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In the answer for all who were tamed

Cold September day 1994. The rain drizzles, wind forces down the turned yellow leaves. Quiet life of our family was broken by the heart-rending cat`s miaow reaching from the street. Having looked out in a window, I saw the little shivering kitten sitting in a pool at us under a window. I opened a window, and this tiny being from all the puny strength rushed to a window. Hysterically mewing, the kitten clambered on a concrete wall of our house … To us … I looked for three at the sons: “Well, we take?“

Half a year ago from an old age, 16 years old, our favourite Timk`s cat died. And here small gray lump at our place. Poured in a basin of lukewarm water, put a kitten there, and it was blissfully extended, obviously enjoying. Seniors burst out laughing: “As little mouse!“ And called - Mickey, from Mickey Mouse.

That greyish fluffy lump turned into the graceful beauty for a long time - a cat, with aristocratic article of the Russian blue - here only in white socks and at a white galstuchk. Character too notable: high self-respect with which, you want - you do not want, it is necessary to be considered. Sometimes it seems to me that us, the owners, she perceives as the annex to her precious person whose duty she is to care for a cat: in time to feed according to her desires, to change sand and to preserve its rest.

of Other affairs at us simply should not exist! Slightest “miss“ from our party causes outburst of indignation, comparable with a tornado under a female name. And reasons for discontent at our cat more than enough. Try - not to feed her in time: immediate reaction in the form of jumps - jumps on all apartment will follow. Such horse footfall of graceful pads. And all this is followed by a loud heart-rending roar. You wonder - who would have ever expected it at this angelic weightless creation? And in food it is choosy! As if it was taken from the Royal Court, but not picked up on the street. Eats only fish - only a soroga or a humpback salmon, we do not recognize other representatives of a class of fishes. Besides fish has to be specially prepared: it is cleared of scales, the head and all stones! If, God forbid, you miss though a small stone - all piece of fish will remain untouched. Other kinds of edible exist only in case she wishes. It will want to try a small loaf, oil, cheese, sausages - the cat will ask. But My God us upas to show an initiative: so much contempt will be expressed by fastidious twitchings of pads, and leaving kitchen will be accompanied by dissatisfied miaow. The same with milk. Mickey`s milk adores in any his kind - sour cream, condensed milk, curdled milk, but it has to be poured only when she asks, and there is so much how many the cat will be able to eat this minute. Pour slightly more - will not even touch.


it is Very attached to me - the hostess. Likes to sleep, comfortably having settled at me near by or standing. Here do not dare to disturb! Does not transfer cold: begins to look for the town more warmly - on a lap, having buried in a blanket, under the battery. Poses in which sleeps it is touching - magnificent: it will be twisted in a small cozy lump, will be stretched, having extended forward or having scattered snow-white pads in the parties. And “on a frost“ will bury an attractive face in a chair - one ears stick out. Kontaktna, does not love loneliness. We even talk to it, and the impression is made that she understands everything. On the words turned to it, answers with miaow. You will ask, upon return home as she lived here, the cat will long mew in reply, and using different intonations. Knows not only the name, but also the word “cat“. Having heard the phrase “Let`s go, I will feed you“, darts off and flies ahead of me. Sitting on a window sill, watches the chirping sparrows. Recently noticed that Mickey knows the word “birds“. On the address “Mickey, birds!“ looks at a window, and at times and rushes there.

But two months ago something rushed into quiet life of our cat, for it absolutely not clear. We had a little turtle. My reaction was similar to cat`s. I was shocked, at me involuntarily escaped: “It will live hundred years!“ Then, having read that this species of turtles lives 40 years, somehow calmed down. Especially, when learned that this God`s creation lived month in a box at firemen in part. … At first I wanted to carry away it in a zoo, but the younger son declared: “It washing Genriyett!“ Now in 3 - a liter glass, a peculiar aquarium, at us krasnoukhy fresh-water Genriyetta swims.

the Cat in the first days of a particular interest did not show

, only watchfully, with any fastidiousness, watched walks of a turtle on a floor, and her movements in water left Mickey indifferent. The cat began to be indignant when she understood that this “misunderstanding“ eats “her“ fish. Even tried to reach a turtle. Having sniffed at a glass, discontentedly sniffed and, having stepped aside, contemptuously turned a back. Intended to get a turtle through peculiar “fireplace“ later - storage for books in which there is a glass - an aquarium. So Mickey, having got on a padded stool, tried to push a pad through books, considering, it is obvious that in such way, from below, it will reach the strange being who appeared her competitor. And the turtle stands on the hind legs too and shows already developed habits. Likes to run on a floor. Here only watch that did not get into some crack. I am surprised who thought up ironic expression “at a snail`s pace“? Let he will try to catch up and stop on the run our Genriyetta! Gets away, only pads sparkle …

If in an aquarium the turtle suddenly begins to move vigorously, waving all 4 - mya pads, - means, time to feed came. Or the turtle wants to run about. Willingly eats from a hand finger. There is enough - noticeably takes jaws. If it has a good mood, will quietly sit on a palm and if to cover from above with the second palm, then in general will calm down, as in a lodge. When nearby you speak by phone, Genriyetta as if wishing to join conversation, quickly floats towards.

Here such they, our pets, our favourites, such different and unlike at each other, but similar in one, perhaps, in the most important. They require attention, care, sincere genuine love. And differently also cannot be, “we in the answer for all who were tamed“.