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The child and houseplants

it is difficult to present the house, school, kindergarten, any institution without flowers presently. So we, residents of the cities, try to fill shortage of communication with the nature which steadily arises among monotony of standard houses, the irritating noise of cars which is not dying away for hours of the screen of the TV. And without special difficulties it is possible to bring together representatives of the whole world. America will be presented by cactuses, a fuchsia, a begonia, a tradescantia; Africa - a date palm tree, a geranium, an aloe, a balsam; Asia - a ficus, a primrose, a rose, a citrus; Australia - a cissus; Europe - an ivy, an oleander.

But not each child pays on green plants attention, not everyone seeks to take part in care of them. And it is possible to give a taste for such activity not everyone. But it is possible to try all - and it is necessary. How?

we Offer

one of receptions. It is necessary to fill up knowledge of children. Quite often it turns out that, the child sees houseplants, but even them does not know names. If you also it is not really expert in these questions, address N. M. Verzilin`s book “Travel with house plants“ and tell or read to the child what there is written.

Here, for example, tradescantia. There is its not really beautiful name - “woman`s gossips“. A sort this plant from tropical (hot and damp) the woods of South America. And it means that in the nature there is it at weak lighting on very damp soil. In room option the plant can have smooth green leaves, leaves with white, brown, rozovato - lilac edges and stripes, with silvery strips and even covered with the smallest silvery hairs.

the Plant does not transfer straight lines solar a heap: green leaves turn pale, the tradescantia fades. It is easy to cure a thawed plant - to clean far away from light, but not in darkness. Green plants cannot exist in the dark. Motley tradescantias at insufficient lighting lose the original coloring and become just green. Unfortunately, it is impossible “to cure“ such plant.

In each, smallest branch of a tradescantia own water-supply is. The green small stalk will sometimes dry up, and the fresh branch flaunts month indifferently. Why does that happen? The reason of it can be found out, seen own eyes.

Using a magnifying glass (a thing, extremely important for the little researcher!) on the lower party of leaflets it is possible to consider tiny openings - an ustyitsa. Through them both water evaporates, and excess heat leaves. Hot - an ustyitsa wide open. Cold - are closed. For the night in any weather are always densely closed. Here also leaves that tiny reserves of moisture to a branch for a long time last.

can receive several plants From a small branch easily. It is called reproduction. On pure glass a pure edge we divide a branch into shanks - pieces on 3 - 4 leaves on everyone. Shanks can be put in damp sand at once (then it is necessary to replace after a while!) or directly to the soil. So in 2 - 3 weeks it is possible to receive several plants: you want - you will decorate the house, you want - you will present to friends.

experiences with other houseplants Are interesting to

, It is possible to make multiple copies them leaflets. So, the saintpaulia (violet) breeds leaves: in water the leaf gives backs, and then easily and reliably takes roots in the soil. Many decorative begonias (Rex, a metallic, ever flowering) from one leaf can give 5 - 15 plants. Put a leaf on glass and cut with an edge those places where three veins meet in one, place a leaf on clean damp sand in some tray and cover with glass. Do not forget to water and to daily air a parnichok - to remove glass. The first escapes appear in 20 days. In a month each plant can be replaced in a separate pot.

the List of researches can be continued by

. And it is possible and to think up together with children.

Acquired as a result of supervision raises new questions: what? how? why? You do not hurry to answer, help the child to find the answer independently better. And surely praise for ingenuity. Progress to you and all of new and new opening!

of the Riddle about houseplants

That the sun through
K glass to us in a window not a scorching heat,
Ya I will hang up a shtorochka
In a white frill,
Not the hook wattled -
Live and green. (Tradescantia)

the Leaf with a gorbochok - a zhelobochok,
Thorns has

, and is not able to wound,
But treats us at any time. (Aloe)

the ballerina Left:
Blouse as mountain ash.
Short skirt lilac, tape cornflower-blue.
of the Leg, as fine-molded,
of the Shoe gilded. (Fuchsia)


wet Vanek
In curls a red spark. (Balsam)

the Pike tail
grew Into the earth. (Sansevieria)


Not the pillow for needles,
Not the hedgehog, and not a fir-tree,
But will not give itself in offense,
Because all in needles. (Cactus)