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One houses. With the newborn of

What heats young mother, all day dancing around the baby? Only the thought that the father of the child in the evening will be and will rescue it at least for twenty minutes. But what to do if in the evening nobody comes? Because at grandmothers holiday already came to an end, and father was urgently sent, say, to business trip? I wholly was influenced by all difficulties of such extreme survival when the spouse within several months worked in the “two weeks of the house, two weeks in business trip“ mode.

the Price to small respites when for the child someone watches another, you understand, only if you lose them. Even the short time which is released to you on staying alone without having sense of guilt, is a fast recharge of your batteries for the subsequent fulfillments on a motherhood field. Therefore most, perhaps, difficult when you remain in private with the baby, - an utter impossibility to relax and the feeling of “the person on duty on the Universe“ which is not leaving even in a dream. All the rest - a question of establishment of the mode and optimization of life. I do not speak about a situation when mother brings up the baby one. Though in this case some councils can be useful.

Questions of life support of mother

Can carry for hours the crying baby on the house, being, as they say, “in pants and a baby sling“ - not washed and hungry if in the evening you have an opportunity to eat and make toilet. But in a situation of “one house“ it is necessary to replace tactics. The impossibility to take a shower, to descend, sorry, in a toilet and to eat at least few times in day - all this strongly unsettles and deprives of forces physical and moral. Therefore the drama “I for All Day Did Not Sit Down because the Kid Did Not Agree to Remain in a Bed for a Minute“ not for you. You have nobody to count soon. Means, first of all it is necessary to take care of normally to function most.

I Will tell

a thing, impossible for most of timid mothers: in two minutes nothing happens to the kid if the bed costs in the safe place. And you will manage to clean teeth and to feel the person. If you need to meet the corporal needs, just do it. Whenever possible during a children`s dream. Otherwise - having conveniently and safely arranged the kid there from where it definitely cannot fall. You do not want to leave the child of one in the room - take with yourself in a bathroom, having carefully fastened in a children`s chaise lounge or in a car seat. Play with it in “ku - ku!“ from - for curtains. Agree, the clean head is worth it to wash it in so idiotic way.

besides to you needs to eat

regularly. On preparation time dainties, most likely, will not be (if you have a kid who sleeps twice a day for three hours, and then still all night long, this article definitely not for you). Hammer the freezer with products which you can prepare in only a few minutes. Such NZ, by the way, can be made even before childbirth, these stocks fine help out. At once cut meat and fish on portion pieces. From forcemeat stick cutlets and quenelles. You keep several packages of the frozen vegetables in a stock - from them “fast-soup“ and “fast-garnish“ turns out quite to themselves. Macaroni, sugar, grain and so forth buy in advance that was enough for the entire period of “a single mamstvo“. If you have a time / desire sometimes to peel potatoes, have in a stock of several kilogram. Pertinent will be several packs of milk of long storage if you drink milk. As a last resort several packs of crispbread will be useful. The essence is in whenever possible not to need serious purchases of the food, assistants with full bags of products will not appear in time yet.

On familiar to all to the beginning mothers the question “How to Find Minute to Eat?“ there is a simple answer. You have to make the strong-willed decision and just eat regularly, irrespective of mood of the baby. To hope that the child will like, realizes and will give the chance, it is almost useless (if you got the baby who requires to himself permanent attention). And whether still you need to sleep more less normally, at the nights to accept at you watch there is nobody. Therefore it is better to do the choice between the points “make a household feat“ and “have a sleep hour or so“ for a dream.

Life or not life?

the Washing machine - your best friend at this time. Protect it and you love as the family member. It saves your forces and time, well doing the work. It is more than that: in principle she performs all necessary work on care of infantile things. I hint that to iron diapers and baby`s undershirts after washing optional. It is clear, what you “do not imagine how it is possible to sleep on neglazheny sheets“, and “as it it is possible to put on a romper suit the baby, without having ironed them?“ . But just in case I will report: the maternity hospital of your newborn washed away water directly from the crane! And he survived. So the advantage of “sterilization“ of diapers the iron is doubtful. Think of what microbes will settle on children`s things literally in a couple of minutes again after an ironing. If during the day you have no time for maintenance of your former royal standards in the field of a linen ironing, then any iron does not cost to prefer it to hour - another of a dream.

As for an order in the house, it it is whenever possible best of all to support constantly - nothing influences worse thoughts in the head, than chaos around. I do not speak about harm of dust for babies and their mothers.

It is ideal if the child agrees to have a sleep in the afternoon on a balcony (if, of course, your balcony does not come to some brisk highway). On the street children usually sleep stronger and better. And you receive invaluable time for household chores. If instead of for hours to snuffle in two holes, the child draws to you an Indian national log hut to “figva“, it is necessary to use cunning.

of 15 minutes can be gained if to interest the baby in a mobile. Approximately as much - if the child like the developing rug. You receive some time until the child watches you from a chaise lounge or a car seat. Also speak, speak! While you stir, it is quieter. And you will cut a kartoshechka for soup meanwhile.

to a primotayta to yourself the child a baby sling or put on

in case of especially cynical infantile revolt a kangaroo. You can vacuum, wash the floors and the dishes, at some skill, to cook food and even it is (more carefully with hot). Most likely, the small rebel will fall asleep quicker, than you finish with affairs.

the Baby sling or kangaroos will rescue you in many situations when to help there is nobody, and free hands are necessary. It is good alternative to a carriage on the street if you cannot independently take out the children`s vehicle from the house or drag it on a porch of shop. Contrary to expectations, carrying children of the first months of life on - a task quite lifting for average mother.

Here also descended in shop for hlebushky

Try to date everything that needs to be made “in the outside world“ for walk. Prepare garbage on emission, make the list of purchases. The temptation to run to shop (there now it, on the first floor of our house) while the child sleeps, is very big. Be sure: the little tyrant well pretends to be. It has a built-in device which is perfectly defining your location. He will peacefully sleep until you houses “washed up all ware, wiped floors everywhere, planted among flowers forty pink bushes“. As soon as you with all imaginable precautions jump out for a minute - to a trash can or a booth, the baby right there learns about it. Having few times tried to insert the shivering hands a key into a keyhole under the wild roar of the darling of a crumb reaching from the apartment I gave up practice “to jump out for hlebushky“.

needs to go To the street. Not only for walking of the child, but also for you. Change of a situation, fresh air and the movement are necessary for you for composure finding. You will communicate to other young mummies, you will complain that “yours again all night long acted yesterday“ … You look, and will feel better. Or perhaps will carry, and you will find with whom to cooperate in turn to look after children and to go shopping also in children`s policlinic. In the company is always more cheerful. Besides, is to whom to talk not only at the level “to an ag, lyul, babble“.

Of course it to be locked within four walls in private with the baby not and simply unless “the gift option“ which only eats and sleeps got to you. Otherwise you will be rescued by the mode and pragmatic approach to a situation, together with a share of sympathy for itself. If not you, then who in general will regret? The main thing - you remember that light at the end of a tunnel is. The child`s father will return, there will arrive grandmothers and other relatives. At the worst, the child will grow up, will learn to talk, it will become better to sleep at night and to cry less. Well, speak, all children begin to sleep sooner or later at night. Exists whether you know, such theory …