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Not enough time remains before the termination of 2008 declared in Russia “Year of a family“. Let`s hope that from the beginning of new year billboards with sad faces of the children`s home children dreaming will not disappear from the main prospectuses and highways of big cities of our country that they were adopted, will not clean from air of the leading TV channels social rollers with an appeal “Foreign child can become the!“

behind the reporting on the held events, on the done work on the device of the thrown children in families are cost by quite real children... Children who every year, as if it was not called wait for one - the parents. whether

something Will change with approach of New year in life of a great number of the girls and boys who are brought up in orphanages and children`s homes? Which from year to year, there are already a lot of years, everything, both small and already almost adult, with peal of bells make the same wish: to find a family …

Unfortunately, the solution of the problem of an orphanhood often is fight not with the reason, and with its consequences. Of course, it is easier to construct the fountain in the orphanage yard, than seriously and constantly to be engaged in prevention of a social orphanhood and professional work on the family device.

you only look at

on these shouting statistics figures: Russia of more than 260 thousand children deprived of care of parents contains in public institutions. Annually about 130 thousand such children come to light. At the same time since 1994 the indicator of unrelated adoptions by Russians steadily falls. I know firsthand and as the person who worked some time in the international adoption agency that at many of our citizens sharply negative attitude to adoptive parents from other countries, the pier “Nothing to take away our children to the America! Let remain here, our state to take care of them!“. I will not begin to tell anything in support of the foreign citizens wishing to make “our children“ (but in practice - “draw“) the, having accepted them in a family as it is a question ambiguous and very difficult. I will tell only that sometimes all is cheese - pine forest around the international adoptions, personally reminds me a situation: “Time not me, so do not get you to anybody!“ Very few people at us in the country know that legislatively our citizens possess the privilege to adoption of the Russian child which biological parents refused. Here only a question in that and whether it is necessary to us. The majority argues so: here - that native the child you do not know one how to support - to dress - to put - to treat - to train, and our careful state suggests to take in a family also the stranger who blood - that was not necessary to parents.

So, waiting for the best times, can and not notice that life passed, and to continue - that its after you and nobody and pleasures in it was for kopek. I am familiar with one married couple to which the Lord did not give children, and parents did not allow to take the kid from children`s home. Now they bitterly regret that by youth did not accept, perhaps, the most important decision in the life independently, and now time left and the thought of adoption more them does not attract. Though I am hotly convinced, everyone who at least once in life saw the orphan`s eyes took it by a hand, any more will never forget it even if will very strongly want. And every time reminiscence of this meeting will loudly be knocked on heart even of the most pragmatic person as in the winter the frozen birdie desperately knocks on windows of warm apartments.

In Russia the set of funds, movements and noncommercial associations, to the helping children, as the fates decree without parental support exists. The author of this article - the volunteer of “Volunteers for the aid to Children - Orphans“ Charity foundation non-profit organization who helps the negative kids forced to live in hospitals of Moscow and Moscow area.

“We are engaged several years in the help to children - to the orphans living in hospitals. It is obvious that it is impossible to solve a problem, working with consequences, but not the reasons, - the founder and the head of the movement Elena Alshanskaya says. - Understanding that it is impossible to solve a problem with refuseniks in hospitals if not to work on prevention of an orphanhood and advance of the family device, resulted us in need to broaden the sphere of the activity“. At once I want to tell that through our organization it is impossible to adopt. According to the Family Code of the Russian Federation agencies of guardianship and guardianship of your city, the area etc. deal with these issues. However, we can always help everyone to accept in a family of the children`s home child, to give information support, having answered any questions concerning process of adoption by phone of the hot line 8 - 800 - 700 - 88 - 05, and also to provide free legal and psychological consultations. On our website which, in fact, is our virtual office (for the lack of real) the big place is given to questions of adoption. In an available form various aspects of the main burning issue concerning everyone who would like to accept the child in a family are also in detail painted: “How to make it?“ . As adoption process, business not of one day, you also take the baby in a family for the rest of life, and various rules and subtleties a set here. In this article we will consider only main “milestones“ on this long way, having prompted you the direction of the further movement for achievement of the treasured purpose - finding of the daughter or the sonny.

So, the decision to take the child in a family, the decision to present pleasure and a cosiness to a lonely heart ripened. And not from selfish “I want“ - I want the child, and from conscious “I can“ - I can help, I can warm, I can give what biological parents - heat and caress, care and attention, pleasure and carelessness of the childhood could not give.

Step 1. Define what form of the family device of the child most of all answers your personal or family situation. Such forms four: adoption, guardianship (guardianship), foster home, patronage. Detailed information on all forms of the device can be found in the Internet, for example, on the website www. opekaweb. ru, or having addressed to body of guardianship and guardianship at the place of residence.

Step 2. Receive in body of guardianship and guardianship at your place of residence the conclusion that you can be an adoptive father (the trustee, the adoptive parent). It is peculiar “passport“ which grants to you the right to receive the information about all children without parental support, in all territory of Russia, and to choose that with whom it would be desirable to get acquainted personally. It is necessary to collect and provide for obtaining the conclusion in agencies of guardianship and guardianship at the place of residence the list of documents which list and samples you can find in the Internet to the address www. opekaweb. ru. In the same place it is possible to study the list of requirements imposed to candidates for adoptive parents / trustees / adoptive parents.

Step 3. Having received the decision, you can start searches of the child. To look what kids in compliance with the law can be arranged in a family, you should look at the corresponding list in a regional or federal databank, last of which is located on the Internet at the address www. usynovite. ru, and also on the official sites of agencies of guardianship.

Step 4. Having chosen the child, you make out your relations: through court or through body of guardianship and guardianship, - depending on a form of the family device of the child. It is a final stage which, as a rule, both adoptive parents and adopted approach already with identical feelings: “Somewhat quicker already all this would end, and our kid was with us! (And I lived with mother and the father!) “ Last disorders, sleepless night and court. Some adoptive mothers and fathers told me that after the court passed the positive decision on adoption, they felt indescribable delight and happiness, comparable unless with the biological moment of the birth of the kid. I was lucky to see tears of joy of those who for the first time felt as the main person in destiny of the little man, whose destiny, up to this point, very few people sincerely concerned. But the most important, in all this long, we will also directly tell, hard history with adoption, it is a dramatic change which occurs the next day with yesterday still the orphan, and today already beloved mother`s and father`s son (daughter). It is impossible to explain that it, for so short time happened to the child whom I saw in orphan institution quite recently. And business at all not in the new, fashionable clothes and toys presented by parents. It is not difficult to solve this secret, it is only worth getting accustomed, how the new family member holds the father by a hand as again and again “mother“ says, enjoying sounding of this word and a response which always - will always follow now on it.

I here all the most terrible and difficult, apparently, behind. Now only to live yes to rejoice. An, no. Now - that also begins the most important and laborious part of work of the parent - the adoptive father - everyday life. And suddenly it turns out that the girl - that ours at all not such pretty girl and the meek creature what to us seemed, or our reception boy cannot get on with the stepsister, in the house continuous noise in any way - din, tears, nerves. Pleases nothing, even the own children ceased to listen to you, it seems to you that peace and harmony in yours to a large family will never be now any more. This is also the most important danger and difficulty which the people wishing to take the negative child in the family most often meet. The overestimated expectations, uncertainty in requirements to the adopted child, psychological unavailability to adopt foreign, unfamiliar kid, all these factors as practice shows, are capable literally this word, to break already not a dolce vita of the little man whom his family refused.

to avoid a similar situation today at many agencies of guardianship Schools of the adoptive parent at which training is provided by skilled experts psychologists, health workers, teachers who will competently prepare potential adoptive parents not so much for the process of adoption, how many for your further joint life exist. It is as if banal sounded, but adoption is the difficult step demanding special approach, thorough training and the subsequent maintenance by qualified specialists. Because the speech goes about creation of new life not only for you, trustees, adoptive parents here, but the most important - for the child who already once endured the tragedy of treachery of blood parents.

our fund with pleasure will render you consultations of this sort. As the additional help we can safely recommend you the website www. innewfamily. ru. Here you will be able to find the fullest information on a subject of the family device of children - orphans. And at a website forum those who already adopted or took under guardianship meet and communicate with those who are only going to make it, but doubt or just need support. Moreover, participants of this project meet every Friday in club of adoptive parents “Arbour“ (to st. address. Pavlovsk, 18) also discuss everything that is connected with preparation and process of acceptance of the child in a family, and also with psychological adaptation of the kid to a new family, and parents to the adopted child.

As for participation of our fund “Volunteers for the aid to Children - Orphans“ in the situation which developed with advance of the family device and prevention of an orphanhood in our country, we always hoped that we will be able not only to carry to children pampers. Our most important desire to help to find a family to each left kid. Some agencies of guardianship and guardianship moved towards our offers, and we had an opportunity to open at ourselves on the website the section “Children Look for Parents“ on children who have a status on adoption, to tell about them - in hope that they will find a family. And every time when someone from our kids finds the real family, we with pleasure enter his name in the section “These Children Now Houses!“ . Besides, we in every way seek to give help to families in crisis situations not to allow to die, preserve in them the peace and stability for the sake of happiness of the little man grow with mother and the father.

If today you are in the beginning long and a hard, but fertile way of desire to accept the baby whom the family refused in the family, know - you are not lonely. You visit our website, you call by telephone of the hot line 8 - 800 - 700 - 88 - 05. Let`s make Russia the territory without orphans!