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Yoga for kids of

the Way to harmony

many adults regularly practice yoga In the modern uneasy world to support an organism tone, to reduce stress, to strengthen health and to get rid of intensity. However it is useful for yogi to practice also to children.

our lesson “Children`s Yoga“ suggests parents to direct to

superenergy of children to strengthening of their health, and to children - in a cheerful game form to get acquainted with ancient and fascinating system of yoga.

the Lesson is unique

: in it the technique of improvement not only a physical body, but also soul and spirit of the child is applied to harmonious education of children.

Development of a body is a physical development which gives the child strength, endurance, fine health.

Development of soul comprises sensual, emotional experience of the child in mastering by it arts and education of art in it - ability to communicate with beauty.

Development of spirit is a knowledge of the world and itself.

having Only united

and having harmoniously developed a body, soul and spirit of the child, it is possible to bring up it the free personality.

Is played in yoga

On the one hand children, we are much closer to the nature, than, adults; they it is more natural, they have no rigid installations and habits, they are open for all new which they comprehend easily, with huge interest and enthusiasm.

But on the other hand that this interest and enthusiasm did not die away, the teacher always has to consider features of children`s perception. It for the adult training - the serious process demanding from it concentration, deep reflections and assiduity, and for the child knowledge of the world - only game. Restless, inquisitive children`s nature is quickly bothered by boring morals and infinite repetitions, she constantly is eager for something new, novel. Therefore each our lesson is not training, but fascinating travel to the world of yoga; each movement - cheerful game.

One more feature: at children the associative thinking prevails, they in everything prefer to rely on the brief experience therefore all it is told at our lessons about, we try to associate with the fact that the child sees in everyday life that he is his experience. And development of asanas - yoga poses - as well as possible satisfies also children`s tendency to associative thinking, and its aspiration to all new, and love to cheerful game.

And “butterfly“, and “teapot“

Actually asanas are, of course, not game, and the difficult and deep vital philosophy which was born from thousand-year experience, attentive supervision and reflections about the natural phenomena. Yogis studied how animals move as they breathe, relax - not without reason yogas, many of poses, reproduce habits of animals or represent its spirit. Asanas can also be the image of world around, for example mountains or trees.

Even the biggest human wisdom begins

with children`s game. What child will not want to learn to stretch how a cat, or to reach for the sun how a flower? Carrying out asanas, children broaden the horizons, train attention and memory. It is even simple to remember such number of names of asanas (not to mention that to execute them) not each adult will be able:“ Butterfly“, “Snail“, “Snake on a tree“, “Locust“, “Turtle“, “Frog“, “Pigeon“. And still there is “Tree“, “Mountain“, “Soldier“, “Boat“, “Anchor“, “Candle“, “Table“, “Chair“, “Diamond“ and even “Teapot“, and these are still not all asanas which we carry out at our lessons.


It is sure that it became interesting to you how all this looks, and, maybe, there was even a wish to try to represent “Chair“ or “Crocodile“. And you represent if still to connect all this in one instructive story about people, animals, travel? Interestingly? Fascinatingly? Of course! We do not try to do gymnastics, we play it, not without reason, at our “yozhisty“ lessons there is not always enough empty seat to put a rug.

Adult questions of children`s yoga

Would like to calm our dear grandmothers and grandfathers who quite often ask us a question: Whether “People of different confessions can practice yoga?“ We answer: it is possible. Yoga not religion, but way of life. The main principle of yoga - “Do not cause others what you do not wish yourself“, and unless it is not the basic principle of many religions: do not do others harm - physical, verbal and mental?

But even the finest moral principles will remain mere words if child not to teach to follow them in life. Practice of yoga teaches children to respect for itself, for other children, for adults, understanding as their actions and acts influence the people surrounding them, and abilities to estimate fully a miracle of naturalness of life.

One more question which to us is asked practically by all who for the first time heard about our lesson: “In what does the children`s yoga differ from adult?“ The fact that it is more dynamic: children are exclusively mobile and to hold poses a long time as it is done by adults, they have neither forces, nor patience. Though gradually in the course of occupations by yoga even at the hyper lively children ability to concentrate attention and assiduity develops.

Advantage as a hobby and bodies

the course of a hatkh Adapted for children - yogas promotes strengthening of muscles, improvement of plasticity, flexibility and coordination of movements, helps to keep to the child a good bearing and will teach him to avoid injuries. Practice of yoga will help it to know better the body, to be self-assured also the forces, so, to raise a self-assessment.

of the Yogi is a relaxation and rest after intellectual and emotional loadings in school, it promotes development of tranquility, concentration and emotional balance in children and teenagers. Especially the yoga is recommended to the children who reached difficult teenage age with its huge physical and emotional activities. The yoga will help them to cope during this difficult period with stresses of everyday life.

of the Yogi - a beautiful view of physical activity which will satisfy need of your children for the movement. It is especially important today when children spend too much time in a sitting position, watching telecasts, listening to music or playing on the computer. Researches show that many serious illness - consequences of a sedentary life.

we Will talk...

On occupations we touch upon subjects from valueology - science about health, about laws of formation of own health. The word “valeo“ in translation from Latin means “good luck“. Somehow we asked children: “What such health?“ “When nothing hurts“, “When at heart it is quiet“, “When you are on friendly terms“, “When love, and you love“ - they answered. Surprisingly, how precisely children captured the essense of concept about health, health in the real sense of this word - first of all a consent of our body, soul and spirit. Not without reason still ancient spoke:“ A sound mind in a sound body “, “ a body - the temple of soul“. And this temple should be kept clean as well as the thoughts, desires, words, acts.

of People lives not in itself, and in society, and from our behavior, from our attitude towards himself, towards the people surrounding us, depends what will be this society. If each of us tries to change himself, then and society will become purer and healthier.

Perhaps, you will tell that it is too difficult concepts and problems for the small child? But if the person not to think of these problems in the childhood, then, having become the adult, he will never be able to solve them. Children perfectly understand everything, actively take part in discussion of all our subjects and have about everything the, sometimes very interesting and “not hackneyed“, opinion.

About safety

Always start joint practice with children in the warm and open room where there is a minimum of furniture and there are no sharp or fragile objects.

the Children`s yoga unites elements of ancient practice of yoga and traditional physical exercises.
Be convinced by

that the child, carrying out asanas, does not try to hold the breath, and breathes quietly and exactly.

If performance of any pose is caused to the child by pain or inconvenience, do not allow it to be overstrained - the way it will work over it then.


to the child that during performance of a pose it is necessary to sip a back.

Start practice of joint yoga not earlier than in two hours after food. For occupations use special rugs.

About clothes

the Clothes have to be free and convenient, from fabrics like streych. However avoid too baggy clothes, pleated which can get confused during practice.

needs to be engaged in


needs to remove

hours, jewelry, points. If the child without points feels inconveniently, allow it to leave them, but track that he surely removed them during poses with revolutions.

the Children`s yoga is especially recommended by
- to often ill children;
- to children with diseases of nervous system (VSD, osteochondrosis, enuresis);
- to disturbing and excitable children;
- to the children receiving big intellectual and emotional loading;
- to inactive children.