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Safaris on snowmobiles of

Snowmobiles became the integral component of winter rest in Russia. Numerous boarding houses and forest hotels even more often suggest to diversify the program of stay with driving on snowmobiles. They are used in ski resorts and at the organization of winter fishing, applied to transportation of equipment and products during ski trips. In Russia where there is no lack of snow in the winter, popularity of snowmobiles brought to life a new type of tourism - travel on snowmobiles - snow safaris. The word “safari“ gained new value - hunting behind impressions.

of the Trip on snowmobiles is assumed not only receiving pleasure from control of the powerful car, but also the highly topical excursion program. Safari time on snowmobiles - since the beginning of December on the end of March. However if travel assume the movement on the frozen reservoirs, then terms of their carrying out completely depend on thickness of ice and weather conditions. On safari time on snowmobiles can last from several hours to several days and differ on complexity of a route. There are simple routes which pass on specially prepared routes and ice of lakes, and rounds for thrill-seekers who assume participation in clearing of forest roads, the movement on a cross-country terrain and in a night-time. To take part in extreme round, it is necessary to have experience of passing of preliminary training routes, it is good to master technology of management of a snowmobile. Today to organizers of a safari on snowmobiles, even even more often it is necessary to answer with that who will organize such travel not one year a question of safety of rounds. For anybody not a secret that a modern snowmobile - the car powerful and high-speed. Continually tapes of news agencies with a mark “urgently“ report about the next accident which happened on fault any VIP - the person who did not fit in at the mad speed in the next turn which did not notice a ravine, the mooring, any other obstacle and received cherepno - a brain trauma owing to lack of a helmet.

the risk of injuries is minimized by

On a safari. In many respects just because the safety issue is a question of reputation of travel agency. The general for all safaris on snowmobiles is presence on a route of the instructor which shows a way or paves the way, provides necessary training, and monitors observance of safety rules, and, the main thing, behind the high-speed mode. As a rule, on multi-day travel of tourists two instructors following at the beginning and at the end of a column accompany. The instructor at the head of a column regulates the movement. The basic for participants of a safari on snowmobiles he is familiar the hand of the driver or passenger raised up ahead of the going snowmobile is. It is the braking signal speaking about existence ahead of any danger or an obstacle. Snowmobiles which expose travel agencies on a route, domestic and foreign production, as a rule, double, possessing the increased passability, capable to delay for themselves sledge things. Snowmobiles are simple in management. It is taken out on wheel handles: pressed a thumb of the right hand the gas lever - went, released - the snowmobile stopped. However, for the emergency stops on the left handle of a wheel there is a brake lever. Participants of a safari have to be equipped as appropriate, a protective helmet has to be obligatory attribute of equipment.

If to speak about geography of the organization of a safari on snowmobiles, then the greatest number of travel on snowmobiles is carried out on North - the West of Russia, there are interesting rounds in the Central Russia, in Siberia, on Kamchatka. The abundance of programs in the southern Karelia is caused, first of all, by a region saturation unique natural and the historian - architectural sights. Here will organize two and three-day safaris on snowmobiles in the world famous museum of wooden architecture located on the island of Kizhi in Lake Onega, five-day - to Valaam. Almost five hundred-kilometer route of the increased complexity “the East - the West“ is intended for those to whom slalom on forest roads and high-speed stages on ice of lakes is interesting. It begins in vicinities of Petrozavodsk, passes on the Karelian remote taiga, hunting grounds and lonely villages and comes to an end on border with Finland.

in the Winter of 2007 in Karelia new round on snowmobiles started, its route is laid on the ancient earth of Veps whom many researchers call precisely by a riddle of the European North. Such popular type of winter rest as a safari on snowmobiles gives to acquaintance to life of a small nationality of Russia having original culture, the language and traditions, special color. Moving on a powerful snowmobile on forgotten forest tracks and a snow virgin soil of the stiffened lakes, among fantastic Karelian winter landscapes tourists can feel that impact which was exerted by the nature on attitude of descendants of the legendary tribe All. In Sheltozere tourists visit the Veps ethnographic museum - only in Russia, telling about material and spiritual culture of Veps.

to fans of natural sights safaris on snowmobiles in the homeland of the world famous epos “Kalevala“ will please

Among routes in northern Karelia. Here the route “Northern break“ of 200 km which starts from the center of ethnographic tourism and active recreation in the north of Karelia - the settlement Kalevala is developed, passes across the frozen lakes and a taiga, ancient villages, includes excursion to 18 - ti to meter falls of Kumo - a threshold.

travel agencies offer

In the Arkhangelsk region a trip on snowmobiles to museum of wooden architecture “Small Karelians“, home M. V. Lomonosov and the combined round: travel on snowmobiles along one of the most beautiful rivers of the Russian North of Pinega and excursion in a cave “the Golubinsky failure“.

safaris on snowmobiles of varying complexity pass

In Murmansk region across Lakes Imandra, Umba, Lovozero, to the coast of the White Sea, in gorges of Hibinsky mountains. In April, 2006 on the Kola Peninsula start was given to a new route “Lovozerye - Khibiny Mountains“ which includes rise on two tops of the Lovozersky massif, more than 1000 meters high from where magnificent panoramas of mountains, a view of a snow-covered smooth surface of Umbozero, the deepest lake of the Kola Peninsula, and Seydozer of the sacred lake of the Kola Sami open.

In Siberia the most interesting routes lie on the Siberian taiga and on ice of Baikal. Frequent it is the combined rounds which include visit of a number of cult constructions of shamanist and Buddhists, acquaintance to life of indigenous Siberians, culture and history of edge.

On Kamchatka safaris on snowmobiles are components of the combined rounds, travel agencies combine their carrying out with excursions to mineral sources, driving on dogsleds.

In December, 2005 safaris on snowmobiles in South Ural appeared. Over-snow routes pass along borders of the Bashkir national park, the reserve “Shulgan - Tash“, national park “Bashkiria“, include visit of the Kapovy cave and the well-known Sumgansky natural boundary (concentration of underground caves), driving on the Nugushsky reservoir.

Depending on duration and complexity of a route, the number of tourists on a snowmobile and in general participating in round, the price of snow safaris can fluctuate for day of travel. The price includes hire of a snowmobile and equipment (a protective helmet, warm overalls, boot covers and gloves), gasoline, services of the instructor, food, accommodation in guest houses or cottages. Quite often the group is accompanied by the car of the increased passability or the bus with which the caravan of snowmobiles meets when crossing the route highways.

the Potential of development of a safari on snowmobiles in Russia is huge

. They are interesting to those who perceives travel as an opportunity to open for himself the world and to those who are fond of technical types of tourism. In northern regions of Russia safaris could diversify seriously traditional programs of rest and attract a significant amount of the Russian and foreign tourists.