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Yulia Vysotskaya: “When I want some champagne and chocolate, I drink champagne and I eat chocolate!“

the Real New Year`s gift for many women will become the new book of Yulia Vysotskaya “I eat, I run, I live!“ left in Eksmo publishing house. The successful actress, the popular TV host, the loving mother and the wife offers not just the collection of culinary recipes this time, and the whole philosophy of the correct way of life.

Yu. Vysotskaya told

On the presentation of the book about the book and answered questions of journalists.

- As long work on this book went?

This work was really the longest, I wrote the book, probably, year 3 - 4... At first information gathered. This process continues still. But it does not mean that at once there will be a certain sequel or the second book. In this book there is no answer to all questions disturbing women. Here my reflections about what is necessary for the person to be happy are simply collected.

- you open a secret of your success in this book?

Is not present

, no, no!! In the book there are neither secrets, nor answers. I just described the parts of the life which do not have personal character.

- What most typical mistakes are made by women?

Me it seems to

, the most important mistake at all of us (and at me) is an aspiration to some unclear ideal. But often happens so that the person, working on the appearance, all the same is not happy with result. And life leaves! And if you are 35 years old, you have to be glad to it, in 20 years to you will be 55, you will look at the photo and to think: “Oh, I was good! Why I did not carry pass - skirts why it seemed to me that I have thick legs?“ Totally ludicrous! And then, we make a mistake when we choose clothes style … To standards of beauty which set glossy magazines there correspond only 5% of the population of the planet. But we, other 95%, do not approach under these invented standards, but too we want to be fashionable and beautiful, to draw attention and to be darlings. Why the imposed standards of appearance have to get in the way fortunately?

- What purpose should set then before itself?

needs to give to

love! To give love to the children, the husband. To create the world and happiness! To be happy! It is thought up not by me. We for this purpose come to this world. And to become despondent, according to the Bible, it is a sin. I understand that it is difficult: each of us has a bad mood. But it is possible to help itself!

- What difficulties you experienced in process of writing of this book?

it was difficult to em to sort, find

the necessary information. And most it was difficult to write, probably, about himself the truth, there is always some internal censor... But in principle, the book turned out sincere. It was difficult to find the correct tone!

- you live as you described, or it for you an ideal?

Is not present

, I live exactly as described. I do not lead any ideal life and when I want some champagne and chocolate, I drink champagne and I eat chocolate! In it, I consider, one of the main principles of my existence: when there is a strong wish, it is possible. And refusing to itself something, you derive more pleasure then when you allow it to yourself.

- upon What subjects you would like to touch in the following books?

I cannot tell

Ya that recipe-books are not literature. It is applied literature. I do not consider myself as the writer! But it is my work. I so earn to myself a living. I am not ready to write something art or even personal and I do not want. I do not think that I will sometime do it.

- whether at your book about the correct way of life philosophical reflections Are present?

Everything is simple

: well to feel, it is necessary to move. It does not mean that it is necessary to train himself for a marathon or every day to be wrung out on 40 times that there were “cubes“ on a stomach... If never it was done, means it is necessary to begin from 10 minutes a day, walk, to get a dog that it dragged you in the morning and in the evening on walk. And what in an organism does not work dies. All our health depends on as far as we force the organism to work. It is lazy, he only wants that there was a lot of tasty and harmful, and nobody stuck. Himself needs to be forced. And it is very heavy.

- Tell about your teachers. Who helped you with creation of this book?

All know

: I to much was taught by my husband who very seriously treats the health. To a meeting with it I did not know also the 100-th share of what I know now. There were and many other interesting people, for example, Rita Pirogova (she is mentioned in my book), she helped me to develop the program of occupations.

- With what problems, similar to those that are mentioned in the book you faced personally?

found out

Ya that with age endurance is lost. Always it seemed to me that I am hardy as the horse, and after the birth of the second child understood that children give not only happiness, but also take away a lot of energy. Former vigor, unfortunately, did not return to me.

- As will coordinate the menu of your culinary programs and how you acquaint the children with a healthy lifestyle? You often prepare tasty, but harmful dishes, pies, for example.

It does not matter if ate one pie, should not eat twenty! The food cooked at home very seldom happens harmful. It is harmful fast - foot, sweet carbonated drinks, chocolate bars in which there is no chocolate per se, and there is only a lot of sugar and an unclear origin of fats. And then, children do not need to be raised. That example which you set them is important: they will follow it in accuracy. I am very glad that my children refuse sweet carbonated drinks, they speak:“ Thanks, we do not drink it“.

- As you collect recipes?

Some recipes are created by

, some are result of the improvisation and some are borrowed friends. Happens, readers of the letter send. For example, during tours in Tbilisi one woman after a performance approached and offered the recipe of fantastic orange cake. The recipe was very strange! It was necessary to cook oranges, then to turn them via the meat grinder... But I know how Georgians are able to bake. It is valid, “farewell a waist“! And I tried to make this cake, it was pleasant to me. And then I baked it in the program. So recipes gather literally many a little.

- As will coordinate your philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and alcohol?

This subject is touched by

in the book widely as alcohol is an important part of our private and social life. We had no “a culture of drink“ earlier, our taste is not so well developed. For me wine is the interesting, big, but so far only slightly opened book. It is difficult to me to tell what wine is better or worse. As flavoring receptors develop, you learn to enjoy this product from the point of view of taste, but not from the point of view of “high“. Tasty and good wine made nobody sick or thick yet, but it is necessary to use it moderately. Strong alcohol more high-calorie. We as the nation which lives in difficult climatic conditions are drawn towards it, and we just have to realize that in 100 grams more than 300 kcal. That`s all! I by the way do not urge to consider calories, but if we speak about healthy food, then it is necessary to say also about what needs to be been in good shape. You should not be fond of alcohol.

- As much you play sports?

I am engaged in

Ya in em every day and … much. At least an hour and a half. From 1,5 to 3 hours.

- What else it is necessary to make to be happy?

do not have

In the book ready recipes. To me really it is hard to say what needs to be done. It seems to me that the person has to study always. Very much learning of foreign languages helps. I have a mass of friends who, being in solid age, went, for example, in university to study art history... Not everyone can afford it in our mad life when so many forces leave for work, children other. But, believe, in a foreign language to learn five words in day - not so difficult! The old age comes when we cease to perceive new information. And it can happen also in 25 years, both in 30, and in 80. At some lucky, very talented people to strong intellectual potential never it happens. A brain it is necessary to train also as a body and legs.

- Tell about your plans.

Ya learned to live not the desirable (this children`s state), and what is in reality. Now I learned to derive pleasure not of expectation and an anticipation something, and from reality.

- Than you indulge yourself?

Ya I am able to afford the biggest luxury: to do that I want. But if to speak about “sins“... That I love champagne! It is what I seldom afford. Unfortunately, not every day.

- As all - to place priorities? What should be put in life on the first place - the personal happiness or happiness of a family and children? And how to be if an environment (family) does not support you?

Main, it is necessary to love himself, and then everything will be fine. If you do not receive pleasure from own existence, then you will bring not a lot of joy to others. And not I thought up it!