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In travel with the kid of

Rest with the kid - no laughing matter. But you should not torment yourself with a question: to go or not to go? Of course, to go! It is necessary to be prepared for travel only thoroughly.


This the first what it is worth thinking of, going with the kid to a way.



do not allow the kid to run along a car corridor, otherwise the passengers who are scurrying about to and fro or the conductor can incidentally scald it boiled water.

the Breakfast, a lunch and a dinner

If you nurse

, you will have no problems with what will be eaten by the kid on the way. Just you watch yourself and do not eat products which can cause disorder of digestion in your child. If the baby is on artificial feeding, you will be able easily to prepare dairy mix or children`s porridge, having near at hand a mug with hot water. In the train and the plane boiled water is always and if you travel by car, take with yourself a thermos or a special heater for children`s small bottles. Lower in a mug with hot water a small bottle with necessary amount of children`s drinking water and when water heats up, dissolve dairy mix or porridge. Besides, the good service on the way to you will be served by various jars with baby food. Do not worry if the menu of the kid is similar to the astronaut`s breakfast, it for a while.

If your child already passed

to adult food, feed him with food, habitual for it, only follow some rules and restrictions: do not overfeed with

  • the kid. On the way travelers eat much just with boredom. Not to tempt small, try to limit yourself.
  • House preparations (roast chicken, boiled eggs, potatoes) pack
  • into a foil, as a last resort into usual paper, but not into cellophane or plastic at all. Try to eat stocks quicker (within the first hours from the beginning of travel).
  • Try to buy products which can long be stored at the room temperature to the road.
  • Should not feed the kid with dairy products, crude vegetables and fruit.
  • Let the child drinks
  • so much how many he will want. Stock up with drinking water in bottles and juice in small bags.

I finally. do not forget about hygiene. Even on the way everything has to be ideally pure: small bottles, nipples, ware and, of course, your hands and handles of the kid.

the Kid till five years cannot but do Without pot

and should not use on the way a public toilet. It is inconvenient, unhygienically in addition at the right time he can be closed or busy. After a diaper a pot - the unique alternative to a toilet. Some days before departure prepare the kid for the fact that it should use a pot (for example if he already weaned from it). The pot has to have surely a cover (present how you will take out it).

Small cunning: you can avoid a problem with washing of a pot if you put inside a tight cellophane package (as in a garbage can). Then will be to close a pot a cover enough, to inform a toilet and, having taken out a package, to get rid of contents. You should not use toilet paper, an opportunity to wash away the child will be presented to you not soon. In this case you will be helped out by wet towel wipes.

we Are put to bed

the Kid (as well as his parents) will easier transfer the road if the most part of time sleeps. Therefore if it is possible, plan a trip generally for night hours. Time in way will pass quickly, besides at night not so hot.

On the way the child has to sleep with comfort, habitual for it. If you travel with the chest kid, take with yourself an automobile armchair, a cradle from a carriage or a big wattled basket with handles. In such universal cradle to the child it will be cozy, besides it is convenient to transfer it. If the kid already grew up from a cradle, arrange him more conveniently on the adult place. In the train lay it on the lower shelf. That it did not fall from it, pull a cord or a sheet a cross - crosswise from lower to the top shelf. Try to settle down on the shelf opposite that you could see it, and it - you if wakes up.

Little advice : do not stack the kid on state linen. If you have no set, just make all its bed diapers. At night in trains very much appears from windows therefore do not undress the child absolutely, put on to him the head a cap or a kerchief, lay him legs to a window, and not vice versa. Many mothers prefer to sleep with the kid on one shelf. What, to the child will be so quieter though you hardly at the same time sleep.

in What to be engaged in

on the way?

If the kid already grew up, it will be difficult for it to be in the closed space without the movement. That is why the dream is on the way more preferable than other occupations. If the most part of a way the child has to stay in a condition of wakefulness, you should become the wise teacher - the tutor, the animator - the inventor, the clown and the conjurer in one person, that is to direct to the kid so many efforts and energy how many he did not receive, probably, and in a month. Depending on age of the kid take with yourself in the road various toys, games, books, pencils or wax crayons, paper for drawing. Do not forget about a favourite toy (especially if he falls asleep with it). Try to straighten out less the child if he rustles or stick to others aunt. Try to distract it better: give it a breast, a small bottle or very quietly look through with it the book. People around in the majority very kindly concern to kids especially as time of a trip is limited and they should suffer such neighbourhood not for long.


without problems

As we know, on the plane at passengers usually stuffs up ears, generally at take-off and to a lesser extent - when landing. This problem can be avoided if to begin to swallow often. It is enough to baby to give a breast (ideal means!) or small bottle. The child is more senior let sucks lollipop (on a stick not to choke).

Important council . If the kid had otitis (an inflammation of a middle ear), then before going by plane, surely consult with the ENT SPECIALIST - the doctor.


can Rock to sleep the kid during a trip by bus, the car, the steamship. A happy exception are absolutely small: their travel usually lull. And here for some kids a motion sickness is more senior gets absolutely other sense. The headache, dizziness, the nausea sometimes reaching vomiting can disturb them. You should not give to kids special tablets.

What can be made?

  • Lay the child in semi-horizontal position, ask it to close eyes and to breathe deeply a mouth.
  • Try that around it was not stuffy, you give to drink to the kid from time to time. Perhaps, at it it will turn out to fall asleep.
  • it would be good to li to stop at least for 15 minutes (for example, travel on the car gives such chance).
  • If very strongly feels sick the child, try to cause vomiting (irritating with a spoon or a finger a root of language and a back wall of a throat), at once it will become easier for it. Do not forget to take with yourself cellophane packages on this case.