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Hypoxia of

“My daughter was three months old. The doctor the neuropathologist who examined her, told that she had a hypoxia. What is it and how soon passes at kids?“

of the Reason of a hypoxia

the hypoxia In itself is not an illness, but a state which appears from - for sudden the termination or insufficient intake of oxygen to fabrics and bodies of the kid (till the birth). Oxygen is necessary for all exchange power processes of our organism, and its deficiency can cause a set of problems. In a varying degree all tissues and bodies of children suffer from a hypoxia, but most heavier it transfers a brain. That is why consequences of a hypoxia can seriously affect on health of kids.

of the Reasons, leading, much, to a hypoxia they can be connected with a state of health of future mother and any trouble during pregnancy and childbirth.

Risk factors from mother:

during pregnancy and childbirth to a hypoxia can be led:

As you can see, some of the reasons causing a hypoxia it is possible to prevent. We come back again to what doctors speak very much about: all nine months of expectation future mother needs to be very attentive to herself and the kid. If there are difficulties, do not hesitate, see a doctor.

We already said


of the Consequence of a hypoxia that is the strongest from shortage of oxygen the brain of the kid suffers that is fraught with various neurologic diseases (from lungs, such as perinatal encephalopathy, to serious). The it was shorter and weaker damage, the smaller damage to health it causes. Besides, emergence of a hypoxia and its influence on the child`s brain after the birth can depend also on the congenital and acquired by it during life diseases (heart diseases, anemia, bronchopulmonary pathology, adenoides). Unfortunately, even if the kid who had a hypoxia during the whole first year of life develops safely (in time begins to hold the head, to sit, stand and go), then he can have difficulties (the delay of the speech, complexity in behavior, a rastormozhennost, excitability, restlessness, bad concentration of attention is possible).

Treatment of a hypoxia


it is appointed depending on to what consequences the hypoxia led. If the acute shortage of oxygen arises at the time of delivery, the kid is given resuscitation help, clear airways, stimulate natural breath, and in case of need, do an artificial respiration. Then the kid is observed by the neuropathologist who appoints a course of recovery treatment: drugs which improve work of a brain, sedatives, massage, physiotherapy exercises, physical therapy. To children is more senior the help of the logopedist and psychologist can be required.