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The wedding in the winter of

In our country already exists many years such concept as “a season of weddings“ is time since the beginning of June on the end of October, time when probability to meet on the street a wedding train much above, than in other months. But it does not mean that late fall, in the winter or in the early spring REGISTRY OFFICES sit without work.

According to polls on wedding the Internet - forums, about 40% of grooms and brides plan to hold the wedding in summer months. About 30% would like to marry in September - October. The spring - from March to May - attracts only 20% of future spouses. And only 10% of couples the prospect to celebrate a wedding in the winter does not frighten. This statistics is confirmed also by workers of so-called “wedding business“ - leaders, musicians, operators, owners of cafe and restaurants etc. Nevertheless, it is enough supporters of “winter“ weddings in our country. In - the first, the winter at us lasts a debt and why not to arrange one more holiday waiting for summer (besides available). And in - the second … However, we will consider one after another.

the First obvious plus of a wedding in winter months is almost total absence of turns in REGISTRY OFFICES and palaces. Respectively, there is an opportunity to submit the application for any date and any time (it depends in the summer often it is necessary to choose from what remained), to forget about night “watches“, lists and musters about which every summer with habitual surprise report mass media. There will be no second-hand market and notorious “conveyor“ and in day of wedding. Everything occurs much more quietly and more measuredly, it is not necessary on an hour and longer to wait for the waiting list for registration. And the leader of a ceremony will pay more attention to couple, will tell more pleasant (let and formal) words and will not hurry “on an exit“ the guests wishing to congratulate young people right after registration from - for the fact that behind a door waiting the following couple, and behind it - ten more already pines.

the Second plus is an opportunity to choose and reserve almost any pleasant public catering institution, whether it be cafe or restaurant. In the summer of Friday and Saturday at these institutions are painted nearly in a year. In the winter everything is much simpler. Can give also a discount (besides, from - for lack of an agiotage). If, of course, it is obvious to not to set the purpose to combine a wedding with New Year`s holidays, Christmas or, say, St. Valentine`s Day that these days difficulties will be almost the same, as in the summer. There are also pleasant features: for example, since December 1, all cafes and restaurants decorate the halls with New Year`s symbolics, the decorated Christmas tree, color electrogarlands. In a combination to wedding jewelry all this can unusually look. And, perhaps, will even seem to someone very beautiful. Therefore, having appointed the wedding day during the period from December 1 to January 14, it is possible to bring in this holiday of a little New Year`s magic. For example, to invite Father Frost and the Snow Maiden to congratulate guests and newlyweds with coming (come) New year. The idea is simple, but, as they say, “in a subject“. Or to order walk on sledge in park or in the territory of the ancient estate (as a rule, such services are provided by festive agencies) where newlyweds and guests will also be welcomed and will congratulated by New Year`s characters. Not to mention fireworks which, however, became fashionable to be arranged at weddings all the year round.

the Third plus is, besides, existence of the choice of wedding transport. Limousines, cars business - a class, a retro - a car, comfortable minibuses for guests - all this festive “park“ has more often a rest in the winter, than works. Therefore it is possible to pick up what is pleasant and not that is. Less probability that something will arrive “not that“ (alas, substitutions of the ordered cars are frequent in the summer - even at firms with good reputation something can “be bought up“ in “hot months“, and chance that the car will break, it is invariable above at intensive summer - autumn wedding operation).

the opinion that services of leaders and musicians in winter time cost a little cheaper too Exists. Partly so - if the wedding takes place it not on the eve of New year, then on a discount of service of “set“ “the leader plus di - Jay“ for certain will turn out to agree. As for actors, singers, musical collectives - that quotations are identical both in the winter, and in the summer.

Fourth plus. It is possible to meet offers on discounts in flower shops for “bridal bouquets“ and buttonholes for the groom in the winter - besides, from - for seasonal decreases in demand.

One more plus is related to brides. By itself, there is no agiotage in wedding salons and it is possible to choose a dress from the big range quietly. Besides, there can be discounts. The winter is good time for those girls who want to depart from standards and to appear at the wedding not in banal white or “ayvor“, and in an unusual, color dress. In photos and video against snow-covered, it is almost black - white landscapes the bride in brightly - a red, orange or green dress, or in white, but with color elements will look, out of any doubts, more smartly, than in monophonic white (it will just merge with a background).

By the way, in cold months of year the bride can “flash“ not only a dress, but also a beautiful light pelerine or a short fur coat which in the fall and in the winter surely offer in salon in addition to a dress. Of course, it is additional expenses, but the wedding image is not broken (it depends use of usual fur coats and a coat spoils it hopelessly).

we will pass

From pluses to minuses. The first and most obvious minus is, of course, weather, our winter weather. If not a frost, then slush and dirt. If not snow, then rain. Or wind to bones scolds. Moreover and light day short, you will not manage to taste at the REGISTRY OFFICE of champagne as already twilight goes down. In these conditions to use for walk standard “wedding“ places (the areas with monuments, embankments, bridges over the rivers, etc.) it is inexpedient. There is a wish to advise future brides: regret guests, especially your girlfriends who (anyway!) will put on on your wedding not on weather - in dresses and shoes. Until you (tapping with teeth from cold) be photographed at monuments on the penetrating wind, they will manage to replace a natural shade of the skin on sinyushno - pale. To guests - men it is slightly simpler - they are usually more warmly dressed and take drinks more strong, than “girlish“ champagne. But also they do not maintain long “vymorazhivaniye“ on the street and begin to ask strenuously for restaurant (and the strengthened “warming up“ by means of alcohol quite often leads to the fact that to restaurant in necessary “form“ not all reach).

the second smoothly follows

From the first minus: the photographer and the video operator can refuse to work at the street at the subzero temperature and (or) strong rainfall. Not because they harmful, they do not want to work the paid fees. But because sensitive a photo and the video equipment it is not calculated on work at a temperature below zero and high humidity, it can lead to damage or at all refusal. But you do not want to be left without shooting at restaurant? And the result of shooting in cold weather can not please: the red noses watering on eye wind, the hairdress spoiled from humidity, etc. Early darkness will not allow to make many “classical“ wedding production photos.

the Third minus - to a banquet to the bride should supplement the dress not with graceful shoes, but boots. Some, however, do not consider it as minus: almost all models “wedding“ sapozhek a light shade look very nicely. And it is better and better, than on snow in shoes … The main thing - not to use for this purpose boots of dark color - all wedding image will be to nothing.

Fourth minus. Safety of a wedding bouquet becomes a problem in cold weather too - gentle flowers quickly freeze slightly, will wither in several hours, and until the end of evening when cheerful flight in hands of future bride is necessary to a bouquet, just do not live. Here it is possible to advise only one: not to take out fragile creation of the florist on the street needlessly.

What to do with all these minuses? In - the first, whenever possible to order for guests the spacious minibus in which they will be able to have a rest and get warm so far you pose before a photo - and video lenses.


In - the second, choose suitable places for walk (if at all you will consider that it is necessary). In many cities there are covered trade galleries today - spacious, light rooms with beautiful show-windows, flowers and fountains. Excellent conditions: warmly, light suffices (the photographer can work, even when on the street already darkened). Often in the neighbourhood with little shops and fountains there is a cafe - to guests will be where to sit while there takes place the photoshoot. In such shopping centers usually there are also “civilized“ toilets. Yes, very few people think of it in advance, but, nevertheless, this moment is very important, especially when champagne and other drinks go with a bang, and on the street - is cold … In Moscow also the covered bridges - first of all, “Bagration“, and also bridges near the Kiev station and on Frunzenskaya Embankment enjoy popularity. However, “conveniences“ are absent on two last bridges, but to be in the winter in the closed space much more cozy, than on the street.

B - the third - even if to make the decision “to Walk!“ and it is not subject to discussion, it is better to choose for this purpose parks, territories of estates, squares - all those places where there are big trees. It is clear, why - such places are blown by wind less and to be all there - more comfortably. And it is better to make a photo against trees or historical buildings, than to have in pictures behind the back muffled it is white - a gray landscape with the frozen river or the ice-covered area with the idle fountain.

I, certainly, should time so that between registration of marriage and restaurant there were no more than 2 - 3 hours. Even in the summer this interval is not recommended to do more than 4 hours - and you, and guests will elementary be tired, and ahead of 5 - 6 more hours of a banquet at restaurant or cafe. You should not visit on walk more than two places in a row (however, this recommendation is actual also for “summer“, and in general for all weddings).

By the way, on start of salutes - the fireworks which became very popular in recent years on wedding celebrations, weather does not influence in any way - to remember New year enough.

If to sum up the results, then leaves that a wedding in the winter - not such bad idea. The main thing - to exercise in process of the organization of a celebration judgment, considering the nuances connected with a cold season and everything will pass perfectly! And then, admiration of your courage from your friends and acquaintances is guaranteed: such couples which snow and darkness did not frighten no more than 10% are gained every year! At least, the statistics … so claims