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Usual Saturday of

Saturday. 7 hours. Behind a wall the alarm clock rings. It is time for senior daughter to be going to school. Fortunately, I should not take part in this process and it is possible to luxuriate under a warm blanket! I envy myself and I sympathize with the daughter.

16 - summer Lenochka - pride of our family. She is independent, responsible and perfectly studies. It is a pity only, hates household chores. Of course, it is minus of my education, I protected Lena from all cares and now I worry, as if it was not necessary to it hard in adulthood. At us the younger daughter grows up, and I with her try not to repeat former mistakes. Three-year-old Nastya is my chief assistant. In any case, she is firmly convinced of it.

8 of morning. Nastya wakes up also with squeal “Hurrah! Today mother and the father of the house!“ climbs in our bed.

- the Sun, the father was tired yesterday, he should have a rest, - I say, - Talk quietly. Understood?

Nastya obediently nods and in a whisper asks the father:

- Read me the book!

I Take

in one hand clothes, in another and I take out the child from the room. We wash and go on kitchen. About a bowl the general favourite - a Yorkshire terrier Carolina is already on duty.

- Now I will feed you, - Nastya tells a dog and gets a package of a forage from a locker.

Carolina whines and jumps up from impatience. Nastya does not manage to fill food in a bowl as the dog eats everything and plaintively looks at us in hope for an additive.

- it is fine, give it still, - I allow.

Process repeats, in a minute the same unfortunate look.

Here I notice on a table Lenina a note. I read aloud:“ Fed a dog“.

- Probably, Carolina forgot about it, - Nastya assumed.

It is time for p to have breakfast. I cook porridge, Nastya disassembles the dishwasher (we passed long ago to shock-resistant ware which in our family for some reason too fights). Puts a plate pile, displays tableware. Knows that children cannot touch knives, and already without reminder leaves them in the machine.

Then (from my hint) brings order on a table.

- Oh, this Lena, - copying me, Nastya grumbles, throwing out the sisters who remained after a breakfast candy candy wrappers and packing from yogurt.

After a breakfast we start Nastiny hobby - washing of ware. I put on an oil-cloth apron the resisting daughter. Perhaps, in vain I insist on a hated apron, all the same it will not rescue. Only the diving suit is in this situation effective. I substitute a chair to a sink, Nastya gets up on it, reaches a sponge, pours on it liquid for ware and begins to wash. Splashes, around all in a penalty fee fly, the ware rings, the child is excited. Gradually my purpose to make plates pure is transformed to a difficult task at least to keep to them life.

we Wipe a floor, we take off from ourselves wet clothes, we change clothes and we go for walk with Carolina. Frankly speaking, there is no need to bring our doggie to the street. She, as well as a cat, does “the things“ in a tray. We “use“ a dog for schooling of children to responsibility. Besides, a dog - the only opportunity to walk the idler Nastya. Otherwise we brake at the first met swing and to tear off from them Nastya there are no forces. And so it it is proud walks, conducting a dog on a lead. Sometimes gratuitously, and is more often in exchange for the bicycle, the scooter or other “valuable“ stock graciously allows to move a doggie to familiar kids.

we Come back home

. While Nastya awakes the father, I load the washing machine. Then I call the daughter to press the buttons. Nastya adores various buttons. And the love to buttons is directly proportional to bans. At us panel buttons enjoy the greatest popularity while the father watches TV, and the smallest - phone button (toy, certainly). Nastya considers my mobile phone long ago.

Here the turn of buttons of the vacuum cleaner also came. The dog providently hides in the lodge. We with Nastya vacuum a carpet. More precisely, everything is done by me, and it hangs on a hose with full confidence that strongly facilitates to me a task.

the easiest behind. It is time to dust. For the unclear reasons to dust plain surfaces it is boring for the child. Quite another matter porcelain figurines and numerous souvenirs. I allow to put them in order in an award for well done work. So far there are a lot more bagatelles which Nastya is forbidden to touch. I hope, at it interest in purity targeting will not be gone by then when it is not terrible to me to entrust them to the child.

we bought

For a floor a special children`s set: broom, scoop, mop, rag, bucket. I include water, minutes three the child potters with “instruments of labor“, then switches to mine. Than dirty water in a big bucket is better than clear water in a small bucket - personally for me a riddle. My big mop in the opinion of Nastya looks more attractive own too. Practically “on - sea“ the daughter washes the floor. When my patience disappears, and there is a fear for neighbors under us, call on help the father. He hardly manages to entice the child to play toys. I liquidate consequences of Nastiny cleaning meanwhile. Then quickly I make a lunch and I reflect when and as it will be possible to involve the daughter in this occupation safely. Distracts Nastya`s voice from thoughts:

- the Machine dostirat. We go rather!

Nastya without stool can already hang up linen on a rope framework. As soon as I stand gaping, something surely falls on a floor. Yes, with such dexterity it is necessary to erase twice! Nastya attaches linen clothespegs. It is its special counter. In - the first, it likes process, in - the second, feels like the winner. I unsuccessfully within a month tried to explain that in the apartment the linen will not depart anywhere, then gave up. All summer we dried linen in the yard at the dacha, there - that at Nastya the love to clothespegs arose.

the oldest daughter Comes from school. Together girls set the table, and we have dinner. All eat (including a dog), except me. I seldom manage to combine food with attempts to push more into daughters. Senior over a plate dreams of something, she needs to remind periodically why she sat down at a table. Younger diligently is active a spoon, but to her mouth gets less, than to a mouth of the dog watching under a table. Not more simply and with the husband, keeping to a diet. He forgets about need to grow thin at the sight of food. At last the family is fed, it is time to think of itself. I turn on the TV and without hurrying I have dinner. Nastya with the father load the dishwashing machine. By the way, I know how to force the man to wash the dishes with pleasure. It is ready to share the recipe. It is necessary several times to force the father to wash the dishes together with the kid. Then this process in proud loneliness he will esteem for happiness. In any case, my husband every time strives to appear about a sink before the daughter.

the After-dinner dream me only dreams

! Under silent puffing of the husband I have a rest behind reading aloud children`s books. By an afternoon snack the husband wakes up. As always, the first on kitchen the dog resorts and takes a waiting attitude under the Nastiny chair. Thanks to ours to “the live vacuum cleaner“, differently to me was necessary to wash the floor after each meal.

Then the dog conducts girls in park, and the husband helps me to make a dinner. The help consists in moral support during viewing in kitchen of sports channel. But I also am glad to it, it is so pleasant to be near darling: He works hard therefore on Saturdays I try to give it the maximum opportunity to have a rest.

in the Evening all who want (and who does not want, too) build the lock of the designer and mold something shapeless from plasticine, bearing a faint resemblance to people, someone has to live in the lock!

is Gradually passed to the concerning withdrawal moment to a dream. Here desires in the child`s head immediately replace each other, bringing me to dizziness!

- Mummy, darling, read one small tale!

Well how you will refuse to such request? I read. I get up, I try to turn off the light.

- Mummy, and now read the last, - Nastya poor-mouths.

Ya I do not agree. I know, after “last“ she will ask “latest“, then “very best the last“ and so indefinitely.

- Let`s drink



. Naturally, the following desire - to write. Then again - to drink. Usual water cycle.

Somewhere between requests “take away a doll“, “call the father“ and “bring a bear“, Nastya falls asleep. Strange, I still had today forces …

Is fine, I will reserve forces for tomorrow. We traditionally completely devote Sunday to children.