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Go to a bath!

to Begin to accustom the child to a bath it is possible since the birth. And take the school student with yourself safely. The bath can be interesting to teenagers as one of ways of care of skin.

Damp air of a bath promotes face cleansing from the died-off epitelialny cages, dust, that is has bactericidal effect. Hot steam promotes decrease in allocation of a grease secret and dries skin. And also improves blood supply therefore emergence of acne rash decreases. At visit of a sauna fat skin can give the return reaction at the expense of a peresushivaniye, that is there is a hyperfunction of sebaceous glands.

the Children having obesity in a complex with an unloading diet well lose excess weight at regular visit of a sauna. Due to high temperature in a steam room temperature of all bodies increases that promotes more strengthened their work directed to removal of slags from an organism.

And in general a bath the mood and the child`s dream improves, strengthens nervous system and promotes strengthening of an organism due to more active production of immunoglobulins, cages of immune system. Children are ill less often, become more hardy and active. And at school quietly transfer both intellectual, and physical activity.

For the beginner

the First time can come into a steam room no more than for 3 minutes. The mode of steam has to be sparing. Temperature in a bath on the first time should not exceed 60 C. Wooden shelves heat up rather strongly therefore on them it is necessary to spread something. In general it is necessary to take for the rule: in a bath never to sit down without clothes on any surface - only on the towel! And not to go barefoot - only in bedroom-slippers. If you use brooms, then the birch best of all is suitable for children. For hygienic reasons each family member has to have a broom the. The children`s organism can normally perceive strong differences of temperatures not more often than once a week. You should not go to a bath before going to bed, on a hungry stomach and right after food, it is better to wait for hour two.

Bathing rituals

In order that the body got warm evenly, it is desirable to lay down on a regiment. But not on top, for the child it is too big loading. As a rule, above very hot and stuffy. To come to take a steam bath it is possible two - three times. Time of calling has to be limited: no more than 3 - 5 - ti minutes in the first and no more than 10 - ti minutes in the last. Before the first calling it is desirable to take a warm shower and to be wiped by a towel. Leave soap or shower gel for later - otherwise the skin deprived of a natural grease layer will be defenseless before an overheat and a peresushivaniye. It is better not to wet the head. Do not forget a headdress - the terry towel or a knitted hat moistened with water.

When you go with the child to a bath or a sauna, previously take an interest whether there is a pool or a cold shower there. Visit of a steam room alternates with contrast water procedures. But do not allow sharp overcooling: to stand long under a cold shower to anything. Before visit of a steam room for the second and third time offer the child tea or any soft drink: the children`s organism very quickly loses liquid.

From seven an illness

the Sauna or a bath can be visited both healthy children, and the children having chronic diseases. Indications to such sort of a hardening following - chronic bronchopulmonary diseases, diseases oporno - the motive device, a skin disease. But there is also a number of contraindications: with diseases warmly - vascular system it is better for children to avoid a sweating room, development of arrhythmia is possible. With care it is necessary to drive in a sauna of children with diseases of nervous system - it is fraught with spasms or an epileptic seizure. In the period of exacerbations of any diseases - both chronic, and sharp with high temperature or pains - the sauna and a bath are strictly contraindicated. It is impossible to drive in a bath of children with an oncopathology, with bronkhoektaziya, with obviously expressed pustulous damages of skin.

Oil you will not spoil
  • to make visit of a bath especially pleasant and useful, use aromatic oils in a steam room or a sauna. They improve blood circulation, allow to cope with an infection and to find tranquility and a pacification. And still warm and render inhalation effect. The nasopharynx is in passing cleared, bronchial tubes extend that improves oxygen consumption.
  • Attention! You should not organize to the child an aromatherapy session without preliminary preparation, especially if it observes the increased allergic sensitivity to any irritants. In hot air of oil begin to influence very actively an organism through sense of smell and skin. To be convinced that procedure will not do much harm, carry out allergic tests: drip two - three drops of oil which you want to use, on a handkerchief, and let the child during the day several times inhale aroma. Also apply an oil drop on skin around a wrist or a forearm and observe whether there was no irritation or reddening.
  • In the Russian bath is recommended to be dissolved in a ladle of water of 3 - 5 drops of essential oils and to splash out its contents on a floor. Then to dissolve in a bucket with hot water some more drops of oil and to sprinkle with this water of a bench and wall of a bath. It is possible just to leave a bucket with hot water and the oil dissolved in it about Kamenka, but it is not necessary to splash oil on the heated stones at all: it is simple - naprosto will burn down, and instead of curative aromas you will inhale burning products.
  • to
  • For children till 6 years recommend oils with an unsharp smell - camomile, lavender, tangerine.
  • Coniferous and eucalyptus compositions are useful to
  • at colds, increased fatigue, nervousness. Aroma of a cedar stimulates thinking, and also eliminates inflammatory processes in a nasopharynx and on skin. The lavender, rosemary, a geranium allow to remove a nervous tension.

Attention: overheat!

the First signs of an overheat in a bath - an easy pricking of skin, an itch, dryness in a mouth. If there are such complaints, it is necessary to bring at once the child out of a steam room, to put under a cool shower or to wrap up in a wet sheet, and it is even better - to bring to fresh air. At a heavy overheat, and it, unfortunately, happens, children lose a dream, become hyper excitable. If at the child stuffs up ears, noise in the head appeared, it becomes difficult to breathe, there comes the preunconscious state, at once let`s smell liquid ammonia and pound them wrists. The heatstroke is followed by feeling of weakness, slackness, asthma, nausea, rise in temperature is possible. Lay the child, without enclosing anything under the head indoors with good access of oxygen, put to it on the head a cold compress and give plentiful drink. And at such reactions it is necessary to forget about a bath for a while.