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The bathroom for children of

can Afford such luxury not each family. But there comes the moment when the child begins to use a bathroom independently. By this time it is necessary to equip at least a family bathroom that to children it was comfortable and safe there. whether


Needs a separate children`s bathroom?


to Everyone needs personal space, - it is necessary for the child doubly. In the bathroom, general with adults, to them will “be not just close“, but it is even dangerous: and the father`s razor attracts, there is a wish to taste mother`s ink... And in “the“ bathroom they will be able quicker to get used to elementary hygienic procedures. Imitating adults, to brush teeth and to correct a hairdress in front of the mirror. That is will gain independence in life. Nevertheless, only owners of spacious multiroom apartments and country cottages will be able to allocate the certain room under a children`s bathroom, perhaps. For standard housing such prospect is represented unrealistic. But it is necessary to tell what will be able to adapt the bathing space under children`s needs practically everyone.

How to turn an “adult“ bathroom into a bathtub “nursery“?

First of all, it is worth taking care of safety. Hot water will rescue a bath and shower mixer with the limiter of temperature from burns or the thermostat. We recommend, for example, Damixa Saturn 25100, Grohe Groterm 34155, Oras 7446X, Hansgrohe Ecostat 13241000.


For a sink will be suitable the contactless mixer with the preset water temperature, such as Roca Amura 526174500, Axor Steel 15101800, Hansgrohe Metris S 31100000.

Also should provide a nonslipping floor. If there is such opportunity, then as a covering it makes sense to choose special linoleum for bathrooms with a relief surface or a relief tile - FAP Luce, Kerama Marazzi Lugano, Rex Matouche.

Already ready floor can be laid “nonskid“ rugs from rubber or plastic. They can be put in a bathtub or the shower pallet. There will be no hand-rail on a wall superfluous and. Ideally all furniture, bathroom equipment and the equipment in a children`s bathroom have to be without acute angles that the child did not suffer even if all - will hit against something.

In a children`s bathroom existence of sockets and electric devices is better to exclude

. And to equip the lamp with the wall motion sensor.

the Door needs to equip

with the lock which opens both with internal, and from the outer side if the child is locked, and it needs your help. And, at last, in a children`s bathroom should not be pricking and cutting objects (razors, cuticle scissors and so forth) and also household chemicals. All cosmetics have to be in plastic capacities. At all not in glass which can break and wound.

will not be prevented also by such pleasant additions as a rack with low regiments, from where it is easy to get a towel. Think of acquisition of a seat for a toilet bowl with the smooth course (falls and rises smoothly). If you equip a separate bathroom for children, then we advise to pay attention to special collections of furniture and bathroom equipment.

of the Plumber and furniture for a children`s bathroom

Feature of such products - in proportion the reduced amount and “cheerful“ design, safety of use. For example, the children`s toilet bowl of the Turkish company Vitra 6047 is offered with coverings which interfere with reproduction of bacteria and are easily cleared. Also the model is equipped with a cartridge, eliminating unpleasant smells. The model has smaller height, than usual, and is executed in the form of a young frog.

Children`s decisions in “the reduced adult“ design are at the German Duravit brands (Bambi 010609, 018509 model), Keramag (211650, 201710, 326060) Villeroy &Boch. The last offers the whole collection intended for children. Sinks, furniture, mixers entered a series. And all objects are transformers, that is over time they can be adapted easily for a bathroom of the matured child. But this collection belongs to the highest price segment. More budgetary options, but also less various it is possible to find at the Swedish producers of Gustavsberg and IFO (322001801), at the Czech Jica (Baby 2703. 7). And the Spanish company Roca offers a special children`s seat (801950. 4), which turns a standard toilet bowl into children`s. Still this producer has the whole collection of children`s accessories for bathing Pony. Finishing materials for children it does not make sense to list to

p. Without effort it is possible to find the mass of the “children`s“ collections of a tile washing wall-paper, stanovy panels, etc. in any hardware store. It will be necessary only to decide on the choice of a coloring.

Design for the smallest

Children love a variety. They want something “brand new“ all the time. But it is of course not an occasion of times month to do repair. To please the kid, it is possible to change design of a bathroom by means of accessories. Special expenses and there it will not be required - to move enough a blind for a shower or a bathtub, to change glasses for toothbrushes, plastic laundry baskets. And it is worth re-making rugs at least for gigiyenichnost reasons from time to time. Quite good idea - application on a mirror or a ceramic tile - as from improvised materials (a multi-colored film, self-adhesive paper), and from ready sets. Figures from plastic latex which are easily glued to a smooth surface enter them and also easily are removed.