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safely to develop, the organism of the kid needs to manage to adapt to the outside world. The modern medicine has a set of the means strengthening these mechanisms and first of all it is about physical therapy and a hardening.

All of us know that it is possible to strengthen an organism of the kid by means of natural, that is natural, forces - waters, air, is warm - and the conditions which are artificially created by devices, that is hardware physical therapy. What of these means really help children?

the Basic concepts

the Physical therapy is a separate medical specialty which studies beneficial influence on our organism of different external conditions. They are called factors. Appointment and use of means of physical therapy to usually well narrow circle of experts, and most of doctors does not recommend methods of hardware physical therapy only because they have no knowledge and permissions necessary for this purpose.

of the Physioprocedure is appointed by the attending physician of the kid together with the physiotherapist who specifies whether such treatment is required to the little patient, whether it has contraindications what of methods should be chosen and whether it is possible to combine it with others.

of the Nurse which release physiotherapeutic procedures is watched reaction of the child in process, too have to have the corresponding preparation and certificates confirming that they have it.


As physiotreatment works?

the Mechanism of action of the majority of salutary external factors is based by

that they adjust work of the systems which are responsible for adaptation to environment in an organism and strengthen immune system. That is why these means are generally appointed to kids when they begin to recover. One more condition for the direction on physioprocedures - age of the little patient. The child is younger, the probability is higher that action of medical factors will cause in it side effects, and the less medical opportunities of different methods. All these restrictions lead to the fact that in children`s practice experts use rather portable, but not powerful devices, and mainly pulse, that is having more sparing action mode, giving preference to small doses to reduce thermal effect, unsafe for kids. Especially as small doses are quite capable to stimulate protective forces of an organism, to regulate its work and to treat.

According to the list


. The most widespread method of physical therapy - galvanization and a medicinal electrophoresis. With its help enter the necessary medicine into an organism of the kid - by means of a direct current. Usually salts of metals and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium, iodine, bromine), the preparations removing a spasm and expanding vessels are in such a way delivered (but - a shpa, dibazol, eufillin, etc.) resolvents and many other things. Physiotherapists specially choose the smaller density of current for little patients. Pulse currents. It is rather about treatment of consequences of diseases of nervous, respiratory and digestive systems (neurosises, an inflammation of bronchial tubes and lungs, gastritises) by means of alternating currents and fields. The most popular techniques - an electrodream, diadinamo - and an amplipulsterapiya. All of them possess property to kill an inflammation, pain, adjust work of reflexes and restore the structure of fabric broken by an inflammation.

the Magnetotherapy with success is applied by

at children, for example, at rhinitises, sinusitis, neurosises, atopic dermatitis, diskineziya of digestive organs. A secret of its medical action - constant, the variation low-frequency, running and pulse magnetic field. Nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine systems are especially sensitive to influence of magnetic fields.

Phototherapy. This method is usually appointed to often ill kids to adjust work of immune system, a metabolism. Artificial light sources, or “irradiators“, help to create different wave bands of medical beams: infrared, visible or ultra-violet. Unlike hot-water bottles - compresses and other sources of “local“ heat at phototherapy absolutely small sites, for example an ear or knee are warmed, all body is more rare - act this way at ultra-violet radiation of newborns and babies when there is a danger of cooling. Small children during phototherapic procedures sit on hands at mother.

Experts argue: whether the physical therapy is so useful to kids? But their doubts are more often connected with technical difficulties of carrying out procedures. For example, doctors of some clinics refused inhalations from - for fear of transfer of infections. It is very difficult to disinfect devices for their carrying out - nebulizers.

the Phototherapy helps to cope with jaundice which arises at newborns in the first days after birth. Under the influence of light energy which proceeds, for example, from a luminescent lamp of blue light dangerous, toxic forms of bilirubin (its surplus and causes jaundice) turn into safe.

Ultra-violet radiation of skin protects kids from rickets. And as ultraviolet rays perniciously affect dangerous microbes, they help also to cope with strong inflammations of skin (for example, a piodermiya - emergence of gnoynichok), and still an allergy.

Laser therapy - recently this method of treatment becomes more and more popular. Laser radiation of different optical spectra helps to cope with inflammations and hypostases, accelerates healing and restoration of fabrics, stimulates immune system, kills pain. This method is appointed to the kids who had injuries, operations, and action on points - in many more widespread situations. Treatment by the laser in many cases becomes important addition to a basic course of therapy. Effectiveness of a method increases if to combine it with the light radiation and influence of a magnetic field (magnitno - laser therapy by means of offices of “Milt“, “Pattern“, “Ulei“ and others).

Water, water!

Water procedures (rubdown, douche, a shower) train an organism and help it to resist to dangerous microbes and it is easier to adapt to changes around. Except a hardening, water procedures to kids are appointed also for recovering from diseases. Such course can be spent at home or in special physioclinics. These procedures have special value for the smallest. For example, usual podmyvaniye and bathings - actually important elements of their hardening.

of Rubdown. As the strengthening program water procedures can be begun when to the child 3 - 4 months, from damp rubdowns are executed. In the beginning, in the first 1,5 - 2 weeks, his skin pound 2 times a day a dry flannel or a piece of soft woolen fabric before reddening. Having mastered dry rubdowns, we pass to damp. For this purpose the mitten from terry fabric needs to be moistened in water, to wring out and pound it a body, legs and handles of the kid. While you are engaged in any one part of the body small, keep the others under a blanket. Starting water temperature - 35 - 36 of CC, in a week - 32 - 33 °C, and then every month - is 1 °C lower. Your limit - 30 °C. Time, most suitable for rubdowns, - morning, right after a dream; procedure 2 duration - 4 minutes.

What procedures appoint
to kids? from the first days of life doctors can Already direct to

the child to UVCh - therapy, an ultratonoterapiya, phototherapy, massage and physiotherapy exercises.

Since 1 month - on a medicinal electrophoresis, infrared and visible radiation, magnetotreatment, an amplipulsterapiya, aromatic and medicinal bathtubs.
Since 6 months - on a darsonvalization (local), ozokerite, paraffin.
Since 1 - on laser therapy.
Since 2 years - on treatment by microwaves, local mud cure, acupuncture, an underwater shower - massage, an aeroionoterapiya,
Since 4 - 5 years - on an electrodream, an induktotermiya, halotherapy.

of Bathing. In the first 6 months after the birth the kid has to bathe every day, then it can be done more rare, for example, 3 - 4 times a week. Procedure time - 5 - 8 minutes, small children badly hold warmly and very easily overcool.

Medical bathtubs. Possibilities of strengthening of an organism of kids and treatment by means of useful properties of different types of water grow together with them. To monthly children appoint salt bathtubs, from 2 years - oxygen, nitric, pearl, iodine-bromine, from 4 - 5 years - hydrosulphuric, radonic. These procedures help successful recovering from infectious diseases (for example, pneumonias).


- a well-known way of protection against diseases. Bathing joys are allowed kids from 3 years, but at the sparing temperature. A secret of the tempering effect of the Russian bath - in strict observance of a contrast cycle: heating - cooling - rest. Here its formula - 1:1:2. It means that it is necessary to take a steam bath and take a cool shower approximately identical time, and to have a rest - twice longer. For preschool children who only begin to get used to the Russian bath one cycle suffices. First the child can remain in a sweating room of 3 - 5 minutes, and through several visits time can be increased till 5 - 10 minutes.

Success of treatment - in observance of Regulations of Admission of procedures. Taking into account biorhythms it is better to carry out them in the first half of day in 1 hour prior to feeding or in 1 hour after food. After treatment it is better for kid to have a rest and if to play, then in silent games. It is important still that procedures were pleasant to the child, otherwise there will be a little advantage of them.
Massage the Advantage of this medical method is proved to


, and for kids of all age, since birth. Action of massage affects development of a body and the child`s organism, and his behavior. Children for whom sessions of massage became a usual thing more time are awake, cry less, fall asleep quicker and are more balanced. Well it influences and formation of immune system. And for the kids with neurologic problems who transferred at the time of delivery shortage of oxygen or a trauma it will become the main means of rehabilitation.


is a method of strengthening of an organism of kids and treatment of different problems with the help of physiotherapy exercises: morning and remedial gymnastics, walks, run, it is sports - applied exercises, mobile and sports. And for the smallest - the kids who were born before term and babies with neurologic problems - special beds - bathtubs are created (like “Saturn - 90“). They provide them comfort, creating feeling of buoyancy which reminds life time till the birth. This device represents the bathtub with a porous bottom filled with glass microballs. The filtering sheet separates from them the child`s body, and the kid quietly swims in “dry liquid“.


- resort treatment is one of stages of recovery treatment of the most different diseases and a well-known method of strengthening of an organism of kids. In the conditions of the resort diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs, kidneys and urinary tract, nervous system and skin are especially well treated. A secret of success of a method - the salutary conditions created by the nature. And influence of one medical factors always depends on the level of others, as defines feature of each resort district. Climatic procedures can be different: air and solar bathtubs, thalassotherapy, wrappings with local therapeutic muds, bathings in lakes, etc. In our country this direction is developed well thanks to creation in the leading resorts of the whole sanatorium network for children. However, kids till 3 years to such institutions are not admitted.

Among a set of the Russian resorts also so-called nurseries are: Anapa, Kabardian, Yevpatoria. It will be and still better if for strengthening of an organism and treatment the smallest go to institutions which are in a climatic zone, habitual for them. Sharp change of a condition demands from an organism of the kid of considerable efforts in order that to adapt to it. Such loading - not the best satellite of treatment. As for foreign resorts, domestic balneologists are not ready to direct there kids, yet for a start they need to study curative opportunities of each of these zones.

What to tell about devices for physical therapy at home? In most cases their “the medical effect“ is obviously overestimated! And consultation of the physiotherapist will relieve you of unnecessary expenditure, and among numerous techniques of light - electro - warmly - dirt - balneotherapies for the kid surely there will be an effective and safe method of strengthening of an organism.