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Shyness of

To children`s shyness at parents often dual relation. On the one hand, this line in the child touches. Besides it is possible to be sure that the timid child will not throw out unexpectedly some piece. So, and it is not necessary to redden for it. And still quite often parents are distressed: what will be such constraining in adulthood where ability to part forcibly others elbows - nearly a success guarantee How to treat this line and than to help the timid son or the daughter?

All timid people are similar

at each other (and children including). They have the same feelings at communication with other people: constraint, awkwardness, fear to begin or keep up the conversation. These feelings especially amplify if they get into an unexpected situation of communication, into unfamiliar society or into the big company.

the Timid person is convinced by

that all attention of people around is directed only to it. And that this attention surely negative. That people around critically estimate his appearance and behavior, see all its shortcomings etc. Constraining people are much more often than others experience negative emotions - and when are in a real situation of communication and when think of it. Continuous expectation of failures, uncertainty in itself is peculiar to them.

And still at different people shyness can be shown by

in different degree. From easy confusion at a meeting with strangers before full refusal of contacts. Besides, shyness is peculiar to many children during certain periods of their life. However, as well as adult. But not at all children it becomes steady line of the personality.

From where shyness undertakes?

the opinion Seems to

quite plausible that this line of the personality is inherited. Surprises nobody if at constraining and unsociable parents and the child behaves approximately also.

But in a family also. And not all of them behave equally. Quite often younger child is much more relaxed and confident in communication with strangers. The explanation is quite logical: with the first child parents are constantly strained and anxious. With the advent of the second they feel much more surely, limit less and control his behavior. In addition the younger child almost constantly is in a situation of competition to the senior. That both knows, and is able more, and is stronger than it (for the time being). Here it is also necessary to adapt: to address for support and sympathy for adults, sometimes to use cunning etc.

Psychoanalysts believe that shyness is formed as a result of the mental trauma got by the child in some situation of communication.

Most likely, this line can be defined by all three factors (both heredity, and a seniority, and a mental trauma). But at the specific child some of the reasons everything is prevails.

Timid or not?

the Behaviour of some children resembles behavior timid superficially, but they those are not.

the special occupations aimed and at the development of the speech, and on training in skills of communication Will help.

What parents for shyness prevention can make?