ in 2 - x volumes. It for the first time left in 1968 in Pedagogika publishing house and since then was repeatedly republished. Specialists in children`s literature call this encyclopedia the break in world pedagogics which does not have analogs and today. One of important advantages of this book consists that it induces children not to stop on information, and to go further, expanding and deepening the gained knowledge.

If fund of a home library for children of elementary school are formed generally by parents, then school students of an average link and seniors generally define what books are necessary to them for house use.

Much here is dictated to

by school, information requirements increase and become complicated. Filling of a home library is considerably individualized, tender distinctions, i.e. distinctions have more and more distinctly an effect on reading girls and boys. Girls during this period are drawn towards series of books intended especially for them. Boys - to books about courageous and strong heroes, to detectives, a fantasy and adventures. Selection of literature in a home library is influenced also by personal interests, hobbies of teenagers - visit of circles, sections, open classrooms. The variety of hobbies peculiar to teenagers, respectively affects also completing of the library which gains sometimes chaotic, unsystematic character.

It is desirable for p to have every time near at hand the books tested with time with works of such authors as V. Zheleznikov (“Effigy“), R. Pogodin (“Dubravka“), V. Tendryakov (“Spring double-dealing fellows“), etc. From works of the last time the attention of parents and teenagers will be attracted for certain by books from the Dangerous Age series, begun in 1998 by Children`s Literature publishing house. The epigraph is premised to this series: “The childhood came to an end. Former authorities and bans failed. A set of temptations attract, and everything wants to be tried...“ . All books of this series - about finding by the teenager of, to starting up the evil in soul, to create in itself the personality.

the Modern fiction for teenagers is, however, not their only reading. As it was already told, the universal model of children`s reading consists of different blocks. Among them there is a business, entertaining, informative book.

needs Especially to note several books on psychology focused on development of consciousness of the teenager through system of fairy tales, stories, riddles, trainings. It is possible to carry I. Vachkov`s book to such books “The kingdom of broken links or psychology of communication for girls and boys“ (M., 2000), G. Yudin`s book “The main wonder of the world“ with the author`s drawings. It is the book about the Person. It is constructed as conversation of the father with the son about the main issues of life, about values of life, love, motherhood. The book skillfully, with graceful humour is written, delicately concerns questions of relationship of floors.

Among reference books, the most significant for home book meeting of teenagers, it is necessary to carry the most popular domestic and foreign encyclopedias to which the teenager should resort repeatedly. They will keep the value and the next years studies and will be useful to all family. Treat them:

the Encyclopedia for children. This proceeding edition. There were already more than 35 volumes. It is recommended Department of the general and secondary education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. The Avanta publishing house publishing the encyclopedia is awarded for the best publishing project for children and youth.

“I learn the world“ (AST Publishing house) - the whole library of the encyclopedic books seeking to reflect a modern civilization in its development in last, real and future. In each volume the systematic statement of material is given, there is well developed help device.

“Universal school encyclopedia“. Three-volume edition of Avanta publishing house of 2003. In the encyclopedia requirements of the school program are considered.

“The big encyclopedic dictionary of the school student“ of 1999. This universal reference media for seniors - pupils of high schools, lyceums, gymnasiums. The edition such is for the first time carried out in Russia. Its purpose - to give systematic information on all objects studied including facultatively, at school.

From foreign encyclopedias the most valuable:

Children`s short encyclopedia. B 4 - x t. / the lane with English - M.: Word, 1994;

Rotenberg of R. Rasti healthy: the Children`s encyclopedia of the health / Lane with English - M.: Physical - a cult. and sport, 1993.

Leokum A. Tell me why? the Children`s encyclopedia / Lane with English - M.: Young Guard, 1992.

World of the wild nature. In 15 t. - M.: POCMEH, 1997.

By the number of books the home library for teenagers is significantly richer than

, than book meeting for all other age and is closed with home meeting of books for adults.

Using a home library, constantly addressing the books standing on book shelves, family members lovingly select books - “long-livers“ who pass from father to son, special warmth is caused by the presented books with autographs of donators, books - “advisers“ who contain useful tips for all family, books - “lifesavers“ which always help out if the urgent answer to a question is necessary.

Council. Reading the books necessary today, it is worth to remember also about last experience of reading: the home library of subjects is also good that any minute it is possible to take the book from the shelf and to re-read it entirely or in fragments, to remember how it appeared in your library. About collectors of home libraries Victor Shklovsky spoke:“ Not only you collected books, but also they brought together you“.

At the growing son or the daughter surely the part of soul going from home book meeting - a link between different generations is present.

Essential addition to book meeting in a home library are newspapers and magazines. The magazine differs from the book in what leaves periodically. If the book is read from beginning to end, then the magazine can be read, choosing for itself an interesting heading. For children of 7 - 10 years the favourite magazine which value is checked for years is the traditional magazine “Murzilka“. More than ten years for girls the international magazine “Klepa“ is issued. Each its number covers any one topic, in it there are a lot of competitions and inventions. Once a month leaves for reading in the bosom of the family perfectly illustrated ecological Svirel magazine. It is close to it on orientations and the Muraveynik magazine. From literaturno - art magazines it is necessary to call the ChE magazine which united once very famous children`s magazines “Chizh“ and “Ezh“. The good reputation in St. Petersburg and beyond its limits was got by the magazine of local history subject “Bus“. The Bereginya magazine which is aimed at acquaintance to the best books can become valuable help to reading children and all family. There is a wish to pay attention of parents of pupils of elementary school that since 2006 there will be a new monthly “Chitayka“ which is specially devoted to reading children of this age. A task of the magazine - to impart love to reading, to develop figurative thinking for creativity and educational progress. For joint reading children and parents the School Library publishing house was prepared by the Family Reading magazine. Along with methodical materials on involvement of children to reading, the magazine will include the best art texts for reading in the bosom of the family.

we Will call

some magazines for teenagers. Among traditional - Young Technician and Young Naturalist magazines. From literaturno - art - “Pioneer“ and “Fire“. Nedorosl and Tvorchestvo yunykh, Vmeste magazines as the works written by teenagers are published in them are In own way interesting. Magazines “My“, “Romeo i Dzhulyetta“, “Putevodnaya zvezda“ are for seniors in noticeable demand. To girls - teenagers the Marusya magazine was fallen in love. In it among other there is a heading “Reading room“ acquainting readers with again leaving literature. In 2006 for teenagers and the senior school students there was a new monthly “Krylya“ which is specially aimed at a raising of prestige of reading as fashionable leisure.

As for newspapers for children, invariable interest at younger school students the Zhili-byli newspaper uses

. The Pyat Uglov newspaper enjoys wide popularity at teenagers of St. Petersburg.

Council. Subscribe for magazines for the child (on his name!) taking into account its interests and hobbies. Let the child together with you will choose the necessary magazine or the newspaper from the catalog “Rospechat“. He will read the periodicals chosen independently more willingly.