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The broken balance (about vagina dysbacteriosis)

What is vagina dysbacteriosis?

Disbioz of a vagina is a violation of its normal microflora. Manifestations of this state are usually insignificant therefore the woman often postpones visit to the doctor. However in some cases disbioz leads vaginas to very serious problems.

At first - several words about different terms which are used for designation of the same disease.

Vaginal disbioz, or disbioz (dysbacteriosis) of a vagina, is the most exact term, it just also is translated as “violation of microflora of a vagina“. However apply it rather seldom. More often for definition of a disease resort to the name “bacterial vaginosis“, this term means the same. However the term “bacterial vaginosis“ is used by many doctors for designation of a bacterial vaginosis (a disease at which in a large number gardnerella bacteria appear) - a special case of a disbioz of a vagina.

Therefore at the use of this term can not always be sure what specifically means. Often any manifestations of violation of microflora of a vagina are called “candidiasis“, or “milkwoman“. It is not quite proved. Candidiasis, or the milkwoman, is a name of only one type of violation of microflora of a vagina - prevalence of mushrooms of a sort Candida. However traditionally women call “milkwoman“ any allocations from a vagina, plainly without having understood their nature.

What occurs in an organism?

So what the disease essence consists in? Normal the so-called normal microflora lives in a vagina at the woman. It consists approximately for 90% from lactobacilli (so-called sticks of Dederlyayn), it is slightly less than for 10% - from bifidobacteria. and less than 1% make other microorganisms. Sort mushrooms Candida, leptotriks and some other concern to them a gardnerella, mobilunkus. The normal microflora does not allow emergence of any other infection or change of a ratio of the activators living in a vagina is normal.

All this picture is actively supported by immune system. Immunity has no effect on natural inhabitants of a vagina, but behaves aggressively in relation to any other infection. Immune system promotes restoration of normal microflora of a vagina at its insignificant violations. But she copes with this task not always. At violation of microflora balance between bacteria - normal inhabitants of a vagina changes. At the same time the quantity lakto - and bifidobacteria decreases and the number of some other activator increases. This activator causes an inflammation in a vagina sooner or later. Depending on microflora which at a disbioza is formed in a vagina the state especially can not be shown by anything. As a rule, nature of allocations from a vagina changes a little, but seldom who pays attention to it.

It is normal of

at the woman or there should be no allocations from a vagina, or it can be a small amount of transparent allocations without unpleasant smell.

At development of a disbioz of a vagina the number of allocations usually increases, they get belovato - yellowish coloring, the unpleasant smell appears. Dysbacteriosis of a vagina is not shown by more any symptoms - all other symptoms are connected already with its complications.

of the Cause of infringement of microflora

of the Reasons of a disbioz of a vagina the great variety exists. Nearly any impact on an organism of the woman can lead to violation of microflora. Let`s list only some factors.

Certainly, all these factors lead to violation of microflora of a vagina not always. The immune system supports normal microflora and helps it to be restored in case of insignificant violation. However all these factors very much they also meet so often that in most cases vagina dysbacteriosis at the woman everything is develops.

Possible complications

So, the situation at which in a vagina there is a large number of pathogenic bacteria developed. Sooner or later these bacteria will cause an inflammation of a wall of a vagina and neck of a uterus - those bodies with which they are in continuous contact. It is shown by sharp increase in number of allocations from a vagina, emergence of unpleasant feelings in genitals (an itch, gripes, burning, pain) and pains during sexual intercourse. One of the first symptoms of an inflammation lack of enough greasing becomes frequent during sexual intercourse. Besides, bacteria from a vagina can get into a uterus that will lead to development of an endometritis (an inflammation an endometriya - an internal wall of a uterus) and uterus appendages, with prospect of development of an adneksit - inflammations of ovaries and uterine tubes.

Also disbioz vaginas can lead

to infection of an urethra and bladder that can become the reason of emergence of symptoms of their inflammation.

Quite often should hear
about aggravations of a disbioz of a vagina during travel to the warm countries.

Disbioz of a vagina and sexually transmitted infections. Sexually transmitted infections (hlamidiya, mycoplasmas, virus of herpes, gonokokka etc.) are always connected with violation of microflora of a vagina. On the one hand, the normal microflora will not allow development of a sexually transmitted infection in the woman and if the sexually transmitted infection is found, the microflora can be broken. On the other hand, emergence of the causative agent of any disease, sexually transmitted (D,ST), in a vagina displaces rn, causes inflammatory reaction and promotes progressing of violation of microflora even more.

Disbioz of a vagina and diseases of intestines. Many diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path (gastritises, colitis, stomach ulcer etc.) lead to violation of normal intestinal microflora and development of dysbacteriosis. At an intestinal dysbiosis there is approximately the same, as at vagina dysbacteriosis - in intestines there lives a large number of some “bad“ bacteria.

Locks also provoke disbioz vaginas. The rectum wall densely adjoins to a vagina wall, at locks there is a stagnation in vessels of a small pelvis that negatively influences forces of local immunity and in a vagina.


At the expressed intestinal dysbiosis, as a rule, from a vagina sows one of intestinal infections - colibacillus, enterokokk, etc. Restoration of normal microflora of a vagina in such situation is possible only at simultaneous treatment of diseases of intestines.

Diagnosis of dysbacteriosis of a vagina

the Woman sees a doctor at emergence of symptoms of a disease; it mainly either allocations, or different discomfort in genitals. Well and, certainly, it is necessary approximately time in half a year - year to pass inspection at the gynecologist even if disturbs nothing.

Diagnostics of violation of microflora of a vagina does not present to

special complexity. Full diagnostics of a vaginal disbioz, besides usual survey, includes the following analyses: the general dab on flora, PTsR (polimerazny chain reaction - a method of identification of STD activators on detection of their DNA in the studied material) and crops of allocations from a vagina (or special research of microflora of a vagina). Dab gives a general idea about a condition of microflora of a vagina and a vaginal wall. Diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections and crops allow to find out at the expense of what activators there was a violation of microflora, and also to define sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. Without these analyses it is never impossible to begin antibacterial therapy. Dabs and PTsR become from several hours to several days, crops - from a week to 2 weeks. Diagnostics of a disbioz of a vagina can be never carried out on one general dab on flora which undertakes always at survey of the gynecologist.

Treatment of a disbioz of a vagina

Treatment of a disbioz (dysbacteriosis) of a vagina has to include the following tasks:

we Will talk about each of these tasks in more detail.

To suppression of pathogenic bacteria is applied or antibiotics (amoksiklav, sou - mamed, doksatsiklin, trikhopol etc.) or local antiseptics (miramistin, hlorgek - gray hairs), antibacterial candles (terzhinan, ginopevarit, etc.) .

to Restoration of a normal mikloflora of a vagina are promoted by any probiotics, the containing lactobacilli, from a laktobakterin to a lineks, to the narena, a normoflorina - L etc., plus the daily use of sour-milk bioproducts.

For restoration of immunity of a wall of a vagina are appointed by the general and local immunomodulyato - ry: polyoxydonas, tsikloferon, genferon, immunat etc.

At suspicion or existence of infections, sexually transmitted, also the sexual partner is examined.

Suppression of the broken microflora. If disbioz vaginas are tied with a sexually transmitted infection, then a problem of treatment is full elimination of the causative agent of a disease, sexually transmitted, from the woman`s organism. In this case treatment surely includes a course of antibacterial therapy, at the same time or after which all other events are held. If the speech about sexually transmitted infections does not go, then, as a rule, in this case is used or very short course of antibacterial therapy (3 - 5 days), or treatment is not carried out by system antibiotics at all - are limited to local application of antibiotics, anti-septic tanks.

Much more effectively application of local procedures happens. They allow to combine at the same time all problems of treatment - both suppression of pathogenic flora, and the population of normal inhabitants of a vagina, and local immunocorrection. Application of anti-septic tanks at local procedures is considerable more effectively, than use of antibiotics. The range of action of anti-septic tanks is wider, and immunity to them at bacteria practically never arises.

Population of normal microflora of a vagina. It is the most important part of treatment. All other events are held only to create conditions for a prizhivleniye and growth of normal flora. The population of normal microflora of a vagina is carried out by the most part in the second stage of a course when the activator living in a vagina is most suppressed. Massive doses of eubiotik (the preparations containing live bacteria) as the general, and local action are for this purpose applied. Application for restoration of microflora of a vagina of only one eubiotik is not justified and is, as a rule, useless. While in a vagina of the woman there lives in a large number, say, colibacillus, the woman can eat kilogram of a lactobacillus, but any of them will not get accustomed in a vagina. It is necessary to suppress at first that bacterium (or bacteria) which caused a disease, and only then to inhabit normal microflora of a vagina.

Restoration of immunity of a wall of a vagina. The immune system of a vaginal wall controls microflora of a vagina, without allowing to grow at other bacteria. Violation of microflora of a vagina is always connected with decrease in immunity of its wall. Therefore local immunocorrection surely has to be part of treatment, otherwise all other actions will be inefficient. In simple cases for immunocorrection it is possible to be limited to application of local immunomodulators. In cases with sharply reduced general immunity of an organism restoration of immunity demands more serious actions, and sometimes, in very difficult situations, a course of immunomodulatory therapy should be conducted before all other treatment. As a rule, treatment of a disbioz of a vagina takes 3 weeks. Before it the patient carefully is examined, if necessary (at suspicion or existence of infections, sexually transmitted) also her sexual partner is examined. Treatment of a disbioz of a vagina at women does not assume obligatory treatment of the sexual partner if only at least at one of them presence of a sexually transmitted infection does not come to light. After treatment control inspection is performed, control analyses become. If no symptoms of an illness are found, then treatment can be considered ended.

Dysbacteriosis at the feeding mother

during pregnancy in an organism of the woman occurs considerable change of a hormonal background and decrease in immunity of an organism. It is necessary for incubation of a fruit, but exerts considerable impact practically on all bodies and systems of an organism of mother. Besides, as a rule, food and a way of life changes. All these reasons can quite provoke the expressed violation of microflora of a vagina.

Use of antibiotics for one reason or another after the delivery also is risk factor of development of a disbioz.

differ in nothing special in

of Display of dysbacteriosis of a vagina at young mother. In the same way allocations can appear or amplify, and there is different discomfort - an itch, gripes, burning, dryness, etc.

Treatment of dysbacteriosis of a vagina at women during breastfeeding has a number of features. As during this period of time it is strictly forbidden or application of the majority of preparations which are used for treatment of a disease, the help is undesirable it is reduced to symptomatic treatment, that is elimination of displays of a disease. As a rule, local procedures (sanitation of a vagina, antibacterial candles) in the volume necessary for minimizing of symptoms of a disbioz are appointed. Further such treatment repeats if necessary with use of other preparations upon termination of breastfeeding.