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Healthy teeth: answers to frequently asked questions of mothers

About it are known by both adults, and children: long to keep teeth healthy, it is necessary to brush surely after each meal teeth. The exception is made by the little lucky eating breast milk. The enzymes which are contained in breast milk promote splitting of a dental plaque, increase immunity of an oral cavity and protect a children`s organism. As soon as in a diet of the kid there is a usual, “human“ food, the rule “brush teeth after food“ becomes obligatory and for them!

One more important remark: remember that caries is a viral disease! Therefore it is very important not to lick the child`s objects at all (for example, tasting porridge or kefir). And, please, try not to kiss the kid on the lips, thereby you will save him from risk of developing of caries.


But it rules of care of teeth, of course, are not limited. Mothers have many questions, and we have answers.

1. Whether it is necessary to look after an oral cavity of the baby before emergence of teeth?

Now on sale many different conditioning agents behind an oral cavity of kids are. Pay attention to the special teas containing the herbs intended especially for prevention of early caries. In parallel we advise to use also traditional methods of toothbrushing. Then the child since the earliest childhood will get used to this hygienic procedure. Right at the beginning use a latex brush - www fingerstall. splat. ru. It soft and safe for the kid and convenient for use by parents.

Pay special attention to the choice of toothpaste for the smallest. It has to be the most natural on structure, without strong and the more so harmful fragrances. Our recommendation: toothpaste from 0 to 4 SPLAT Junior. Organic gel Scarlet Vera strengthens gums. Active calcium helps with formation of strong enamel of children`s teeth. The omega - 3 fatty acids - a vitamin D source - promotes the best digestion of calcium and mineral substances. And the complex of dairy enzymes increases own local immunity and protective properties of saliva of your kid. Paste has gentle yogurt taste, and its natural structure does paste safe even at incidentally swallowing. As a gift - that latex brush - a fingerstall for toothbrushing by the smallest.

2. How the first toothbrush has to look? Of what materials it has to be made?

It has to have very small head and the big handle. The small head of a children`s brush will easily be located in the child`s mouth, and the big handle is necessary that it was easier for parents to manipulate it. The bristle has to be soft or very soft. In most cases use a nylon bristle. The main thing that at a shchetinok tips that they did not injure a gum were rounded off.

3. What to pay attention to, choosing children`s toothpaste?

Follow three simple rules.

Rule first: active ingredients. They have to have not only clearing, but also protective functions. Children`s SPLAT junior pastes contain the active calcium received from an egg shell. It is perfectly acquired and helps with formation of strong enamel. Olaflyur in combination with a mannitol and active components of the Japanese licorice protects teeth from caries for 98%.

Rule second: usability in combination with efficiency. We recommend means which will be able to remove a raid from teeth even if the child insufficiently carefully cleaned teeth. The SPLAT junior toothpastes contain dairy enzymes which independently split a raid even in hard-to-reach spots.

Rule third: safety. Track that in children`s paste there was no triklozan, sugar. Experts agree in opinion that use in pastes a sulfate lauryl also extremely harmfully for kids, when swallowing a lauryl sulfate irritates a stomach therefore try to find paste without it. SPLAT junior pastes are completely deprived of these ingredients, so, they are not simply useful to teeth, but also are safe for all children`s organism.

4. How to accustom the child to brush regularly teeth? The it becomes more senior, the not more willingly goes to a bathroom.

Try to think up game elements. Make a toothbrush “speaking“, ask from her name, how are you and what new occurred at the child in a day. It is good if packing of paste is bright and too will be able “to chat“ with the kid.

Good example: the SPLAT Junior toothpastes for children from 3 to 8 years.


In - the first, attention unusual packing of toothpaste - a triangular box draws at once. Four types of toothpastes are developed for children from 3 to 8 years:“ The North“ with taste of bilberry, citrus “South“, peach “West“ and “East“ with appetizing crimson taste. Tasty and at the same time absolutely safe at casual swallowing.


On packing of toothpastes drew the bright animals representing various continents - penguins, a turtle, a koala and a lemur. And near their images - a question mark: what they dream of? And three stickers that the child himself decided what the koala and to what the pingvinenok rejoices longs today for.

When the child himself creates paste, does an own product, it in a different way treats also toothbrushing process. Therefore be not surprised if now the kid himself runs in a bathroom to clean teeth. It enclosed a part of the soul in toothpaste.

5. I heard that there were special skins for clarification of teeth? As well as from what age they can be applied? Whether not harmful they for the kid?

Along with nurseries tooth paste there were also now children`s skins which allow to make hygienic care of children`s teeth even more convenient and simple. It is a peculiar alternative to both paste, and a conditioner. At the moment skins only of SPLAT Junior are issued. They do not demand a spolaskivaniye and when rinsing split a dental plaque. All components used in SPLAT Junior skins are allowed by Rospotrebnadzor of the Russian Federation for use in these types of production, and it means safety of a skin at a casual proglatyvaniye. Children at different age swallow from 20 to 70% of the paste applied on a brush. So similar things are known and are considered by the producer.

the Main active components of the SPLAT Junior series - from Japan, and as the main active ingredients in pastes and skins are used dairy enzymes, calcium from an egg shell and an organic form of fluorine - OLAFLUR. These are, perhaps, the only means with such difficult and various structure which consider age needs of the child.