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About gifts of

Every year expectation of New Year`s holidays or someone`s birthday poisons only one: immemorial painful question “what to give?“ .

if with children even more - it is less clear to

I since they artlessly sound the wishes, then with adults it is necessary to suffer.

In general, I have to you tell

, adults sound the wishes too. Just not so directly, as children therefore close people should be listened and heard. And on the place of strangers it is necessary to present itself and to think up what you would like.

General rule: it is necessary to give emotions. To especially close people. Not to give that at all, as so would buy. A new sweater instead of old, extended, etc. things. People are, as a rule, able to provide themselves to the most necessary. The idea of a gift just consists in that to indulge people. And each gift has to be personal for presented. With rare exception.

So, we will begin from top to down. More precisely, from the senior generation.

Stop to give to the grandmother socks. Even very warm and beautiful. She already knows that she is a grandmother. If they are very necessary, buy it them just like that, this weekend. I heard once history which impressed me: - the anniversary presented to the grandmother on 80 powder, lipstick, spirits. It was absolutely happy. The woman remains the woman and in old age, but relatives, children, grandsons for some reason forget about it. What else gifts, in my opinion, suit the senior generation?

  1. of the Thing, facilitating life. This generation did not get used to buy new things if old still work. And nothing that to a teapot 20 years, boils water and is fine. Therefore it is possible to look narrowly at them on a visit that fails or annoys the hostess shortcomings: new teapot, iron, mixer, radio telephone. Only simple in management, with large buttons. Remember that the senior generation has, as a rule, problems with sight.
  2. Still can give to
  3. various new ware. Therefore you give qualitative pans, frying pans, baking dishes, beautiful cups, good knives (well take from them kopek). Everything that they are hardly able to afford from pension.
  4. Something relating to a hobby. That who likes to play solitaire - new cards. To the fan to embroider - a set for an embroidery or just beautiful box with a heap of a mouline thread, convenient nozhnichka, a good tambour. A trunk for needlework. Good desk lamp.
  5. Subscription for favourite newspapers, magazines. Including on needlework. Look what else lies on a coffee table. “Round the world“?“ AIF? They will be glad not to look for it on booths, and to take out from a mailbox.
  6. Something from entertainments on which they usually grudge money: favourite detectives, disks with movies and music, theater tickets (and if theater tickets, the called paid taxi and a ready bouquet for actors in day of a performance are not about the New Year`s holiday, and about anniversary, then).
  7. After. To music and cinema: CD - the player, DVD - a player if they are absent.
  8. Personal belongings: a Ssectacle-case, a cover on the passport, a purse. Better either very qualitative, or unusual. The woman still can present a silk scarf, a ring for a scarf.
  9. Something for health: tonometer, meteorological station.

One more delusion:“ the senior generation almost needs nothing“. It seems to me, it is a mistake. And they the same as us, will be pleased beautiful mobile, the camera. And the tour to any country if of course, health presented allows to travel will be absolutely magnificent gift.

About universal gifts. To teachers, tutors and so forth. Nevertheless it is necessary to refuse idea of candies. And what, if good tea? Not necessarily in beautiful banks. Let weighed out of good shop. Beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Hand cream. DVD - disks with classics of cinema, including Soviet.

I Will repeat, each gift has to be individualized. Thinking what to present to the person, remember whether he said the phrase “Here to buy...“ And if it is not the apartment or Bentley, remember what the person dreams of? Mentally walk on its apartment. Perhaps it is time to update a sconce in a bedroom? Beautiful bed linen? Set of smart towels? In kitchen I already mentioned about ware.


about interests of the person. Can be a good gift:

I write

Ya only about the principle since I am not guided in others hobbies, professions. It is just necessary to think of the person and to think up that is not enough for him. What it often loses? Or it has no time to resupply? The smoker can buy a box with 100 simple lighters. To put in a beautiful box, to make a playful inscription on a card, and your gift will at least be remembered.

Knowing people, it is difficult not to choose by it a gift. You go on a visit to advocates of healthy nutrition? Buy a bottle of good olive oil instead of a wine bottle. In a close-knit family with children? Board game.

I still the moment which always surprises me. It is the question “what to present to the husband / wife?“ . Who if not you, know him / her better?

Think what is loved by the person? It is a gourmet? Buy it jamon. Entirely or just 100 g cut and packed in shop. He likes to cook? You look about ware at kitchen. Personalize the gift! Let it will be not just a knife, and author`s, with initials, made at the good master. Not just recipe-book, and rare. Century before last. Or modern, but very competent and beautiful.

What hobby at the person? The diver - an underwater knife, special gloves. Is not present? Buy it a course. Is engaged in fitness? New clothes for fitness, a convenient bag, special vitamins, a massage course in sports club. It is not written down yet? Then the subscription for a year.

the Girlfriend likes to look after herself? Massage oil, hand cream, saloon shampoo. You are afraid not to guess? Then pass - the refrigerator for storage of cosmetics, the machine for a pedicure. The person loves sushi? Set of special ware, the beautiful book how to train them, the necessary ingredients bought in company Japanese shop. Loves wine? Beautiful glasses, a partitioned dish for different grades of cheese, a special cheese knife.

Present to

process in which is engaged presented, and all accompanying things. Allocate on what it is usually a pity for money. And safely you give.

Several general rules.

  1. do not postpone purchase of a gift for the last moment. Many good ideas do not manage to be carried out because they demand time for searches or something becomes to order.
  2. If you heard a wish from the person or thought up to it a gift long before an event, write down better. Then to the necessary date you will have several ideas at choice.
  3. Having seen something suitable as a gift for the specific person, surely buy and hide till a holiday. When time to go on a visit comes, you praise yourself for thriftiness. Also well in a stock to have several universal gifts both for adults, and for children.
  4. do not buy cheap, low-quality things. It is better to present a beautiful ice cream spoon, than the cheap Chinese hair dryer which will quickly break.
  5. I though I described some of very expensive gifts, it is not money, more precisely not only in them. The charm with a ridiculous gusenichka can become a mascot for the close girlfriend.

I Will give an example (at the same time and I will brag) a successful gift on birthday to the husband.

We bought incidentally pioneer ties to ourselves for the sake of a trick. Presents. Also decided to celebrate birthday of the husband in pioneer style. To welcome guests in white shirts, ties. To prepare borsch, cutlets and to vodka to give fat, herring and pickles.

the surprise for the husband was farther than

: I found production plant still of the Soviet ware and bought 20 aluminum bowls, spoons, forks and 20 thick glass tumblers. At shelkotrafaretny factory ordered to make an inscription on glasses (a font as on posters). “It is necessary to be always ready to drink with Lekhoy Sokolov!“ All guests was offered to take after a holiday as a gift a ware set. And still we bought couple of tens of helium balls, breathed helium and pioneer songs by bad voices bawled.

a holiday, and a surprise to the birthday man worked well for

I! But it only because I precisely knew that it will be pleasant to my husband. If you present 20 aluminum bowls to the husband, he for certain will be surprised...