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Family life of the woman passes my personal experience of family life

on such vicious circle of duties. What were my 7 “Ya“?

I welcome

Ya - a smile and the kind word house and guests that to them it was warm and comfortable.

Ya I help - to tie both laces, and ties and to solve problems, at first about apples and pipes, then vital - what business to choose.

Ya I clean - at first toys, then socks, and sometimes and... stubs, banks - bottles.

I buy

Ya - that 3 times a day to feed, every day to dress - to put moreover and to please.

I explain to

Ya - where the right - left that is good - that is bad, and later - how to get out of crisis and to endure trouble.

Ya I treat - for cough and cold, and for bad mood.

difficult I teach

Ya of this life - carrying out all simple daily duties, I teach the relatives to live. To live in a family. My 7 “Ya“ help a family to be the real family.

But there came in my life the moment when all my role in a family was reduced to this last. I became a grandmother. I have one-and-a-half-year-old a topotushka Dima and a three-months lopotushka Sasha now. And, perhaps, it is the most pleasant duty - to teach life of the charming silly little chaps: both newborn grandsons, and the matured sons. And on what rise in emotions you stay when you are going to take away from maternity hospital a small miracle in an envelope. Feelings which I had, striving waiting for an extract of the granddaughter, developed at me into the following poem:

To what sleeping
the baby is good

of Trembling happiness
is executed soul.
With pleasure strews
at a mother`s breast.
I does not know yet,
that there, ahead.
Aloud we reflect,
to whom is similar:
father`s or mother`s?
Or both nevertheless?. Strelochki`s
- eyelashes,
eyes - ozerka,
the Birdie - a nevelichka,
is slightly more than father`s hand.
You flitted a chickabiddy
into a nest, into our house.
laughter a jingle
will respond Soon in it.
our Scarlet Flower,
gift of the fantastic earth.
You not small
happiness of all family. You hopes our
Aleksandra, Sanka, Sasha,
our pride and love.