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My family and Grisha

“We will bring

of Chick to you from Africa of a popugaychik“, - the aunt before departure told me. Now this reminiscence was already covered with time haze: from that memorable day when we all family at Sherementyevo`s airport saw off the uncle and the aunt in business trip to the far-away African country, there passed nearly 30 years. I remember farewell to night flight, desert Leningradskoye Highway, bright lamps along the road... Light...

the First impressions when I in several months saw a big cage in the room and in it two green popugaychik, were a little erased too. But in memory there was their cheerful shout, their “requests“: to cover with a rag for the night, to allow to drink. They were called Chick and Grisha, in the beginning they bit and were not given in hands, but patient character of the grandfather played a role: birdies became trustful and tender. A little later I learned that their breed - Senegalese parrots. And the main feature - maniacal love to gnaw everything around. But we learned about such habit of birdies only over time, and in practice lost loops on curtains, the embroidered pillow, slippers at once. Had skillfully a bite loops on curtains Chick, she moved on eaves and one for another gnawed loops. The victory - a curtain flies down! And still Chick was very tender, she saw off me in school, ate porridge from a spoon and very much did not love the cage, carrying out the most gangster operations on failure of all locks from a door. As soon as in soul at such little birdie so much heat and devotion to people found room! And still the bird was clever and perspicacious, she understood that after the words “Cage to Chick“ it will come to be in iron prison, and cruelly revenged offenders.

Grisha was as if simpler than

, but he could speak. And still accurately divided family members on favourite and unloved. He shouted at unloved, and it did not seem a little - the African parrots are able to shout skillfully.

When you get used to the pet, his leaving is especially tragicly perceived. Especially silly for which and later time of terribly you abuse. I remember hot July day, the giving which is taken out on a porch for cleaning a cage, the forgotten open door. Chick departed. She was attached on a high fir-tree and long sat there, then she tried to fly down to our house and, flying by by me, almost touched me by a wing, but strong wind hindered a little birdie, and the passing big car frightened. As now I see the little green birdie who is turned over our country house, she desperately shouted, asking to help. And Grisha answered it from a cage. Then Chick was behind high trees, and we any more never saw it. We visited all neighboring villages in search of a birdie, but alas. Grisha lived at us for a long time, we gave all love and heat to it, he sang, and sometimes, understanding or not understanding, called: “Chick, Chick!“ And Chiki was not.


the Shotlansky setter Jack lived at us 11 years. You remember the movie “White Bim, Black Ear“? There the English setter, Jack`s relative acted. I remember myself on a grass in the wood (we had a rest with parents in boarding house near Moscow) with a tolstenky puppy: on the sun issinya - black the dzhekina a back is poured and bright red burns fell. Ears are lowered on eyes - the doggie does not want to go home. Jack was a bottle-fed baby, his mother died soon after the delivery, and it was succeeded to leave two puppies - Jack and his sister. And until the end of life Jack tried to realize the need for sucking which to it did not manage to enjoy, having lost mother. Jack sucked everything: bed linen, the laying, tennis ball.

About balls history separate. My parents live near Dynamo stadium, and exactly there the father always walked in the evenings with Jack. Nearby there was a tennis court on which athletes trained, and Jack sat down behind a fencing and patiently waited when the tennis ball departs, and it can be caught. Usually athletes gave the balls caught by Jack to him, and it is proud bore the production, having strong squeezed it in teeth. Alas, or fortunately, we did not accustom him to hunting, and balls remained its only hunting trophies.

Jack left us before the eleventh birthday. Now dogs even more often suffer from oncology. This did not pass bitter to consider also Jack. I remember how we with the father and mother carried it operated from clinic, on the way parents delivered me home where I was waited by the little daughter Mashenka. Jack slept all road, he hard departed from an anesthesia, but as soon as the car stopped opposite to my entrance, he with groan (really dogs can groan so) stood up, and stretched me the shivering paw. He said goodbye. Perhaps, he knew that he any more any more will never see me. I clung to this lovely pad, kissed him on a muzzle. Parents went for the dacha, there in two days Jack did not become.

Children often bring to

of the Tea home animals, at me during study at school both canaries, and a wavy parrot, amadina, small fishes visited. But it is not surprising. And here we rescued one proud and strong wild being. It was the seagull with the broken wing. Huge as it appeared, the bird, suffered and could fall a victim of dogs or cats. At us she lived about two months. We fed her with fish, let out in the room to resemble and when understood that she can spread a wing without pain, brought to Moscow Zoo. Somehow there was your destiny farther, Chaika?



is considered to be that cats do not get on with dogs. It`s not true. Both cats and the most spiteful of dogs have no congenital hatred to each other. By enemies they are done by people. At us always as that so turned out and turns out that houses live also dogs and cats at the same time. From the Poultry market we brought the small mewing lump: it was given almost for nothing, the old woman - the hostess shivered on wind, gently warming under tails of the coat of two kittens. One my friend took, another - I. Tisha grew up in huge is dazzling a beautiful Siberian cat. He ate on hours, slept practically all the time, and did not do uniform attempt to catch on giving mice.

Somehow time occurred a funny case. We have at the dacha many moles. Once the mole dug a hole directly at a porch, earth lumps on its hill grew at us in the eyes. It was clear that it literally in several centimeters. We dragged to a hole of two cats - Tisha and parental Lavrik. At first “krotolova“ became interested in object, but several minutes later, having been tired, probably, of unusual work, fell asleep, having been curtailed balls on both sides from the mole shelter. We laughed that the mole had to get out surely to look at the sleeping hunters.


the tranquility ended with Nikish`s

when in the house the puppy East - the European sheep-dog appeared. It was my dream. I, probably, was born with desire to have a sheep-dog. When I went to the first classes of school, passing on the way to school by one house, I often saw the girl with a huge beautiful sheep-dog. As I envied it!

I on December 8, 1988 I go for a puppy. In a corridor we were met by mother of puppies - the chernopodpaly champion of Moscow and all - all Chara. Even more titled was the father. But then to me was all the same: my all eyes were attracted to puppies: four lumps turned about mother. She wearily screwed up the face, without wishing them neither to feed, nor to lick. Then, several years when at our Nikisha own puppies were born later, I remembered fatigue of Chara and, comparing my supervision to stories of other dog lovers about a mad maternal instinct a bough, understood: not all are given rise to become mothers.

Nikisha grew before the eyes. A circle the first - we are two months old, we do not walk yet, but forever understood that to sleep the cat cannot give. The cat is pulled out for a tail from - under a sofa. Then Tisha taught a good lesson few times Nikishchu, and she throughout all life did not touch him, tried to avoid, but at the same time always brought him stones and tasty cookies. The cat did not eat a bone, and carried away cookies to himself in a lodge and there

the Circle of the second crackled of

- we are six months old, we on the dog platform. Vyshagivaniye around, barriers, boom - everything came to Nikishe easily and simply. All teams, except “It is impossible to take anything from a floor“. Or rather, from the earth. And what we only did not do - smeared sausage with mustard, dressed a muzzle on walk. Nikisha was a terrible glutton. At the time of general deficiency it significantly undermined our budget, having eaten supplies from the defrozen refrigerator: oil half a kilo, two kilograms of sausage and kilogram of meat. And in two hours wanted to eat again.

Circle the third: first exhibition. Gold medal. Then they will be tens, but this is the first!

Circle the fourth: at Nikisha puppies were born. To feed with it 12 puppies were obvious laziness, and it was necessary to finish feeding them the mixes “Baby“. Once before feeding a cat Tisha did not manage to hide providently. And as soon as puppies ate, they who already matured monthly a kutyata began to lick it and to bite. Instantly got wet cat looked at me with unfortunate eyes: he precisely knew that huge sheep-dogs grow from such little puppies. The mute question in the opinion of a cat sounded awfully: “You will leave all of them here, they will live with me?“

All our puppies fell of

into good hands, they lived in Moscow, Gomel, in Ukraine, were exposed, got medals. And Nikisha continued to get medals at all exhibitions. Slightly turning gray muzzle, but playful character... She was ready to jump and run behind a stick, to ride with us from a hill.

But more serious problem faced it: it, adult and wise, raised 12 children, began to learn to go our daughter Masha. Near Masha she in a moment became silent and appeasable, quietly sat next while the creeping child studied all features of a structure of a dog body. Then Mashenka got up, the small handle she grabbed Nikisha`s withers and that, with bated breath, stood, without moving. And so my daughter took the first steps on life with Nikisha.

Then the grown-up Masha ran with Nikisha races. Nikisha protected her dream, did not admit, being madly kind, is closer than any child to Masha than on meter, played with her, protected her in the apartment when we left 6 - summer Masha one for a couple of hours. It is so much pleasant and expensive memories, so much heat was presented to us by this dog!

Already growing old, Nikisha sometimes looked at us, and in her eyes we with the husband read a question: “You love me?“ We love, very much we love. And now, when after your death, Nikish, there passed more than ten years, we remember you. You remember, you were stolen from shop, and asked the large sum of money? You remember how you much and often were ill? You remember how we gave to you injections?

We remember

how we went last time with Nikisha to the dacha, already with seriously ill, we remember that look full of melancholy with which she looked on our new kitten - the Peach. In a look the regret and pain was read: I leave, you remain. Lovely, nice Nikisha, thanks to you!.


there Passed years, many events took place in life. The daughter Masha matured, graduated from school and entered the institute. Not one place of work was replaced. Not one residence was replaced. But one did not change: every evening we are still met by our favourite pets. Now it is our old cat the Peach, the prankish Simon`s cat who was rescued a year ago, having picked up in a frost a three-week kitten, the beauty - the descendant and Nikisha`s relative - a sheep-dog Lesya. The parrot Maksik sings in a cage...

you ask

why there are so much animals in one apartment. Often it is necessary to hear that it is excess dirt in the house, excess care. But with dirt it is possible and it is necessary to fight or by own efforts, or to employ the assistant, and difficulties with, where to give animals for the period of holiday, easily are solved - in one Moscow of hotels for dogs tens. But when you look in the open and honest face of your dog or cat, at heart it becomes warm and happy. The bitterness of losses of animals is replaced by pleasure from communication with new animals.

Someone told that, buying a dog, you have a unique opportunity to buy love for money. It is bad to measure such feeling material, but all so: you bring the bought puppy home, feed and put him to bed, and he already loves you and very much in everything trusts you.

I still. I wrote about children a little. I am grateful that in the first years of the life my daughter Mashenka was surrounded with love of animals. Still she remembers and gently loves our Nikisha. Remembers, laughing, funny cases with a cat Tisha. Memories of Jack are slightly erased - she was only two years old when he died. But also it, also scare Grisha, all of them were in her life. And they, and the animals who appeared then during a time of its adolescence - a dog Lada, a cat Lavrenti... All of them taught her to good and sympathy, patience and I understand. They taught her to love live. And when it last year brought home the tiny, located on a palm lump which became a cat Sima subsequently, I was proud for her kind heart. Subsequently Sima became the big mischievous person: very expensive wall-paper after its exercises should be re-stuck, whether but in it business?

Ya often I reconsider family a photo. Everyone has such valuable archive in a family. On them - our close people, favourite and expensive. And still - animals. Absolutely old, jammed photos from the childhood: I from Chikaya on a shoulder, Tisha sleep on the sofa, Nikisha at an exhibition. Their lives as moments, rush in memoirs. Such short lives, but such bright and filled with good and devotion.

I again the light road from the Sheremetyevo airport. I arrived from the next business trip, houses wait for me. I remember with gratitude of the word: “We will bring to you a popugaychik...“