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Small history

We lived without cares and efforts: I with the Prinze on a toothless donkey. We walked and stayed at home, just like that bought pieces. To us it was cheerful.

A It appeared then... It took all our time, began to encroach on our property and our souls. The prince called his “Yuu“.

Ya began to live with Yuu on a sofa, and even in the afternoon I lay with Yuu. Well to do, Yuu wanted a breast, and God created a breast for him.


very often cried, it had an insufficiency of lactose in a stomach, I tried to calm him, but the tummy very much hurt. I gave a breast which he so asked, but after that to him it became bad. I suffered too, and often thought of delactosed mix and a quiet sleep.

I was told that by three months everything will pass, I hurried time and considered days from which there was no without shouts, sometimes and mine - from powerlessness. Then by Yuu it was executed three. Nothing happened. I all also kept to a cruel diet and dissolved lactose in breast milk. And even at night, having quickly put a pacifier in the looking for mouth, I decanted milk, dissolved lactose, gathered in the syringe, and gave to the child. Then I gave a breast and went to bed. And then rose again and still few times in a night.

So there passed a month more, the child almost ceased to sleep at night. And in the afternoon he cried almost all the time. I mastered a method of a dream sitting, holding on Yuu`s hands, he slept only this way, the dream down a stomach on my stomach did not help already, so I at least lay. Now sat, and often rose and went with it, rocking to sleep on hands. Oh, as he suffered, my boy! But the simplification comes for each difficulty, and for patience - the award is big, I trusted in it, and waited!!

One night the child became warmer than

usual, then is even warmer, and then still... We called “ambulance“... We were taken away at night. I held you on hands, and you were in blue bolonyevy overalls, my Yushka.

and once a week replaceable sheets to us it was bad

In infectious diseases hospital with mosquitoes. Children were ill and cried. Yuu was ill too and cried, Yuu almost did not sleep at all. I wanted home next day, but there passed 2 weeks, and we were tired. I was forced to feed on hours, to weigh every time and to watch how many the child drank milk. And the boy just wanted to eat and cried even more, did not gain weight at all. Milk became very little, I gave water that to fill with something a stomach, some smekta and even tea. Spoke to me: “You nurse in 3,5 hours, give rice porridge, then in 3,5 hours feed with a breast again. And finish feeding every time delactosed mix“. But I have not enough milk, and there was always a little how to keep a lactation if the interval is between feedings even 7 hours!? “You promised that I will keep breastfeeding!“ Nobody gave me the answer.

Ya came back home with the fallen wings and a pale face, from moisture eyes only shone. My kid constantly sucked a baby`s dummy, drank water, and I bought porridge and mix. My grief was not borders. My Prinze did not find my person, I hid and lowered shoulders. “What will make you happy?“ - he asked. I told:“ An opportunity to feed the child. Every time when I spoon-feed it mix, seems to me, someone superfluous interferes with my life“.


Ya to the consultant for GV. I read a lot of articles how to return milk. I knew that it is necessary for me.

my prince bought me system of a dokorm from a breast. This was a simple plastic flask on which cover 2 tubes which should be pasted an adhesive tape to a breast fastened, the child took lips and a nipple and a tube, sucked a breast, and mix arrived too. There was no probability of refusal of an empty breast, and psychological contact remained, and the breast was also stimulated. At first I gave both breasts, then moved up a tube and gave mix. Gave only at night a breast even if I had to rise and pace the room. In one day we left from a baby`s dummy. Considered diapers, reduced amount of mix. The breast sometimes gave each 15 minutes. In two weeks Yuu was grudnyshy completely again! Thank God!

by five months the tummy began to pass

A. I at first was afraid that everything will be started over again, but less frequently my boy cried, and I cancelled lactose at first at night. Then and in the afternoon, and again bought to herself cakes and candies. I was happy! My boy was happy! Well and my Prinze too, of course, was happy! We are still happy!